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Katy Perry Tweaks Grammy Performance To Send A Message To Russell Brand!!

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How hot was Katy Perry last night? This woman is a phoenix!!

After we saw her strut the red carpet in that fabulous baby blue number, we watched her perform her brand new song Part of Me, and she-blew-us-away!!

And like we said last night, we don't just think she chose that one because of her album's re-release!!

Just listen to these lyrics:

Now look at me, I’m sparking, a firework, a dancing flame. You won’t ever put me out again. You chewed me up and spit me out. Like I was poison in your mouth. You took my light, you drained me down. You ripped me off, your love was cheap. Keep your diamond ring. In fact, you can keep everything…Except for me.

Yep!! Not just because of the re-release, LOL!!

And the part about the diamond ring?? Originally it read "that dog," but like the headline reads, Katy tweaked it a bit and it's obvious as to why!

Gurl is a sparkling firework right now, and Russell Brand's getting burned!!!

Now re-watch the performance above and see what we're talkin' about!!

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60 comments to “Katy Perry Tweaks Grammy Performance To Send A Message To Russell Brand!!”

  1. 1

    i dont think its a hit at him, the split seems so mature and it would be a childish move. however it is a way to grab headlines… media grabber and nothing else is my call

  2. 2


  3. 3

    I thought the split was amicable? If it was really for Russle, whats w/ all the vitriol?

  4. 4

    I thought this split was supposed to be amicable? He didn't take your money, Perry, stop being a bitch about it. And didn't SHE ask HIM to file for divorce? Whatever the public sees, I hope she's communicating with him what she really means, because he looks noble and she looks bitter right now. And that blue hair is tacky. You're not 12, you're an adult.

  5. 5

    So you were so happy that it was a mutual and amicable split but now your happy that Katy is being an immature bitch and changing lyrics to hurt him?

  6. 6

    As usual, your gay ass dramatic self just imagines shit. I don't think it was at him, because if it was, that makes her a kunt after he refused to take 20 million of her dollars that he was entitled too.

  7. 7

    Katy Perry was HOTTER than the surface of the sun last night. Wow. Great perfomance again Katy! Two thumbs up. Her song "Part of Me" has a good shot of being her next #1 hit. It's that good.

    I bet Katy will end up being a bigger star than Madonna. No joke. She's a hitmaker for sure. I bet she'll WIN plenty of Grammys in the future. She would have won big if Adele didn't have such a strong record last year. Adele hogged all the Grammy trophies!

  8. 8

    I don't understand why people criticize how Katy Perry does her hair and her the outfits she wears. Of course she's NOT trying to "look like a mature adult" with sensible hair and clothes. That's not Katy's personality. Come on. She's having all sorts of fun putting together her outfits and hair and makeup like lots of women do.

    This is how big pop stars have looked for as long as I can remember. Ever see what David Bowie looked like in the 1970s in his "Ziggy Stardust" days? Google some pictures of Peter Gabriel from "Genesis" from the 70s. They definitely wore exotic looking outfits and had wild looking hair in the 1980s as well … like "the B52s".

    Katy is just taking it to another level. I love it. She's like an exotic bird from a remote island somewhere … a very colorful "Peacock" like her song by that name. Like in her video "E.T,", she's like an extraterrestrial woman from that movie "Avatar". That blue hair and outfit sure looks like it to me.

    Keep doing what you are doing Katy! Believe me, she's gaining more and more fans with every year that goes by. She's one of the coolest musicians I've ever seen. I know that.

  9. 9

    Re: hoochpit – Ummmmmmm……..she IS a kunt, especially after wearing my grammys dress to the grammys

  10. 10

    Re: someguy2621 – That's because Adele can sing.

  11. 11

    Funny, because i remember she signed a smiley face next to the signature and she ruined her own marriage.
    See this is why Katy Perry's career is going down hill, because people are starting to see the fake hypocritical bitch that she truly is. I can't wait until she's irrelevant. Because she's starting to get hated by a lot of people now and this just made it worst..

