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Bill O'Reilly Thinks Whitney Houston Wanted To Die!

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Welp! The man never said he wasn't controversial!

Bill O'Reilly has a lot of opinions and yeah, we know a little something about that, ha! But when it comes to Whitney Houston's death, his opinion might not be super easy to take… but definitely interesting and something for discussion!

He feels Whitney wanted to die, and here's why:

Whitney Houston wanted to kill herself. Nobody takes drugs for that long if they want to stay on the planet. She follows in the footsteps of Elvis, Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson, and scores of other entertainment figures. The hard truth is that some people will always want to destroy themselves, and there's nothing society can do about it.

Watch his video to hear more of his reasoning!!


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47 comments to “Bill O'Reilly Thinks Whitney Houston Wanted To Die!”

  1. 1

    go bill go. go bill go. go bill go.

  2. 2

    Cant argue with that. The blow hard is right on the money.

  3. 3

    That is really amazing ignorance right there. The reason people take drugs "that long" is because of this thing called addiction. I don't know if Bill O'Reilly has ever heard of the word, but it is in the dictionary and it's in damn near every family in America, most likely including his.

  4. 4

    I have to agree with him that we are not dealing with the drug problem in the best way we could. I am not sure that I agree with all of his statements, however. I don't know what Tony Bennett is thinking - his statements do not seem very well thought out. So if your doctor doesn't proscribe you cocaine for example (and what would that be to treat?) then that's it - no one is going to complain or try to get it illegally? Um, sure. And what he also doesn't realize is that doctor's are breaching their duties by over-proscribing these prescription drugs that end up killing people.

  5. 5

    Re: athena314 – True - I don' think it can be said that all drug addicts want to die. I think a great many of them want to get better and are fighting a difficult battle. Plus the drugs affect their reasoning skills and judgment to be able to make the best decisions for their lives.

  6. 6

    Re: athena314 – doing drugs is still a choice because we also have a thing called REHAB darling which is also a choice……..a druggy is a druggy

  7. 7

    All drug addicts know that they will die before the rest of us….deep down inside they just don't give a shit…….that includes Michael Jackson….

    Shame on them when they leave children behind…..disgusting.

  8. 8

    I guess he has never heard of addiction. Idiot.

  9. 9

    It's very possible that she did want to die. I guess noone will ever know her mindset. It could have just been a tragic accident or it could have been suicide. It's possible noone will ever know.

  10. 10

    The really unfortunate piece of this is that, yes, we all knew whitney struggled with addiction and to be honest her death comes as no suprise. However - not being a parent myself - i really am abhorred with his comments about her "wanting" to die. No one "wants" to die and further more that he then ropes her 18 yr old daughter into his "news" cast. I am absolutely floored that Fox would employ someone who could spat out the hate and venom that he did in that few mins and very easily could redirect Whitney's very RECENTLY grieving daughter into the same direction her mother used to cope with reality. I just find this to be out of line and disgusting. I will never watch fox news ever again as long as someone who uses children in his schtick to stay relevant in the media.

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    I'm not at all certain that she 'wanted to die', but addiction that you just can't kick takes people down death's road irregardless.

  12. 12

    People will die from drugs if they are legal or illegal, but legalizing drugs makes it so drug cartels and criminals don't get profit from it.

  13. 13

    He is talking out his mouth and his ass at the same time. People killing themselves with drugs will kill themselves with drugs regardless if they are illegal or not. Yes, every doctor in America should know she was a drug addict and they bare responsibility for giving her the drugs. She is a celebrity, same old story.
    But in one breath Bill tells you about all the violence drugs cause but keeping them illegal will not stop people from killing themselves. Legalize drugs and you will end that violence. No one will stab me to death over a drug deal or rob me for drugs.
    We can't stop people like whitney from killing themselves but we can stop the violence associated with drugs.
    Send Bill to Singapore for awhile.

  14. 14

    I need a Dramamine, Perez is spinning again! Any moron knows that drugs will kill them, it's a risk they enter into and it's called denial, once they're addicted. Sadly, everyone around her was a parasite, and didn't give a shit about her, just their own self! So Bill has it right, just the whiners can't deal with the cold hard truth of it! The only person that can make an addict stop is themselves!
    "crack is wack",Whitney Houston 2002 interview with Diane Sawyer

  15. 15

    I don't think it is quite that simple. Addiction is a bitch to conquer.

  16. 16

    He's an ass! Making statements like that at this time is insensitive to her family let them grieve!

  17. 17

    I agree with Bill 100%
    Anyone who continues to abuse their body like that is suicidal
    It's not like she didn't have options, she had lots of support all around her
    I think we will be seeing Lindsey, Charlie, and Chelsea joining her club

  18. 18

    Honestly, I think there is way to much hooplah being made over this. Celebrities deaths get way to much attention and frankly it gets old rather quickly. On this site alone, every other post has been about here, as if there is NOTHING else going on in the world… I mean, there hasn't really been any new information provided, and all thats really left to know is the cause of death, and that can take up to 6 weeks… so why keep on bombarding us with irrelevant news….!

