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Dolly Parton To Earn A Fortune Off Of Whitney Houston's Death

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Whitney Houston Dolly Parton Money

We're sure she isn't happy about it, and would much rather Whitney be alive, but Dolly Parton is poised to earn a lot of money off of the post-humous sales of I Will Always Love You.

Unfortunately, not much of anything will go to Whitney's estate, as she didn't write any of her own songs.

Here's what insiders are saying:

"She was broke — her label gave her advances. And unlike Michael, you have to remember that Whitney didn't write any of those massive hits. They were songs that Clive Davis told her to sing and she did."

"On records, the typical mechanical royalty paid to the writer/publisher is about 8 cents per radio performance. That would all go to Dolly. Whitney is only the singer. She receives an advance from the record company based upon anticipated album sales. Figure that's around $2.00 per album. But all of the costs to record the album, promote the album, videos, etc. are all recouped from the artist's share."

"Whitney was living off of advances — loans from the record company — and had been [for] quite some time. Most likely the estate owes the record company a ton and future sales will be used to pay back that loan before any money goes to the estate. The songwriters, however, will make a bundle."

That's a major bummer, but completely understandable. We're sorry that she was in such financial distress, but that was the reality of it.

We're expecting to see major numbers from her older catalogue as well, so when those numbers are in we'll have a better idea of how much money is coming in due to her untimely passing!

We miss you, Whitney!

[Image via WENN.]

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26 comments to “Dolly Parton To Earn A Fortune Off Of Whitney Houston's Death”

  1. 1

    she made those songs hers.. they will always be hers …

    i feel so sad about all this

    rip whitney
    leeann rimes disgusts me why is it death brings out all the slime from the woodwork..

  2. 2

    they will never be hers!!!!! Dolly owns I will always love you and if whitney hadn't been somewhat straight she would have never been able to get thru it. can u fuck ups get over whitney and realize we have men dying overseas for us everyday, they chose that, not to be a successful, drug addicted waste of space on earth. bless u, and thank you for protecting us and all we hold dear

  3. 3

    Re: perez posse member 777 – I agree. All these celebrities paying tribute sadly lessens the situation for me. I would love to hear from her family not from celebrities that probably never een talk to her.

  4. 4

    i had no idea Whitney didnt write any of her own songs. I knew she didnt write "I Will Always Love You" - but she didnt write one song?

  5. 5

    Well I'm sorry for her daughter but what's fair is fair. Dolly is a kind and very smart woman and she wrote a great song. I can't believe that there's NO money in that estate, that's what they said about MJ and it turned out not to be true. What's considered "no money" to these people (half a million, a million?) is a fortune for most of the rest of us, so if her daughter gets that, and I'm sure she will, then I can't see the complaint. She made tons of money off of songs that others wrote, and they'll make money now. Non issue really.

  6. 6

    So that's why Bobbi freaked all out and almost popped a gasket or 2 … she realized that mom didn't write the fucking songs and she's not going to be able to buy that 4000 square foot condo in the sky to party in after all, in fact, will probably have to rent a bachelor pad in WeHo. Geez, I'd be suicidal, too !!

  7. 7

    Re: PorshaJo – men dying overseas pluuuuease they chose to go and thats the risk of the job..yes we give them respect but whitney is/was a superstar..

  8. 8

    Re: PorshaJo – agreed. Re: perez posse member 777 – you are completely unhinged.

  9. 9

    Why would you post this shit? HOW much fucking money are you making trying to drive traffic to YOUR site?
    Maybe Dolly had her murdered to make money? Then you post Whitney's so called last performance. How is posting a drunken clip at her worst point in recent years any kind of tribute.
    Whitney's work paid HUGE HUGE MONEY to her that she drugged it all up is another story.

  10. 10

    I get that its Dolly's song, I understand that but honestly Whitney made the song as famous as it is. I feel like Dolly should at least put some of the money into a trust find for Whitney's daughter. That poor girl has suffered from so much.

  11. 11

    Dolly is a true star and a lady and she will probably do the right thing out of the spotlight because she has class

  12. 12

    Well Dolly I think has a good a heart she's given a ton to the community and I don't think she will miss use the money hopefully Dolly will put it back into the music community after all Whitney's rendition is the best one and we all know that, though Dolly did a great job too, but maybe that's because I love BEST LITTLE WHORE HOUSE IN TEXAS when she sang it lol such a fun movie.