  12. 12

    She looked horrible last night and sounded like crap. If it was a dig at Russell, it makes no sense, considering how she caused the divorce and she's the one who essentially kept everything. She made herself look even more foolish. She really seems to have a problem with people who don't want to be with her. Remember that huge scene she made over that guy who didn't want to date her in high school, the one that was never mean to her and had a girlfriend at the time Katy wanted to date him? She needs to grow up and get over herself.

  13. 13

    Re: Pretty Boys Are Forever – Her career's going downhill? No yet - at least I don't see it. Saying that, not sure how far you can take a mediocre talent like her's past 28… I personally find her songs irritatingly catchy and well great, for pop music. She's a got a genius team that puts her together…
    And as my husband said a few years ago on hearing her for the first time: "This sucks - whoever's singing this must have huge tits". Yup.

  14. 14

    Re: ickynicky – Katy is really messed up in the head. I remember hearing she was trying to steal Robert Pattinson from Kristen Stewart and she got snubbed by him (i don't like nor care about KS, but that it very disrespectful). She probably has BPD.

  15. 15

    Uhg I thought it was a mutual agreement and they were being mature? If she is singing about him then as usual she is a immature bitch..can't sing live, can't dance and a 28 year old child.. he has been nothing but nice to her and if this is true she needs to go fuck off and stop playing the victim..please get the fuck over yourself…

  16. 16

    her and you both suck donkey dicks, he could have gone to court and pulled 20,000,000 out of her ass, and chose not to. he deserves a shit load more respect than either of you cock sucker drunk junkies.

  17. 17

    I hope it wasn't a dig. If so, very classless and disappointing. I thought she and Russell were the epitome of how a marriage SHOULD end (with grace), but apparently not?

  18. 18

    Re: futuremrslabeouf – You're not 12, you're an adult. " yes by age, but surely not emotionally, or mentally.

  19. 19

    This is the oldest story in Hollywood. HE DONE ME WRONG! Rarely can codependent type people ever see their PART because they are so comfortable PLAYING THE VICTIM. Katy will go find ANOTHER Alcoholic — maybe one not in recovery. And ANOTHER and ANOTHER and maybe it will dawn on her HAY IM ATTRACTED TO THESE MEN WHY IS THAT? Then she MIGHT start seeing WOW I HAVE AN ALCOHOLIC PERSONALITY TOO! People attracted to alcoholics that don't get recovery get REALLY uncomfortable when the alcoholic gets sober. Weird but true. They are addicted to the alcoholics addiction!

  20. 20

    Re: someguy2621 – have another drink of that koolade

  21. 21

    Most of Katy's friends have been saying that Katy and Russell just weren't a "good match" from the beginning. They had some things in common, but in other ways they are different and they weren't compatible for the long term. Katy really seemed to be wild about Russell in the year before they got married though.

    Katy certainly was shocked when Russell filed those divorce papers. Katy probably thought they could go to marriage counseling to try to work it out like other married people do. I think that's the main reason Katy is mad at Russell … he threw in the towel too soon.

    I think the nearly 10 year age difference and Russell's past drug problems and current sober living was a big issue. Katy should find a guy around her age who wants the same things at this stage of their life. Someone who parties a little bit like Katy does and can deal with the Hollywood show business scene.

  22. 22

    Russell can't handle being around drunk people or people on drugs very much. I bet Katy wasn't partying all that often … especially compared to the rest of the music stars out there. I think it was mainly Katy's MANY friends at parties that Russell had a problem with. Let's face it, people in the music business party a lot. Whitney Houston is a prime example.

    I think that drugs nearly killed Russell when he was younger so it's understandable. Bottom line, I think they both know now that getting married was a mistake. But they were in love and all that. It happens.

