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Michael Lohan Applies To Burger King??

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Michael Lohan has filed a job application with a Burger King in Palm Beach, Florida!

He was just recently released from a treatment facility he was at as part of his plea deal in his domestic violence case with his ex-gf, Kate Major.

So now that he's done his rehab, he's livin' large in a 3-bedroom suite at a halfway house.

Since he'll be living at the halfway house until he's released on March 16th, the workers there recommended he get a job to help pass the time.

Mainly, getting a job like that isn't to make money (or else he probably wouldn't have picked Burger King) it's really about slowly getting back into normal society.

Well we can only wish him the best and hope that this plan of action works for him.

Sometimes you just gotta do what the system tells you if you want back in society… you can't always "have it your way."


[Image via WENN.]

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8 comments to “Michael Lohan Applies To Burger King??”

  1. 1

    Would being a drug mule for his daughter count as work … ?

  2. 2

    Father of the Year !

  3. 3

    for the most part i really love to read your articles.. but this made me mad because to say that "getting a job like that isn't to make money" is ridiculous bc any job that pays is a way to make money! and some people make their living off jobs like this!

  4. 4

    good for him bring some humility in and start over

  5. 5

    for a minute there i thought this was "the situation" . And people wonder why Lindsay has so many issues. with parents like hers, i would've offed myself a long time ago. she had so much potential. i still enjoy watching some of her earlier films. why is it necessary for this idiot to have cameras around him all the time? or in that case, why is the media asking this POS what his opinion is? we dont need a comment from this guy. he completely ruined his daughter's career. i hope hes happy with himself. i dont care what this person does or whatever is going on with his life. Perez, stop reporting on this person, maybe then he'll go away

  6. 6

    Welcome to the real world l actually think it is a great thing , nothing wrong with an honest days pay and if he is not qualified for much else .l am not going to make fun of him for it its life we have all done shitty jobs for one reason or another l did telemarketing once when l was studying l hated it but it paid the bills

  7. 7

    Well, you gotta start somewhere…

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    Nothing wrong with honest work. If he chooses to stay chill in the peak periods (noting his ticker) and enjoys the banter, he'll be fine.