  13. 13

    Re: PorshaJo – everytime a celebrity dies this is brought up. Though local news and CNN cover the war and people dying all the time it's just not noticed unless you read world news…what about people dying of horrible diseases. The fact is music touches everyone and I'm sure even people in the army were a little shocked and talked about this trivia stuff gets their head out of the real world for a while which is a scary scary thing. I have a brother in the army and that's great, but even when he's home he get's sucked into the gossip at the end of the day it is what it is, but why is it people only bring it up when a star dies I didn't see anyone complaining when Blue Ivy was all over the news…what we can only bring up soldiers when a star dies because people get mad over the coverage…that shouldn't even be the case anyway soldiers should be honored day in and day out and if you stick by what you say then you should write it on every single other post on this site.

  14. 14

    This is a pretty fucked up move..

  15. 15

    Re: rickraton – I agree…at times cruel Internet Gossip person posting the idea Dolly Parton will be making money off of sales postmortem Whitney is creepy? If your sensibilities are troubled by this Perez maybe you should (re)dedicate your career to legitimate journalism…Why bring this up?
    She worked in an industry that screws artist over everyday day. You cover this business. Start pointing out examples of the Industry's injustices and you will find out where you really stand quickly.

  16. 16

    It's too bad Whitney never really pulled it together for herself and her daughter. RIP

  17. 17

    Re: FabLyfe03
    we don't know that Whitney hasn't set aside a trust fund for her daughter
    and it is not like her daughter is a young orphan
    Bobby Brown is still alive and now will have to step up and take a more active role inhis daughters life
    since Bobbi sang backup on her mom's last album, she is appaarently aspiring to a music career also- and has connections "up the wazoo" as they say
    so she should be fine
    I totally disagree that Dolly should turn any money over to her
    Dolly is the best….she has her themepark DOLLYWOOD that contributes tons of cash and jobs and tourist dollars and tax dollars to an otherwise poor region in Tennessee - and I have heard that she is also about to have a large waterpark too
    Whiitney had a fantastic voice but not sure if she did anything for anyone other than herself/her daughter
    ….nothing wrong with that…. but ….in my mind with money and fame should come some social awareness

  18. 18

    dolly wrote the song " i will always love you" for porter wagner the night before she told him she was going be leaving his show back in 1974. dolly made it a huge it and then whitney made it gigantic but its still dolly's song. its sad but business is business.

  19. 19

    Advances and radio doesn't pay that much anymore. Performers make their big money on their tours. That's why Britney is worth 200 million. She co-wrote only a few songs that weren't huge hits but she went out there and worked the stage.

  20. 20

    Re: Pretty Boys Are Forever – But it's not. It's not like Dolly or the record company is intentionally screwing Whitney's estate out of money. She just owns the rights to the song 'I Will Always Love You" because she wrote it in the 70s and Whitney covered it in the 90s. Whitney wasn't a song-writer. Not everyone is. But the upshot of it is that she doesn't get publishing credit or songwriter royalties for the music. Because she didn't write them. You can't take credit for things you don't do. Did she sing the hell out of the songs? Yes. But they weren't her songs insomuch as she only sang the words she was told to sing, to boil it down simply.

  21. 21

    I love both versions sung by both ladies. If you are too young to remember Dolly's version, then you will not know Dolly's version is just as good and will always be Dolly's song.

  22. 22

    Hey, she blew all her money on drugs, then died like the junkie she was. It's a shame, but if you are dumb enough to mix alcohol and drugs then you gotta expect to die young.

  23. 23

    I am glad someone like dolly will benefit off this, as Dolly has always been a class act and defended people and always gave them the benefit of the doubt. Of course it would be nice if her daughter could receive some of the benefits, and if Dolly wrote the song, then she deserves every right to her share of of proceeds. Whitney had the voice, but the song and the composition also contributed to the song being a hit.

  24. 24

    Re: perez posse member 777 – Why are you bringing Leann Rhymes into this? I see nothing posted about her.. If your referring to her tribute, you have no idea of their relationship, so why even speak on it?

  25. 25

    The sad part is that Dolly will probably spend it all on more surgery.

  26. 26

    Not just Dolly…anyone who wrote the songs that she made popular…Dolly earned he money by creating the song…she didn't do it to capitolize on this situation and she deserves every penny she gets.