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Lindsay Lohan Never Paid Her 2010 Taxes, Either! Oops!!

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lindsay lohan taxes

Celebrity or not, everyone still has to pay their taxes!!

Unfortunately, life happens and sometimes people forget… but looks like Lindsay Lohan (or her accountant) forgot TWO years in a row!!

We already knew about her 2009 mess with Uncle Sam. She owes $93,701.57 for that year!!

But now a lien has been issued for 2010 too!! For that beautiful year, she owes a whopping $140,203.30!!!

Oh no, LiLo!! Oh No!!!

Sigh.. well we all know she wasn't going through the best of times then. Maybe now since she's turning a new page, she can get her shiz together and make sure her accountants do their job!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Never Paid Her 2010 Taxes, Either! Oops!!”

  1. 1

    Ummm….I don't think it's her accountants' job to tell her to file her taxes. At the end of the day you still have to SIGN those forms. She's an idiot.

  2. 2

    She looks like Joan Rivers…what has she done to her face? Ew

  3. 3

    It's her responsibility in the end. The process is not that the accountant automatically files receipts, you actually have to bring said receipts, etc to the accountant. Of course she's going to blame the accountant and everyone else but herself for this. Really though, this is her responsibility and there is no excuse according to the IRS. I don't think she's 'getting better' at all.

  4. 4

    OMG it's sooo sad that a once beautiful girl, now looks like this! she looks like shit. Like she's 50!! Sad sad sad. I wonder if she notices what she's done to herself…

  5. 5

    Re: Witch King – My thoughts exactly. I wonder if Whitney's death made her look at her own life, or if she is so deep in denial that nothing can reach her. She looks so awful. She could be one of those real housewives.

  6. 6

    Doesn't this girl want a chance to get back on the big screen and be taken seriously? Then get rid of the Barbie hair and duck lips!!!! Christ, why can't she see that? Get a different hair do and go back red. The fake long hair fish lip look is considered sexy, but in a funny joking way. Like a party girl at clubs or a stripper or one of those goofy housewives on TV. It's a joke, people laugh at it. Get it?

  7. 7

    she looks really sick.. the poor woman needs help

  8. 8

    Re: rosebud99 – LOL a real housewife! So true

  9. 9

    …looks like someone beat her face with a bag-o-nickels….

  10. 10

    the irs does not mess around (unlike the california mickey mouse court system). if this is true, should could (finally) be in some real trouble. ask wesley snipes about not paying taxes …

  11. 11

    Its not her accountant's fault. If she spent more time on real life things and less on distorting her face, body, and hair through surgery and chemicals - she might not be the national joke she is.

  12. 12

    What the hell has happened to her libs ??!!

  13. 13

    She was too busy spending her money on botox and that hideous hair.

  14. 14

    so, 94G one year 140G another, arguably see made 500G, and 700G taxable income in those 2 years. obviously my est is not accurate but is likely close. i would guess that both years gross income was in excess of 2 million. Her itemized deduction schedule must be pretty fun reading,, legal fees ,300G, makeup 250G, botox 125G, fishlips 100G, whore lessons 50G and finally 150G for STD treatments.

  15. 15

    Girl get your tax situation resolved while you are still in probation. The gov't does not play around with its money and tax evasion is breaking the law which according to your probation, if you do, you will immediately head into the slammer. If Wesley Snipes got imprisoned so can you.
    Sometimes I feel like she is trying to sabotage herself so that she can have an excuse as to why her acting career is going nowhere.

  16. 16

    shes really gone into fantasyland since the whole playboy thing and thinking shes marilyne reborn it seems HEY NEWS FLASH ur not marilyn

    maybe she wanted the canadian business man to do that too