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Gleeks! Prepare For A "Huge Cliffhanger" In Next Week's Winter Finale!

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First of all, can we just say that we're still very upset about the fact that Glee is on the verge of taking a seven week hiatus? We refer you to our previous post on the matter for a visual representation of what is going on in our souls right now.

But now, we're hearing that not only is the show going on hiatus, but it is going to leave us on the biggest cliffhanger to date!!!

We don't think our hearts can take much more of this.

According to Vanessa Lengies, who plays the self-diagnosed aspergers Gleek Sugar Motta, next week's Regionals episode is going to leave fans on the edge of their seat and shocked beyond belief. She adds:

"The Regional episode is probably one of the most on-the-edge-of-my-seat episodes that I've read yet this season. It had twists and turns that I wasn't expecting. I guess that's why they just wanted to shock everyone, and I was definitely shocked when I read it."


Shocking either means two things in TV: Death or breakup.

Glee's not the kind of show to kill off someone major, so that leaves us with … oh no. OH NO! Finnchel fanatics! Why do we suddenly feel pangs of doubt and woe in our souls? Why are we suddenly having visions of Rachel Berry running away from a chapel in the direction of New York sans one Frankenteen.

Ryan Murphy, please! Contact us immediately! Put our minds at ease! What is the cliffhanger? What's going to happen?! AAAAHHH!!!!

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6 comments to “Gleeks! Prepare For A "Huge Cliffhanger" In Next Week's Winter Finale!”

  1. 1

    why does it feel like they only have 5 shows a year *sigh*.. A break.. ALREADY?!?!?!

  2. 2

    It's a car crush, Tumblr already know, as usual. We thinks is between Quinn and Karofsky.

  3. 3

    i HOPE she dies..I hate her SO much

  4. 4

    who else thinks karovski will try and kill himself? suicide is the one thing murph hasnt touched on in glee, and we all know he tries to talk about all possible teen problems in this show.

  5. 5

    As soon as I saw the scene with Karofski and the guy from his new school, I jumped right to teen suicide, and seeing the show tackle a huge problem like this would be awesome, I only hope it is attempted suicide

  6. 6

    I hope they don't kill of Quinn, they haven't used Dianna to the best of her ability but I still don't want to see her go sooner than she has to.