  19. 19

    and he's right…. if you want to live, and recognize you have a problem, which she knew she had, you would seek treatment to help you stay clean.. If you think you can stay on drugs and live a long life, you are delusional. You are inevitably saying you want to die if you recognize there is a problem, and your family recognizes the problem and you do nothing to rectify it.

  20. 20

    Re: athena314 – Umm you can't get addicted to something if you aren't weak minded enough to try it in the first place. People who take drugs in my opinion are opening up the doors to death and placing a welcome mat down for addiction. There is so much information available regarding drugs and the dangers of them, including the dangers of drugs- so why even try them in the first place? I KNOW the risks of taking crack, meth, cocaine, heroine & know they can all be addictive, so what do I do.. I CHOOSE not to put myself in a position where i can become addicted, by not even trying these drugs in the first place,…. you know the old saying- curiosity killed the cat.. well Curiosity to try drugs now kills the junky who becomes hooked. Why anyone is stupid enough to willingly try something they know the dangers of is beyond me.. Addiction is their own fault, they should have made better decisions in the first place.

  21. 21

    and in the case of where people become addicted to painkillers… there doctors should see the signs and stop catering to them… people just can't say no to celebrities and the celebrities are too stupid to know mixology when it comes to taking medications… but in whitneys case, let's not act like it was only the Prx that killed her, SHE WILLINGLY smoked crack and did cocaine.. she was not prescribed these "medications" and clearly they should have seen she had an addictive personality and problem prior to ever letting her even have these medications.

  22. 22

    What I would like to know is where was all this support when she was alive, huh?! No one gave a fuck then, yet as soon as she dies, EVERYONE loves Whitney and everyone misses her. I know there's the saying 'you never know what you've got until it's gone', but still. And these tits guessing how she died are just as bad. No one know's for certain (yet) exactly how she died so let's just leave it at that until we find out.

  23. 23

    Re: MsJules – You clearly don't know anyone with an addiction.
    Would you tell an anorexic to 'just eat something'?
    Would you tell someone that's bipolar to "just get happy"?
    If you would, you're stupid as all hell.
    Telling an addict to "just stop doing drugs" doesn't work. Sexual, physical and mental abuse often trigger the need to do drugs, to escape the pain.

  24. 24

    Re: CarlaH – actually, on the contrary.. I know several people with addictions.. at least one of them kicked it.. the other 2 are still dealing with it, and I know one if not both will for sure die. You cannot compare being anorexic or bipolar with being a drug addict.. nor can you even compare anorexia with being bipolar all different diseases… with different forms of treatment…!!! Drug addicts CHOOSE to do the drugs in the first place, it is something that can be helped. They are not forced to BUY the drugs,stick the needle in their arms and shoot it up.. And no where In my post (which clearly you failed to even read) did I ever say to tell them to just stop doing drugs. My argument was around them not even doing it in the first place, and then went on to talk about people who enable it and don't help them treat it.. please re-read my posts and come back with something relative and valid to say.

  25. 25

    If only Bill wanted to die…he's disgusting on every front.

  26. 26

    how about everyone wait until we actually know what she died from before spouting irrelevant commentary just for ratings. o'reilly is a tool.

  27. 27

    Re: AttFinch – For real? Try growing some brain cells! She had a worn out body from years of drug abuse, both legal and illegal. It's not a matter of what she would die from, it was a matter of when!

  28. 28

    he is right, self hate is absolutely part of drug addiction, I personally was too chicken to put a bullet in my brain so tried on the installment plan, one drink at a time. you all can argue and call nemes all you want,, but the TRUTH is always the TRUTH, and cannot be swayed by OPINION.

  29. 29

    Re: athena314 – are you an addict?? Drunk?? No then STFU you know nothing about what you say. Your opinions is worth less than ZERO

  30. 30

    Re: ceeeee – OK you to,,, are you an addict? if not ,, you have NO CLUE WHAT GOES on in our minds.

  31. 31

    Re: triple M – "deep down inside they just don't give a shit" TRIPLE M finally someone who understands the BASE consideration of recovery. I'm powerless,, my life is unmanagable, but I dont give a shit. IF you want to be sober YOU WILL, if you don't you wont.

  32. 32

    Re: tommyboi21 – you don'y know what you are talking about, you really don't

  33. 33

    ALL OF you people making statements all about addicts, who are NOT ADDICTS, are like a priest giving advice about sexual relations… worthless as tits on a boar.

  34. 34

    Re: VickiBur – but it is TRUE, she's dead because everything about her was a lie.

