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Taylor Armstrong Recounts Another HOrrific Incident Of Abuse On The Last Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion

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It's truly incredible to think about just how controlling an abusive relationship can be.

In the third and final part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, Taylor Armstrong recounted a particularly horrific episode with her late husband Russell, who commit suicide last year, during which he listened in on a conversation between she and her friends, only to come out of the bushes and physically attack them.

Watch (above).

Awful. Sickening. And most frightening of all, something that is far more common than one would expect.

So please, if you or someone you love knows that all to well, please CLICK HERE and get help.

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46 comments to “Taylor Armstrong Recounts Another HOrrific Incident Of Abuse On The Last Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion”

  1. 1

    BS! Duck face should let her husband rest in peace. She thinks she will save lives with her lame book. She's a greedy kunt.

  2. 2

    The real truth will never be known - this allows Taylor to milk it for all it is worth. She is making a career of being a victim. It is sick. And she is not helping other abuse victims by profiting of her own situation, instead, people like her make it so that other victims have to provide more in the way of concrete proof and are less likely to be believed. She has been caught in lies so often that her entire story is worthless.

  3. 3

    When will this lying whore go away?????

  4. 4

    why do you insist on making this piece of trash relevant?

  5. 5

    OK her lie is….(her friends)Your REALLY REALLY worried for your friend, Really. So worried you are going to get her an apartment when she tells you to take care of her child when Russel KILLS her. But when Russell actually abuses her in front of them and beats up the guy they do nothing because she asked asked. $10,000 worth of a pounding to someones face and mouth and nothing…no police? Russell was trying to drown Taylor in the pool and one person didn't help her and someone call the police? Man Russell must have been the hulk. They would not need Taylor's cooperation in any way to have put Russel in jail for years just for that one incident under domestic violence laws. They also could you her excited utterances that Russell beat her and she was afraid for her life. against him had anyone called the police even though it is hearsay. Under the domestic laws. Are there honestly people dumb enough to believe this woman. Anyone that stupid???

  6. 6

    To women who are bettered I am so sorry, don't let this woman's lies keep you quiet. You will be believed even if you are not perfect.

  7. 7

    Black widow. We know Andy is getting a cut of the profits from her book. Are you getting a cut too, Mario? You're awfully eager to plug her book. Then again, she did show up to plug your events. I see how the back scratching works. So Hollywood.

  8. 8

    Okay, she claims to be doing all of these interviews and promoting her dumb book to bring attention to abuse in relationships and hoping this will help women, seriously?! Now all of a sudden she's this strong woman, it's easy to be strong when the man who "abused" you is dead. That is what she is really showing women how to be a coward and keep tolerating abuse if there is a financial gain, shame on her. Let the man rest in peace.

  9. 9

    *bettered ouch..*battered

  10. 10

    When that couple comes forward and verifies that what she is saying is true, then I'll believe it!

  11. 11

    WHY ARE YOU ENABLING SUPPORTING THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE??…You always write about supporting people etc. And She Continuously Trashes her Husband who committed suicide.
    Disgusting to give her any press. She sounds like a real piece of work.

  12. 12

    This should not be publicized….by her, by you Perez or the media. She has children to think of and this should remain a private family matter. I have not idea whether she speaks the truth, but she should stop publically talking and think of her kids.

  13. peghb says – reply to this


    One thing that totally goes unreported in third world countries as well as America is abuse from mother-in-laws against daughter-in-laws. Someday this will be a hot topic…….so sad that it takes years for all the abusive situations to come to the attention of the masses.

  14. Honor says – reply to this


    Maybe she found a couple who want to be on TV so badly they would say anything. If he beat the couple up and Taylor in front of them why didn't they call the police? Was she asking them not to while being dunked?

  15. Honor says – reply to this


    It sounds like a friendly game of hide and seek turned into a rowdy game of tackle Marco Polo.

  16. 16

    i am really sick at all these comments.

  17. 17

    I call BULLSHIT> This story was is ridiculous. He jumped out of the bushes?? Tried to drown her in the pool???? Broke someone's teeth. STFU

  18. Honor says – reply to this


    Re: truthgal – She started writing a book about how horrific the abuse was 3 days after he died and started promoting it on a book tour bashing him shortly after. Private there is a whole show on Bravo devoted to bashing this dead man. Her husband had 3 children, she had one whose father she is portraying as a monster for profit. Not one police report or Hospital report.

