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Listen To This: Turn It Up! This Is Our Jam!

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Does this kid have a record deal or a TV show yet???

Mini Bieber is back with an original song and it is… shockingly good!

This is something we could actually hear on the radio!!!

Check out 9-year-old rapper MattyB and the new song he just dropped on iTunes, That's The Way, above!!!

You will be singing along!!!!


Go MattyB!

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17 comments to “Listen To This: Turn It Up! This Is Our Jam!”

  1. 1

    "shockingly good"

    So you admit he was shit before, Perez?

  2. 2

    god, give it rest. still shockingly bad!

  3. 3

    You're flogging a dead horse here Perez. This poor child deserves to have a healthy childhood, not a constant push for fame that likely won't happen. Maybe he should try again after high school. Note to his parents - don't quit your day jobs.

  4. 4

    Trust!!! Fuck you sound stupid. Plus, there is not a 9 year old on earth that ever "drops" music on itunes. For god sakes, quit dreaming of molesting this little boy and get back to promoting gay ass glee.

  5. Rohan says – reply to this



  6. 6

    It's already #1 on iPedo.

  7. 7

    Ok let me get this straight. Your "jam" is by a 9 year old child. And you wonder why people come on here screeching pedo? You might want to rephrase how you put thinks Perez. Just saying.

  8. 8

    He's a KID! Be nice people. I can see him on Disney.

  9. 9

    sorry - but i'm waiting for blue ivy's next release; word from the team of nannies is that its the bomb …

  10. 10

    This childhood stars thing is getting out of hand. Parents are promoting their children in so many wrong ways today. They aren't letting them be normal children anymore. All they are seeing is the rich and famous aspect of the life of a celebrity and not seeing the whole entire picture of that kind of life. I really feel sorry for the kids. They are missing the best parts of their lives. So sad.

  11. 11

    it really isn't bad for a 9 year old…it sounds exactly like a 9 year old kid singing…
    not bad but certainly not great…

  12. 12

    More of this? Haven't you gotten the hint yet that no one cares? If we didn't like the idea of the little guy when he was 7, we sure as hell don't care about him at age 9.

  13. 13

    I fell sorry for this kid. His parents should be locked up

  14. 14

    Between MattyB and his talented cousin Mars, they are both moving the world forward with their "music with meaning". They are inspiring and very talented. I love this song, I think it's his best original!! Hope to see a music video to it. :)

  15. 15

    Can I also just express my opinions on the comments that say "He should have a healthy normal childhood, parents are exploiting their kids"… what gives anyone the right to say things like this? MattyB is a kid with an interest and dream. It is perfectly fine to do what he does. He has fun, he is learning, what more do you want? He is having fun - THAT IS A NORMAL CHILDHOOD!! MattyB is inspiring others to be a good person and follow their dreams. That is amazing for a young child like him. His parents are doing nothing wrong, infact, why can't there be more parent like MattyB's parents in the world today? Parents who show interest in what there kids like to do, show support and help them. They should be proud, MattyB is a great kid with a dream. Respect that. If you really dislike him and what he is doing, just do not listen to his music or watch his videos!! It makes me annoyed when I see comments like this, not just regarding Matty but other successful child entertainers or beginners too. Its called respect, show it!!

  16. 16

    Re: AshleeC – Oh hey Matty B's dad! how you doing

  17. 17

    Re: light2you – In reply to your comment @Light2you I am not MattyB's dad I am a FAN expressing my opinions.