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Bobbi Kristina Taken To The Hospital For Anxiety

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This poor girl!

Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina was rushed to Cedars Sinai Hospital this morning due to anxiety.

The 19-year-old was staying at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, where she had been staying with her mother, but was turned away by the police when she asked to see her mother's body.

She was said to be "awake and alert" when she transported to the hospital at about 10:26 AM PST.

Sources say that this is "going to be very hard for her" as she was very close to her mother. She had even supposedly become somewhat of a caretaker to her in the past few years while her mother struggled with addiction.

The source added that Bobbi was "the adult" in their relationship and the two had become closer and closer after Whitney came out of rehab last spring, saying"

"She idolized Whitney and wanted to be just like her mother."

The mother and daughter had even begun working on some songs in the studio together.

We know she's taking this the hardest and she's going to take some time to focus on herself and start the healing process after losing her mother. It's going to be a tough road, but here's hoping Bobbi has positive, supportive people in her life who will be there for her.

[Image via WENN.]

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17 comments to “Bobbi Kristina Taken To The Hospital For Anxiety”

  1. 1

    uh she was taken to the hospital for drinking and her friends gave her sedatives. Same way whitney died her friends were doing the same to her. She passed out, unresponsive… hella more than anxiety. She's a crack addict too sadly

  2. 2

    The fear for the daughter is she will be just like her mother.

  3. 3

    I guess we shall she if she continues the same road her mother ended on or will she wake up and go the other way will wait and see sad. Either way where the fuck is Bobby Brown for his daughter?!?

  4. 4

    What a horrible mother to make her daughter have to see her like that and take care of her……why do these celebrities put their needs first when they have kids…..

    Michael Jackson should never had kids when he knew he was a drug addict….he screwed up their lives also.

  5. 5

    So sad she has a drug problem after this traumatic experience you know it will only get worse….

  6. 6

    Re: rickraton – she is related to Bobby Brown…she has been screwed for years.

  7. 7

    Re: Jackay00 – finally someone who sees it how really it is. For heaven's sake, can we just stop a second and realize that WE ALL kNEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN? these people are drug addicts, they are not helped by their family, they are not helped by their managers, they are kept on drugs because people spend money to see how low they can go. Not one single person in her crew knew that she was on prescription drugs? Who are you kidding? How about the family? Nobody knew either? Whitney was in bad situation , has been in it for years now. She was so desperate at the olympic games in Torino 4 years ago. They all made fun of her when she managed to get on stage because she simply didn't have her voice anymore. Her brains were melted cheese. And nobody, not her family nor her crew gave a F**K to say "ok, this is over: her health is more important".

  8. 8

    I find it very odd for people to be going on and on about the fragility of Bobbi Kristina,have they forgotten, she was raised by Whitney, her father is Bobby Brown, I'M sure she has seen more , been through more in her nineteen years than most people ever see in a lifetime
    To me she looks like a little diva, wanting attention

  9. 9

    Fuck all of you writing these terrible things. You don't know shit so show some respect.

  10. 10

    Here we go. Instead of sane family members around her to let her grieve she's gotta run for the drugs instead of dealing. Can't any of these people deal with emotions and life without being high? What a shame.

  11. 11

    For all those who are criticizing Bobbie Kristina, shame on you. She was raised in a family with severe drug addiction. Unless the court took her away, how else do you expect her to change? When you have a parent who is addicted or mentally ill, you want them to get better. She probably has had many anxious moments about finding her mother exactly the way she died. She probably felt she if she could just help her mother, be her friend, be good enough… she'd get better. In the midst of that pressure and dysfunction she became addicted herself. People, she's only 19. Think about the things she's seen, the microscope she's been under. That girl barely had a chance.

  12. 12

    Re: frozensweetie – so maybe this is a good moment for her to walk awat from it all

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    All Bobbi Christina needs to be told right now by family is that it will be alright.
    Then they make sure that it is.

  14. 14

    maybe if bobbie kristina had been a better daughter whitney wouldnt have killed herself. its all her fault

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: MarioMonjack – wth! Totally out of line! What do you know? The same as everyone else about her as a daughter, nothing! I saw footage of them together the other night, loving footage. Mothers LOVE their daughters unconditionally.

  16. 16

    my heart goes out to the poor girl and whitneys family

  17. 17

    Re: GuidetteInItaly – She's been hospitalized and she's with her family. She's not doing interviews and asking for attention. Leave her be.