    They might still be together now like Brad and Angelina if they didn't get married. Brad and Angelina aren't married … yet. Marriage complicates things … especially when it involves wanting kids, career vs. motherhood, etc.

  23. 23

    Re: thirdfromtheleft – Her songs on itunes are flopping, and people are starting to show hate for her. She won't last very long..

  24. 24

    Re: someguy2621 – That's why she put a smiley face on the signature, because she was "so upset" that Russell "threw in the towel"? LMAO riiiight

  25. 25

    Re: someguy2621 – Hahaha..funny how all these stars these days are just showing their personality? when not too long ago, before they were famous, they just looked like an average plain Jane.. yea stfu.. these bitches are just in it for attention and THAT is childish. They need this shtick to back up an get peoples attention. That they are edgy, cool and different. Bitch please, if that was truly their personality, we would have saw evidence of that before they hit the mainstream. Coincidence they ALL waited till after? Yeah, what the fuck ever…

  26. Kate! says – reply to this


    Russell took the high road by not accepting the cash, she signs with a smiley face for her divorce, then tries to put him on blast too? She has lost all of my respect. I don't understand why people keep "defending" Katy like she needs it. What has Russell done? All he wanted was to start a family with her, but she cared more of drinking and partying.

  27. 27

    Re: Pretty Boy

    LOL. I bet Katy has signed her name exactly the same way for about a thousand of her fans over the years.

    You can't blame Katy for being happy about the divorce settlement. Katy and Russell probably made a pact not to screw each other over financially if their marriage failed … unless something really bad happened. Katy was probably happy that Russell has been a old school gentleman as far as the divorce goes.

    Russell has earned a lot of respect. He'll probably easily make $20 million in the next few years anyway. He has movies coming out soon, new movie deals in the future and a TV talk show on his plate for this year. A nasty divorce might have ticked off a few million fans in the U.S. and everywhere else. Russell was smart to do what he did.

  28. 28

    when has katy perry ever been anything other than a classless piece of trash? come on now, no surprise here

  29. 29

    Russell hasn't said one negative thing about her in a public way, something that Katy can't claim. It's pathetic that she's painting herself as a victim. Hats off to you Mr Brand - and seems like this girl will do anything for attention and record sales. I believe he probably filed for divorce because she was a threat to his sobriety, which he seems to value above all else, and is admirable. I think she is a talented girl, but somewhat vacuous. If she wants to tell Russell to f— off, that's fine. But she shouldn't use the Grammy stage to do it. It's not all about you Katy. That's probably why he left. Team Russell all the way.

  30. Lushh says – reply to this


    I don't get it. Everything is supposedly amicable between these two, but then you hear something like this. This seems like bitterness to me.

  31. 31

    Perez, you were trashing Russell because a tabloid wrote a fake story that he's planning to write a "tell-all" book. BUT you congratulate your friend for slamming him in front of million people. This is sad…journalism is dead.
    She didn't seem very interested in being married, signed her divorce papers with a smiley face…guess we missed the part where she needed to heal.

  32. 32

    My thought was that it was meant toward Russel. I think it seems at though she's a bit bitter…it doesn't seem like an amicable split. But who knows. Could be a media move as well.

    I was surprised she performed this song because I didn't think it was really single material. It sounds like something she would have come up with earlier on when trying to become a star. I thought the performance seemed amateurish too. This was the huge surprise she hinted at earlier? I didn't think it was very memorable. I do like her music though normally.

  33. Lushh says – reply to this


    She signed her divorce paper like she would an autograph. Yes there's a smiley, but there's also a heart. She signed it above the line "Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson". So she either signed it with a smiley and a heart bc she's happy to have her last name back, or it was just bc she's used to signing things that way. I'm betting on the first one.

  34. 34

    Re: someguy2621 – Too bad she lacked class when she did this performance. Kinda shows her fake bitch side, doesn't it? ;]

  35. 35

    Russell Brand is getting burned? Really Perez..you went there? The guy has been nothing but a gentleman during the divorce, even skipping on the 20 million he could've been awarded. Katy sounds bitter to me and I think the performance was in a very poor taste.

