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Newt Gingrich Is No Quitter, Plans To Stay In The Presidential Race To The End

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Thankfully for his pride, the end is almost here.

Though he is well behind both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in the polls, Newt Gingrich has not given up on his campaign to win the GOP presidential race. During a rally last night in California, he spurned the National Review for hinting that he should quit while he is, well, behind. But Newt is resilient and told the crowd:

"I believe in a few weeks I'll return to being the leader in the Gallup poll. I think my ideas are much bolder than Santorum or Romney's. I think my ideas are much clearer and more specific and I have to focus on communicating those ideas. Let's see how it plays out."

The man has confidence. Ill-advised, but whatever.

Maybe he does have a shot, who knows? But it doesn't matter anyway…

Obama for the win in 2012! All the way, every way possible!

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6 comments to “Newt Gingrich Is No Quitter, Plans To Stay In The Presidential Race To The End”

  1. 1

    He gives me the creeps and a bad feeling. I don't trust him.

  2. 2

    I wish the GOP ticket was Chris Christie and Marco Rubio. If that was the ticket, Obama would be packing up for Chicago for sure.

  3. 3

    The President, Barack Obama just threw the Catholics under the bus, shitting on our 1st Amendment rights, forcing illigal mandates on all Americans like a despot, and Pacific Ocean Gal has a bad feeling about Newt.
    Can you imagine Obummer strong arming the Muslims… being forced into something against their religion?
    Oh yes, the Muslims get waivers against Obamacare.

  4. 4

    Of course Newt's a quitter! He left two wives when they will ill. He DEFINES giving up when the going gets tough. As long as he keeps splitting the crazy rightwing vote: good job!

  5. 5

    This coming election cycle has the potential of dividing this nation as never before.
    I'm 60years old and remember a few elections that got pretty ugly, but NOTHING compared to what we are about to witness. My advice: keep a journal and clippings to hand off to your future generations. This one is going to historical. I weep for my country as it tries to find its' place in the 21st century.

  6. 6

    Sure wish Ron Paul had a chance, no way I am voting for Obama again (sorry I did it the first tine, lost my job of 22 years, it was offshored to India). Not sure who I am voting for, guess Romney is the least objectionable.