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Chris Brown Will NOT Be Doing Any Red Carpet Interviews At The Grammys!

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Guess he doesn't want to even risk flipping his lid once again when he hears something he doesn't like!

Although Chris Brown will be performing at the Grammys on Sunday night, his first appearance at the Award ceremony since he viciously beat his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, three years ago, the singer will not be doing ANY red carpet interviews prior to hitting the stage!

A source explains:

"Chris just wants to do his performance, and let his music speak for him. Chris and Rihanna have both moved on from what happened, and Chris has accepted responsibility for his actions. Chris thinks it’s unfair that the media wants to focus on the incident, especially when you look at how the media treats Charlie Sheen. Sheen isn't asked about his criminal record involving several women, including his now ex-wife. Chris might answer a few questions if he wins an award, but it would be very short, and he would only take a few questions, and not talk about Rihanna. Chris is hopeful that his performance will close that chapter on his life. He will be bringing his mom to the awards ceremony, she is his biggest fan, and he has told her he is dedicating his performance to her."

Maybe people would stop bringing it up if you responded to the questions maturely and with remorse instead of flipping out and having temper tantrums because you want to pretend it didn't happen!

Actions have consequences - sometimes consequences that last for quite some time. You know, HENCE your probation!

Just saying!

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14 comments to “Chris Brown Will NOT Be Doing Any Red Carpet Interviews At The Grammys!”

  1. 1

    My family will not be watching that this year, since he's on. CBS is corrupt and should be ashamed.

  2. 2

    p.s. mabe if he kills someone this year, he'll win an oscar.

  3. 3

    I cannot believe people listen to his music, or support him in general. Its sickening, especially when I hear people saying "that dumb bitch Rihanna deserved it". It makes me sick. I hate this woman beating douche bag

  4. 4

    Douche Bag says What?

  5. 5

    He can dish it but he can't take it? This should be part of his sentencing — answer for his actions for the rest of his life.

  6. BOH says – reply to this


    He should be drug behind a truck, take him to Jasper, they will know what to do with him.
    And do we really need to see a Smith niglet in another awful film.

  7. 7

    good god man, your censorship is getting really boring, to paraphrase my censored post

  8. 8

    Listen, I don't condone anything that he did that night, but I swear the media is like a dog with a bone. It's his right not to answer anything about that night. He's over it, Rihanna is over it, the media should be OVER IT. I'm not even a Chris Brown Fan, but good lord, SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT.

  9. tasha says – reply to this


    So you mean we have to watch him recycling his MJ moves while lip synching at the grammys? No thanks.

  10. 10

    y'all are such haters .. for once i agree with perez, he needs to stop trying to dodge it all the time cus it will come up again. But i agree with chris too! Stop talking about it DAMN! yeah charlie sheen done alot of crazy stuff but is never questioned as much as chris is . But i do like Chris Brown , he is very talented and a good singer .. but doesn't make the right choices when it comes to this particular situation .. he needs to man up and go to red carpet

  11. 11

    Yes good for him. For those who said that they will not be watching, GOOD we you racist motherfucke*s to see him & Rihanna perform anyway. Funnybhow you can watch the biggest DV of all time Eminem. Eminem beat his wife Kim that she was hospitalize fo a few days. And for you hatin ass blacks, what about Jay-Z punching the shit out a women and it's all on YouTube. Then there's Foxy Brown the female rapper who Jay beat on the regular. What about Mike Tyson who used to beat Robin Givens did you stop watching him box on TV? Chris is a young black talented artist and this is what's making you hate him. Not because of one fight they had.

    To say ome thing there will be plenty of people watching and I willing to bet that the rating will be record breaking. Rihanna & Chris will be performing tomorrow night and the have become very close and could care less if you watch or not. I bet you still watch Charlie Sheen,Mel Gibson, Sean Penn hit Modonna with a bat and ther's many more.

  12. 12

    Excuse the errors I'm typing from my IPhone

  13. 13

    Re: rainbow082

    No excuses for you. Dumb cun*t.

  14. 14

    Re: rainbow082 – Umm NO I love so many black artists that is the stupidest shit for you to pull the racist card. I hate a ton of white people who are talented too. But because of his stunts like throwing a fucking chair out the window on good morning america just because they asked about this and how badly he beat the shit out of one of my favorite artists I completely HATE this wannabe Micheal Jackson loser. Fuck you I voted Obama I can hate a black and not be racist THANKS