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Whitney Houston Found In The Bathtub, May Have Taken Xanax And Drowned

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Wow, this is heartbreaking.

As more and more details come out about Whitney Houston's death, we've discovered that the 48-year-old singer was found in the bathtub of her room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Paramedics performed CPR for over 20 minutes, but she was unfortunately pronounced dead at 3:55 PM.

Beverly Hills Police say there was no foul play, but prescription pills were found in her room, which means it was possible Whitney may have drowned in the bathtub.


Family members have mentioned that Whitney was taking Xanax and she was seen drinking alcohol the night before.

This is so, so sad. We still can't believe that she is gone. We're still in shock.

As more details come in, we'll let you know. Make sure to stay tuned to PerezHilton.com.

[Image via WENN.]

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9 comments to “Whitney Houston Found In The Bathtub, May Have Taken Xanax And Drowned”

  1. 1

    You seriously felt the need to tell everyone to stay tuned to your own website and link it for everyone. Wow.

  2. 2

    Sad, it's like she planned to die (suicide).

  3. 3

    it terrible what happened to her.. she'll be missed.
    but I think this is just the beginning, I think this is gonna blow up and more details will appear.
    it's soo sad the thing famous people with actually talent, I mean come how many celebrities are famous for really nothing but dressing up and going places!!
    R.I.P Whitney Houston i,ll remember you for the bodyguard for sure… loved that film always be a fave,

  4. 4

    Wow…..Sad for you?? then why choose a photo of her where she looks disheveled. Where is the respect in that? YOu have no respect…
    When Amy Whinehouse was at her worst you where anything but compassionate -then she passes and you go on about how sad it is.
    You are a PENDEJO! someone needs tp punch you in the face again…..knock some sense into u.

  5. 5

    I wonder who found her body and how long she was dead before someone discovered her body. I'm going to assume it was a friend who walked into the bathroom (they must have had a room card/key, and the bathroom door must have been unlocked or wide open).

  6. 6

    You mean stay tuned for more details as soon as other sites do the digging and you steal and rewrite their stories. You're a leech with no conscience, you bullied her for years and now you pretend to care, using this opportunity to get more hits for your dieing site. But it won't, tee.em.zeeee had over 1000 comments to their original story.

  7. 7

    Nice photo choice. Choose a completely unflattering picture of her, while reporting on her death. Classy.

  8. 8

    Ok, is ANYBODY really that shocked? Prolonged abuse of drugs and alcohol and people are somehow amazed that she died? It doesn't make it any less sad, but it's a pretty expectable outcome. I do feel terribly for her daughter though, she's the real victim.

  9. 9

    Not shocked at all. This woman was a total damned mess. Mario, you are a hypocritical piece of gay shit. You aren't shocked, and no one's going to stay tuned to your shitty little site for updates. Know what? I'll get mine from a credible news source, not some ego-maniac lover of peen. All you do is copy and paste from everyone else anyhow. I wish you'd go the way of Whitney Houston. Really.