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Shit Mitt (Romney) Says!

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Someone has finally chronicled what Mitt Romney says and this man is cray cray!

American Bridge 21st Century is pac that hold Republicans accountable for what they say and this video is just one of their many contributions.

From not caring for the poor to horrible, HORRIBLE jokes, Mitt has quite the rap sheet.

Check out the video above and subscribe to American Bridge 21st Century's channel!

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18 comments to “Shit Mitt (Romney) Says!”

  1. 1

    Jesus Fucking Christ! Not again. You ruin everything. Your like a fucking child. This little gad was cute, until you starting posting 50 times a day about shit [blank] says. What a fucking joke. Your a fucking horrible homo.

  2. 2

    democrats squander there chances and are not effective when they have the chance to be.. however its pretty sad when a group has to exist to document what the republicans say. it makes sense thought because republicans say anything that will pander to any group (playing on that groups belief system) to get votes and then ultimetly do whatever they already had planned before. than when stuff backfires and they look bad they start pulling dirty political stone walls, media that 24/7 is not a news channel but rather a republican campaign commercial

  3. 3

    for example after bush lied, ran our debt up, sent us into a recession and gave the rich a break on a tax they found loop holes around anyhow, started 2 wars one under false pretenses the republican party was near collapse. their response, stonewall the democratic president so he looks ineffective, pander to the religous groups (right now trying to stir up shit with the birth control crap) crawl deeper into the wealthy corp and ceo types for the cash and power they hold and run "news programs" which are just 24/7 republican campaign commercials (which present most things out of context or just make stuff up) and a portion of the public like the town of south park blindly buy into that. ruggle ruggle ruggle.

  4. 4

    on a side note mitt wants to lead our country says he wants to help americans lead us to greatness blah blah blah, yet he doesnt find it a good thing to pay his taxes to yo uknow help america yeah pay for programs, education, roads, jobs etc no he'd rather hide his money in tax free forgein accoutns. gee thanks mitt way to chip in and help your fellow americans. this is the republican way serve themselves first pose like you care for anybody other than your rich contributor and lie lie lie say anything to manipulate people into votes for your party and do whatever you feel like afterwards just hope they dont catch you and if they do distract with fox and friends etc

  5. 5

    This appeals to all the idiots who don't think critically and question everything they say. Every single quotation in this taken completely out of context. Mitt Romney is the most mild and "middle-of-the-road" of all candidates in the 2012 presidential election. If you know what's good for this country you'd vote for Romney.

  6. buck says – reply to this


    Re: toolman85 – you sound like one of those idiots that will vote for obama a second time

  7. 7

    [re=6007259]Re: gracyy[/re

    classic republican with the name calling. but what you were actually saying is "if you know whats best for the country you should have my opinion" mitt is middle of the road because he is too afraid to loose and groups votes. if you lived in ma, i did for his goveerner run and still do, you would know the guy cannot lead. ma went to sh#t during his watch with taxes both being raised and wasted, jobs leaving the city, no policies of any kind beside raising of taxes, and he left 1 1/2 before his four years were up to focus on his presidential run. those are facts, not retoric, not cliche promises that every politcian makes and not propaganda by both the canidates campaign and party. republicans tend to ignore facts when it doesnt suite their side

  8. 8

    Re: buck

    they continue to prove my point, the two anti obama people right now instantly went to name calling… nice. anyhow taking the higher road….. like i said mitt led my state for 4 years and he ran the city in the craper…fact////nute was chased out of his speaker role in shame and disgrace by his own party. he is also a lobbyist that plays both sides of the coin for his financial gain…so while id prefer a better canidate outside of the republican party (obama isnt great) obama is far better than the other options. im curious if you will resort to name calling again or if maybe you have facts that could open my eyes to nute or mitt.

  9. 9

    i am tired of the anti obama people saying all kinds of retoric they heard fox say or nute or some other republican media outlet and of course name calling (very good reflection on your character way to represent.."my beliefs are just and right…..idiot, dumbass moron ….." thats the type of person who i will listen too…and they either ignore facts and fig or make them up. either way it suggests they saw that opinion or heard it somewhere and are pretty much repeating it without thinking. the economy…look up that facts it started the tank its in during and do to george bush jr. the numbers dont lie, job loss up–debt up—class gap in wealth–grew—bad morgages issued and defaulted all during bush's term. obama walked into that. he hasnt done much until now (i know thats not accidental) but he certainly didnt cause it.

  10. 10

    seriously any of you people hurling names….i challenge you to present facts and numbers real data to support your hatred of obama. maybe you will change my mind i am open to that but im betting you cant because the facts dont support your arguements at all. other than obama vastly over promised…no questions there

  11. 11

    i don't care, he's still very good looking

  12. 12

    Nobody writes about: They are giving free phones with 250 min to welfare people and who the fuck is paying for this??????????????????????? 1% NOT!! About the people that work everyday to have the privilege of owning one!! When is enough enough??? Obuma tells the phone comp to cover it, which means US!!! The working class

    I want a president that rewards for working hard not reward for not working!!!!!
    Why work? Free phones, food,healthcare,housing, more babies mo money, schools and daycare etc. WHY WORK!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING IS FREE!!!!!! Work on the table and you are living LARGE!! WAKE UP!!!!

  13. 13


  14. 14

    One could make a mini-series with all the sound bites generated by the dope that is Obama. What I want to see is the bitch Obama's college grades, SAT and LSAT scores. That would make for great entertainment to find out the the bitch was a C student at best.

  15. 15

    i'd like to see one of these made about obama.


  16. 16

    Re: buck – right?
    obama isn't doing anything but making everything worse. he even denied the Keystone Pipeline that would have really helped our economy; lower gas prices, create jobs, we wouldn't be dependent on the middle east. cuz he really wants this green thing to work but by giving all our money to bail out companies that obviously can't make money is stupid. cut government spending they are so wasteful. he makes awful decisions and takes all my money and wastes it.

  17. 17

    I'm either voting for Romney or Ron Paul

  18. 18

    Not again, Obama is not going to win unless the Republicans get really stupid this year.