  36. 36

    Guys, it sure looks like Katy Perry has high expectations when it comes to the guys she has relationships with. She's serious about that stuff. She wants to find her "knight in shining armor" and all that.

    Katy must have watched a lot of Disney movies when she was growing up or something. Watch Katy's Vevo video with lyrics "Not Like The Movies" and you'll see what I'm talking about. I'm sure Katy got a lot of new female fans from this song alone. It's a well crafted song. A slower song like the Grammy academy folks might like.

    Katy seems to have a "tough girl" tomboy side to her as well as a "girly girly" side. That's alright with me. She seems to be a really FUN girl to hang out with. Her next boyfriend or hubby is going to be a lucky dude … for all sorts of reasons. Her smokin hot body and pretty face alone is great. I think she's "hot" inside and out.

    Watch some interviews of Katy. She's a cool chick. You guys should cut her some slack. I like Katy when she has that thick dark hair like in this interview she did.

  37. 37

    This girl is such a F*n nerd. I can't believe people sweat her.

  38. 38

    Re: MissEquisite – katy is pretty much over. that performance was bad. she's probably thanking nicki for taking the heat!! lol nicki was soooooooooooo bad!! :-)

  39. 39

    Re: MissEquisite – Well of course Katy is a bit of a nerd. She probably embraces her nerdiness. Who hasn't been a big nerd at some point in their life?

    Haven't you seen Katy Perry's Vevo video "Last Friday Night" where she becomes her nerdy alter ego "Kathy Beth Terry" with the mouthful of braces and dumb looking glasses? She ends up being the cool, popular kid by the end of the video though. That song is one of her #1 hits.

  40. 40

    If that was truly a shot at him, he needs to go take her money like he should have in the first place. If the shoe was on the the other foot, she would have gone after his money in a heartbeat.

  41. 41

    um you do know that this song was leaked in 2010 before she was with russell brand so what if she is releasing it now

  42. 42

    umm… i HIGHLY doubt she took to the grammys to get back at Russell, if she did then she is a pretty low human being considering all he did to help make the divorce more amicable while she treated it like another business deal. And I didn't find her hot, that blue hair was terrible, she is a grown up woman, not a child…! And She was blossoming as an artist and doing well WHILE with Russell, hell she didn't really blow up until she was with Russell, so how was he dimming her light? If anything, he stood back, sang her praises and always let her shine…! And i don't see how Russell is getting burned, after all if he was truly a dog & wanted to dull her shine, he coulda made off with a big pay check.. Stop looking for drama where there is none, we all know she doesn't write her own songs anyway!

  43. 43

    And one more thing. Don't get it twisted. Russell Brand didn't want HER. He was all set. in Katy Perry's world, people don't say NO to her. This guy had enough and walked. He didn't rake her through the coals, didn't want to drain her or take advantage of her financially, nothing. He just wanted out. Her performance on the Grammy's was extremely manipulative. That was a very calcuated attempt to get American's to sympathize with her and paint him as a bad guy, all to manage her carreer in light of a divorce that she most likely is responsible for. Americans' are incredibly niave'. Don't buy into girls.

  44. 44

    Fuck you Perez. Why do you assume Russell did something wrong? He seems like the stable one in that relationship.

  45. @v@ says – reply to this


    It's a song. Performers aren't above using speculative stuff in their musical art at specific times and simply allow viewers to interpret as they may. It's expression, and speculation heightens the mystery and image.

  46. 46

    ..hmmm….when was this crappy song written ?…

  47. 47

    Someone in the audience that was sitting near Katy and her manager tweeted that they heard her manager arguing with Katy over the phone before her performance about the song, and heard him reassuring her that it was the right song to sing after her performance. So i'm going to guess that what she performed last night wasn't even her decision.

