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Criss Angel Responds To Recording Of Altercation! Says Producer Provoked Him!

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There are two sides to every story! Here's his!

In light of the audio recording released yesterday that featured Criss Angel threatening to knock out one of his producers, the illusionist's attorney, Ken Woloson, has released the following statement:

"Criss Angel was in the process of firing Joe Safuto on Wednesday when Safuto became abusive and Criss asked him to leave. Criss decided to fire Safuto in response to repeated complaints from co-workers and other magicians about Safuto's abusive and violent behavior and general ineptitude. Witnesses have attested that there was no physical contact and that Safuto very clearly was the antagonist. The audio released to the media is a snippet of a much longer conversation. We are exploring legal action against Mr. Safuto, including for his defamatory and illegal conduct."

Ouch! Sounds like he means business!

Give the clip a listen again (above)!

It DOES certainly sound like Angel was provoked! But enough to respond like he does?

What do U think?? Who's really at fault here??

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14 comments to “Criss Angel Responds To Recording Of Altercation! Says Producer Provoked Him!”

  1. 1

    No retraction on your first reporting that the Angel altercation was with Joe Monti?

  2. Jaded says – reply to this


    Criss Angel is a jerk. This person isn't the first person to say it, and I guarantee he won't be the last. It's a well know fact all over Vegas.
    He can't keep staff or crew or even dancers because he's abusive to them. People are being offered sick amounts of money not to quit and even that can't keep them there. He acts like a child and has tantrums whenever he can't get his way. One night he freaked out because a trick went wrong and walked off stage and left the theater in the first half of the show, leaving the hotel to reimburse people. Yeah that sounds like someone who has to be provoked.

  3. 3

    Who's at fault? You are for printing a story with out bothering to get both sides of it first.
    And what's with the "But enough to respond like he does?" They're having an argument and Angel tells the guy to leave and after him continuing to provoke him he tells him to leave or he'll hit him. He doesn't actually hit him.

  4. @v@ says – reply to this


    I heard the phone call. If someone is chronicallly pointing their finger in someone's face in their own place of residence and refuses to leave when asked, shiz might be said out of a wish to demand to reclaim your own space, just saying. No one hit anyone did they?

  5. 5

    Joe Monti was a co-worker of mine, his name around the office was never a good one. Countless of times he has been brought aside do to his childish remarks and sexual harassment. He walks around with this mask of a funny guy on all the time to hide his true identity. On 2/8/12 Criss brought him into his office for yet another talk about his recent antics and his work ethic. Criss' intentions were never to fire Joe, just to speak to him once more about numerous complaints. The conversation was quite and collective, and out of no where Joe cracked. It was like hearing a child going off in the grocery store, so repetitive because he knew he was in the wrong. Criss and Maria kept their cool the entire time he was going off. He then kept poking and antagonizing Criss by taking his sweet time gathering his things and demanding a drink of water… LIKE A CHILD! Most people after being assaulted would try to get as far as possible from their attacker and first call the police! Monti wanted to talk to Criss outside after the "physical assault", away from witnesses and his first calls were not to the authorities. Outside after the ordeal, he sat with his legs and arms crossed grabbing his arm in "pain"… I saw it as him trying to make a mark on his arm that was never there. Police stood around him with smerks as he tried to show them invisible marks. This whole thing is an easy way of for Monti and it is sad. We all feel for him.

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – I meant to say I heard the recording on this sites previous article, not any phone call.

  7. 7

    A lot of people have been asking about what happened between Joe Monti and Criss Angel. The truth of the matter is that the situation has been blown out of proportion and what's being said simply is not true. Criss was provoked on phone calls and in person several times. Criss has loaned Joe money, and tried to help him in a lot of different ways but Joe always thought he was right and was always hesitant to listen to reason.

    Over the last couple of months I've been Joe's supervisor and he's made my job very difficult by not showing up for work and feeling a certain form of entitlement here in the office by doing whatever he wanted. It was very obvious to Joe, and everyone in the office, that he was going to be terminated and it's apparent that he set this up and had every intention to get whatever he needed to make Criss look bad.

