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Eerie! Whitney Houston's Daughter Found In A Hotel Bathtub Too!!

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This sounds so frightening!!

A day before Whitney Houston was found dead in a Beverly Hilton bathtub, sources say they found her daughter in a tub too!!

Bobbi Kristina didn't respond to knocks on her hotel door so sources say they got security to unlock the door.

And once they were in, they found Kristina asleep in the tub!! Huh??

Inneresting… we wonder what the connection could be!?!

Since the death of her mother, Bobbi has been hospitalized twice. Sources fear she's suicidal.

This is just so, so awful. We really hope she can find peace. Her father Bobby Brown is in town for her now, so hopefully that will help!!

[Image via WENN.]

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13 comments to “Eerie! Whitney Houston's Daughter Found In A Hotel Bathtub Too!!”

  1. 1

    Why is this a headline? You're clearly retarded, Mario. Leave this poor girl out of the media, you cruel, worthless fuck.

  2. 2

    Re: everyonehatesmario – He's copying from tee emmm zzeee again. He doesn't really read it, and he doesn't give a shit who he hurts by doing it, as long as it makes his pansy ass some money. I'm hoping he'll do a Whitney Houston on us very soon.

  3. 3

    Inneresting ?

  4. 4

    WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU???!!! huh???!!! I though the poor girl passed away too. CHANGE YOUR FUCKING HEAD LINE YOU INCONSIDERATE PRICK!!!!!

  5. odile says – reply to this


    change this headline….it makes it seem as though bobbi died

  6. 6

    Not only is it eerie, it's creepy and disturbing. Keep Bobby Brown far away from his daughter, we have already seen what his 'love' does to people.

  7. 7

    Super. A family of crackheads. How astounding that they're black.

  8. 8

    Wow if u hate the site soo much how bout u stop wasting u time commenting it and visiting it soo often

  9. 9

    And the reason they never fixed this girl's teeth is________________.

  10. 10

    This is to that person who made a comment about bobby needing to stay away from his daughter. You need not to blame Bobby for the death of Whitney…She was a grown ass woman who made the choice "key word" on her own to take drugs, and further -more he's now drug free an nor was they together when she diso you can't blame him.he's thee only parent that she has left so I give him props for being by his daughters side during this this bleak moment in her life.

  11. 11

    "Whitney's daughter found in a bathtub…taking a bath. More at 6."

  12. 12

    poor girl my prayers are with her

  13. 13

    You know what u fucken ppl have some nerves to put a lot of people down . So what if bobbi was in the tub leave her alone she just lost her mom. Has some respect and leave her alone. May e she didn't want her teeth fixed who fucken knows ….. Look at ur fucken selves Before u talk shit u fucken lame ass mother fuckers and dumb ass here who messed up on the title get ur shit straight here. I fucken lost my mother too. Only she was killed U fucken dumb mother fuckers have no respect u don't know how much she is hurting for her mom. U will never know how she feels or what kind of relationship with her mom and dad she has LEAVE THAT KID ALONE.