  48. 48

    Re: MissEquisite – Actually, if you do a few Google searches about Katy and Russell you'll read that Russell didn't seem to even like Katy's music much. Her own husband. He sort of sulked at Katy's concerts and didn't cheer her on. Hard to believe. It's not everyone's taste, but I obviously think her music is awesome. She has millions of fans all over the world to prove it.

    In December of last year, Katy was the host of "Saturday Night Live". When she finished doing it, Russell was a total jerk by saying that she wasn't a very funny host and wasn't funny in her skits. That is NOT COOL. This is his wife we're talking about. Come on.

    Katy probably tried her best on SNL and Russell sort of crushed her self esteem. She's not a professional comedian, she's a musician primarily. I thought Katy was funny and did just fine. Most of the time, if an SNL skit isn't very funny it is the fault of the WRITERS, not the people who are performing it.

    Maybe that SNL incident with Russell is one of the things that Russell (and other people) have done to her that inspired her to write the lyrics for her new song "Part of Me". Katy is saying that NOBODY is going to tear down her confidence and self esteem. Taylor Swift did a hit song on the Grammy show called "Mean" that is similar to Katy's new song. Taylor did great on that song. She's a big star for good reasons too.

  49. 49

    are people deaf! this was one of the worst performances I have ever seen! She cannot sing live to save her life. Its scary to think she was nominated in the same category as Adele. Her music is terrible, its generic and unoriginal. I agree Rihanna did a much better job and Katy's fans have got to be 12 year old girls.

  50. 50

    Re: FireCat61387 – The song's been around for two years but she changed the lyrics last night at the Grammys. Re: someguy2621 – Katy wasn't shocked about the divorce— she asked him to do it, remember? And let's face it, she has hit songs but she can't sing worth shit. And no, she will not be bigger than Madonna. Keep dreaming.

  51. 51

    still no Grammys Katy? That's too bad.

  52. 52

    Wow her music (and performance for the matter) sucks..lots of fire and action..meh song…I think she's beautiful, but there is no way anyone will ever outdo Madonna, esp not her! Her music in general just isn' that great. Clothes are rockin' tho (most of the time)!

  53. 53

    It's so extremely FRUSTRATING that out of 50 some comments only a few have the correct knowledge and that does NOT include you Perez. THIS SONG WAS WRITTEN ABOUT TRAVIS McCOY!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy SHIT, the songs for Teenage Dream were written before she even met Russell. Did she change the lyrics to get attention, SURE. Did she know that her air brain clueless fans would not even come close to seeing the truth. Guaranteed. God serenity now. But with a big fat immature smiley face too.

  54. 54

    Katy was awesome as usual and it isn't like she wrote that song after she and RB split up. Bless her broken heart for sharing her feelings with the world by changing the lyrics a bit and keeping things real and current. Recovering from the technical malfunction so beautifully is a sign of what we can expect from this incredible talent we call Katy Perry!

  55. 55

    What a hideous outfit…couldn't anyone of come up with a better choice…yes she's going futuristic but you can do futuristic cool, not futuristic hideous.

  56. 56

    "taking a dig" at someone who willingly gave up 20 million dollars just so he wouldn't be a jerk to you is pretty low imo.

  57. 57

    If it was a dig then she's a stupid fuck and now looks like an idiot.

  58. 58

    I'd thought that they'd handled the split in a dignified manner, but she's ruined it by signing her divorce paper with a smiley face and with having the last word through a childish dig in front of millions of people. Classy lady.
    I never cared for Russell Brand before, but now he has my sympathy. I think that she didn't view marriage about being about two people and that she put her wants and needs first one too many times…

  59. 59

    rather rude of her since hes not taking any of her money and he could off hes been the gent and shes being the bitch..

  60. 60

    She has no reason to bad mouth him. They didn't have a prenup and he's not going after her for any sort of alimony. Regardless of what happened in the relationship, he must respect her and care about her enough not to be a dick.