    The simple matter is that Joe refused to leave our offices, and even after the 'argument' took place he wanted to speak with Criss privately to resolve things before leaving. I don't know about you but if I had been assaulted I would run out of the building looking for safety and calling the police. Unfortunately Joe stuck around to call the press and look for more trouble before claiming he had been attacked.

    This is a sad sad day…

  8. 8

    criss angel i bought the book then gave it away…

    maybe even if he was provoked hell learn to treat people betterin future after all this is what hes about a better future so if he cant even make his own better whos can he make better

  9. 9

    In answer to the comments here L Dancy and Berto1 have a right to their opinion but they are not based on facts. Only 3 people were in the room.
    I recorded the session not to frame anyone but to listen later for accuracy and analysis. I didn't do it to hurt CA. I love the guy like a brother. Unfortunately he violated my trust :( I didn't provoke him. he just didn't like my answers and I wasn't going to agree to something that I was not totally responsible for despite being bullied (some clerical work and the color of the backs of playing cards).
    I have no intent to ruin CA's career. I never provoked or coaxed CA into a physical assault.
    Luke and Berto (Alberto is CA's girlfriends brother) have spread many untruths and misinformation here. Bottom line is VIOLENCE is unacceptable on any level.
    When Perez got punched last year I felt the disgust. My dad unfortunately had a history of verbal and physical inappropriateness with Mom. I was too young to intervene. Sad.
    The incident on 2/8 was wrong! Physical assault (battery) from anyone is wrong, star or not. My situation is unpopular with CA's team. I understand. But spreading lies about me is unfair and humiliating.
    " to see right and not do right is cowardice"… Confucius
    I might act like an ass at times but im not an asshole :)
    Love, respect and peace to all of CA's team. They are a talented group.
    Joe Monti (Safuto)

  10. 10

    Criss Angel as an employer needs to understand how to handle a disgruntled employee,there are professional way to handle it without the threat of violence this is not the way to handle a disgruntled employee. If the employee refused to leave there are MANY a professional way to handle it- in one breathe he issues I am touching you, the next breathe issues a clear threat " I will knock you the ****** out."

  11. 11

    Criss Angel needs his over inflated ego knocked down his antics are only hurting his image he has himself to thank for his eventual demise. He has a history of this type of conduct, is shocking how Cirque allows these egotistical creep to be on their payroll with no repercussion for his actions! The avatars on here clearly are family, friends etc.. coming to his defense wonder how much he paid them!

  12. 12

    I've known Joe Monti for over ten years. He was one of my sponsors when I joined The Magic Castle. This is really CA's loss. Monti is an incredible talent, he's creative, and his technical ability is off the charts good.

  13. 13

    Obviously Criss had some of his employees write these comments… they said "Joe was provoking Criss" and Joe acts entitled and difficult… yet at the same time they ALSO criticize Joe for trying to work things out with Criss after the argument. I notice that Criss didn't care about calming down or trying to talk things out after he cursed and screamed at Joe and admitted "I'm touching you" and resorted to physical violence and threats.

    It's not ok for someone to bully people. Not if they are Russell Crowe. Not if they are Mel Gibson. And not even if they are less in the spotlight like Criss Angel. Just because you have money and power doesn't make it acceptable. And FYI- Joe happens to be obviously smaller than Criss.

    I know them both and everyone in Vegas who REALLY knows Criss is aware that he's not a nice guy. Joe is a very straight forward and sincere type of person. I guess that some people (like Criss) who gain fame only want to hear from "yes men" and butt-kissers.

  14. 14

    Criss' employees who were supposed "witnesses" say,
    "Criss' intentions were never to fire Joe, just to speak to him"

    And then Criss' attorney just released the statement that "Criss Angel was in the process of firing Joe Safuto on Wednesday".

    It's incredibly obvious that Criss and his "people" are doing as much damage control (and lying) as possible!