  35. 35

    Re: MsJulesRe: MsJulesRe: MsJulesRe: MsJules

  36. 36

    I've got to say that I pretty much agree with Bill on this one, although I don't think she (or any drug addict) really wanted to die as much as she just didn't care if she did or not. Her life couldn't have been that important to her if she kept taking drugs.

  37. 37

    You know I absolutely hate people that never have anything positive to say. Remember she was someone's Mother, someone's Daughter and someone's Friend. They already know the things she did in her life. Let them have there time to grieve there time to celebrate her life, before you only focus on the bad she may have done. There are know perfect people but God, so who are you to judge. Let them have there peace. Let Whitney be remembered for the great things she did, and the great person she was.

  38. 38

    No one wants to die, but she had a lot of bad habits which contributed to her death.

  39. 39

    bill o'reilly is the biggest ignoramus to ever have set foot on this planet, and if anyone takes ANYTHING this man says seriously, they are just as fucking dumb.

  40. 40

    I don't think she "wanted" to die but she was careless about it. How would legalizing drugs be the answer if its the problem? Bill might sound like an asshole but he's just being honest.

  41. 41

    Bill OReilly, I am sorry but your ignorance really makes you almost look as ridiculous as you sound. If you think for one moment that any person as a child or even as an adult wants to grow up to be an addict,…sabotaging everything good in life and destroying relationships that mean more to you than life itself yet, the mood alternative simply appears to be more powerful than anything else..YOU ARE MISINFORMED. There are some people who have lived in rehabs their entire life and still dont get it. It is a hope of resolve that not everyone gets nor will everyone get. How about we respect the live and legacy of this wonderful human beings life and RESPECT her Mother, Daughter and Brother as they mourn their loss BEFORE we feel the need to spew asanine unempathetic comments out of our mouth for the mere sake of ratings. Which by the way, ..Yours is one show I will be sure NOT to watch in the future. I am amazed at how disrespectful your comments were to if no one else,..the family.

  42. 42

    i believe the reason celebrities are drown to drugs is because they get the same adrenelin rush they would get when they perform on stage, at their extravegent parties and the adoration they get from their fans.. this thing about wanting to kill themselves is a load of BULLSH*T.. Record companies and movie studios should have better facilities to guid their investment (celebrities) to not get sucked into those loop holes because at the end of the day it a humans beings life they are playing with… and I don't believe they are worth more dead than alive… depending on the kind of work they have done really depends on it… e.g Micheal Jackson who has written most of his songs and have memorabilias of his costumes and his persona will still make money long after his gone.. while Whitney who hasn't written any songs, has not a lot of memorabilia after her wont make as much money… the tragedy about it all is that with all her talent she didn't make more out of it… I just hope her family her daughter will make sure her memory lives on so that we will always remember her and that future generation know her like the Presleys did

  43. 43

    Re: triple M – Obviously you've never known an addict, doing drugs and going to rehab is not a choice, because first of all addicts don't see the problem, they might know deep down that they have one but until they're at their rock bottom and for some it takes a lot to get there, they'll never realize what they're doing to themselves the people around them, they just want they're drugs, if it's alcohol, cocaine, heroin, oxy, perks, meth, vicodin etc… I came from a family of addiction and trust me they don't know the harm that they are doing, and when you try to tell them you're just being a bitch or an asshole, they have to figure it out for themselves. So Whitney might have thought well I kicked the crack so what's the harm in taking this little pill it can't be as bad as crack? And the rest is history. I can garantee that addicts don't think they're going to die off of the drugs they are doing, espeically when they've been doing so many for so long, they have this weird idea almost as if they think they're invincible and that no matter what the drug they can handle it, if they want to. If you tell them it could kill them they think you're being a bitch or an asshole and trying to deny them their drugs and their right to do it.

  44. 44

    You fucking hypocrites. Where were all u bleeding hearts while she was smoking crack and eating pills like skittles the last 20 years? She had it coming. Death wish.

  45. 45

    To raypearson. No, I am not an addict, but like many, many other people in this world, I have a family riddled with substance abuse and I know first hand, the damage it can cause. I had to get my foster care license to care for my nephew because my sister became negligent due to her addiction. She is 5 years sober. So I am very familiar with addiction and recovery. And I know that substance abuse is a hard thing to beat. Sometimes the power of addiction is far stronger than the individual's power of will. That doesn't mean that death is a desired outcome.

  46. 46

    Re: MsJules – You forget white kidnappings as well the media cares more about Asian and Black People get kidnapped more yet do not get 4-6 months of news time or concern for 4-6 months only 1-2 days of news time.

  47. 47

    Re: MsJules – You forget white kidnappings as well. The media cares less about Asian, Blacks, Hispanics who get kidnapped happens on a daily basis yet all we hear about are white victims who get kidnapped. They get kidnapped more yet do not get 4-6 months of news time or concern for 4-6 months unlike white kidnap victims who do.