  19. Sgirl says – reply to this


    Taylor has decided to be a victim for money. Nice. She claims her book will help people. This is insane. All she is doing is telling stories about how she put up with this crap and telling stories about how all her friends put up with this crap. Seriously? No one ever went to the police? While I believe she probably was abused to some extent, her stories make no sennse. She keeps repeating the same thing over and over and changing how it went down. She loves saying "orbital floor" and reconstructive surgery" she has run her course. Enough is enough. She is profitting off of real victims. Her husband commited suicide and rather than be there for her daughter she decided to go on tour - sickening!

  20. 20

    he may well have been abusive, but i do not believe 10% of what she says. the lie about the dislocated jaw that she put back into place by herself, tainted EVERYTHING else she could say.

  21. 21

    When she donates the profits to help Battered Women…THEN I will totally believe her.

  22. 22

    WTF? How much money are you getting paid to keep promoting this OBVIOUS liar? No one pressed charges? Give me a friggen break. These stories get more and more ridiculous. You used to be cool, Perez.Not sure what happened, but it looks like you're selling out. Whatever.

  23. 23

    Yeah right…what friends? Who are they? When did it happen? I don't believe anything she says.

  24. 24

    Skanks like this need to be back handed frequently.

  25. 25

    I thought this website promoted celebrities?

  26. 26

    Definitely BS. This lady is a selfish liar. Why do people listen to her?

  27. 27

    Never watched the show, but from reading stories online she seems like a drama queen. Maybe she was abused, maybe not, we only have her side of the story. If she was abused, I hope she starts to feel better about herself and look inward to where she needs to be at next.

  28. 28

    Crap like this makes it harder for actual battered women to get help. Nice how all this abuse was completely missed by the cameras following them around all the time. *BS FLAG GETS THROWN*

  29. Ls207 says – reply to this


    As a survivor of domestic violence myself and a strong advocate for it this women honestly makes me sick I know what it's like to be scared to death an afraid of your life an to scared to leave but I did and all the fights I had with my ex cops were called hospital reports were made even when I didn't press charges at first she makes me sick to my stomach I don't believe a word she says all seems like she wants money a pity because women who survive this don't want pity from the world you get stronger you learn to live with the pain and how sad it is that she gets so much attention if anything she's making it worse for women who actually have been beaten because all this women does is lie bout it I mean really if he best up other people and drowned you the cops would have been called there would be some 911 report even if charges weren't made. I also think its sad she has to bash a dead person who can't defend himself

  30. 30

    Go away Taylor, and take your lips with you! So sick of this woman and her lies!

  31. 31

    Hey I believe her because I lived it. Let me tell you the Jeckle and Hyde crap is something they are good at. The parents have NOn idea what the abuser is really like. Her kids already know what he was doing they ran and hid in their rooms.My kids did the same until I said enuff is enuff and fought back and got the hell out. Thsi is why he killed himself because he knew she was going to go public with his carp. Bash her all day long but the woman has had enough. I donlt care if she has fat lips or not that is no reason for teh women in here to turn on her..they must be being abused themselves and feel embarassed about taking it and staying??

  32. 32

    How are you so gullible that you believe this? Russell jumps out of the bushes and beats a guys teeth in, throws his wife in the pool, manhandling her, throws Taylor in the pool and attempts to drown her (attempted murder) and two pitbulls just sit there and smoke a cigarette. Then, the guy is taken away in an ambulance, but they decide not to press charges because taylor asks them not to. Keep in mind that they were speaking to her about being afraid for her safety with Russell but they sent her home with him. I know you are not a man Perez, but no man would would not press charges if someone mauled his family. Besides the first responders would have arrested russell on the spot no matter if Taylor wanted charges pressed or not. It's the friggin law. You are so dumb.

  33. 33

    For everyone who is making fun or her or calling her a liar all that translates to a girl who is going through abuse. The reason most women, girls and men don't tell people is simply because they are afraid people won't believe them. It sounds silly that something like that would be a hurdle, but read the comments and one could understand. Also an abuser doesn't usually look like a monster. its usually someone you woudln't expect. I wish her the best. If she helps one person walk away from abuse then I think its worth it.

  34. 34

    I heard this story and unless he was some kind of ninja, I doubt this happened. He jumps out of the buses, hits some guy over the head, throws him, his wife and Taylor in a pool and tries to drown Taylor. Don't forget about the dog too. While he drowning Taylor, not one person helps? Please! Then they don't press charges. Ridiculous! She needs to stop making up these stories. I do believe there might have been some kind of abuse, but not like she says. A lot of her stories don't add up.

  35. 35

    Now i am convinced you are either getting a kick back from Bravo to spin this bullshit line for Taylor trash or you are just a plain sucker for middle aged overly botoxed & collagened whiner & famewhore.
    Her stories ( & there are 3 versions) do not add up at all. Where is this Guy & This friend who Russell threw into pool (because he was such a huge strong guy he could take 3 people & a dog with his hand tied behind his back) ??? Oh they didn't press charges because Taylor asked them not to??? Suuuuurrreee. If a dude gets knocked out by another dude he is GONNA PRESS CHARGES. She is making this all up & the husband is not here to defend or defame her. How convinient. They offered her help & again she refused it OH PLEASE. Dunzo with this beesh,I don't care what this lying ass skank says she is just lying & cashing in on her lies. Someone needs to sue her & shut her fat ugly lips UP>

  36. 36

    According to Taylor's version in the book, the guy had three inches of his forehead ripped off and three inches of his scalp with hair. He had his five front teeth knocked out. He required 22 stitches to his face and plastic surgery. She gave him $10,000 to cover his medical costs. In Beverly Hills that wouldn't pay for one tooth. Why are you promoting this bullshit Perez? I'm pretty sure I saw a picture of you with her once. Maybe you are getting a cut of the book. Whatever it is, you personally are contributing to the ongoing problem of domestic violence. So, shove your link up your arse. Wise up.

  37. 37

    She is such a pathetic liar.

    I saw a woman enjoying the attention of being on camera especially when she ran over to Andy during the show……

    Con artist at its finest….karma is a bitch….her true colors will show soon.

  38. 38

    Re: Lorili – then don't read them bitch.

  39. 39

    Abused or not, the last thing she needs is to have cameras following her and invading her daughters life at this time. It would be irresponsible of Bravo to sign her for the next season and beyond irresponsible of Shana to subject her daughter to it. Talk about opening yourself up to more lawsuits and putting your cast members in jeopardy of being included in those with a simple comment or agreement to something she might say, could be detrimental. Even if she chose to shoot the season without including her daughter, that would prove her the most unfit Mother on reality tv (excluding teen mom, but even a few of those are better than she is). Who chooses to do a show over being there for their 6 year old child? Besides, we really don't care anymore about the "Shana" drama. It is sick that she is doing all of this to gain fame, she needs to get help and get her daughter the much needed help she obviously needs. Parading her around and having her add hearts to the books at signings is utterly disgusting. She repulses me and when her daughter is at an age where she honestly understands what her mom has done, it will haunt her for years knowing she was made a prop to the constant manipulation and lies at the hands of her fame whore Mother.

  40. 40

    con't…Since money is the root to all that is Shana, and she keeps claiming to have none, she needs to get a job, a reasonably priced apartment (not some $8,500.00 rental house!) and get back to reality. Which is, she is a forty something?, plastic surgery obsessed, single mom who's priorities are so messed up she doesn't know whether the wind her butt or scratch her watch. She has more baggage than the Atlanta airport and what guy in their right mind would ever date something like that? She brings the show down, and with Russell gone there is nothing to really talk to her about anymore. She is not wealthy, she has been proven to be a blatant liar, and she is an embarrassment to Beverly Hills. She needs to get help, and MOVE ON.

  41. 41

    If anyone needs a good beating, it's this whore.

  42. 42

    looking through these comments makes me sick. as far as the proceeds going to abused women, she IS an abused woman. LOL okay, this guy killed himself for a REASON. he knew he was screwed. people with zero issues do NOT kill themselves. he KNEW he f'ed up. also are people forgetting he admitted to hitting her??? he ripped people off of millions of dollars and she is getting sued left and right bc of his actions. stealing people's money is not the behavior of a respectable man, why would him abusing his wife surprise anyone? 1 in 4 women are abused in the U.S. face the facts, people.

  43. 43

    Re: Ls207 – I am sorry that happened to you and really happy you feel strong enough to speak out. Someone who survived abused must really feel exploited by this woman.Re: Austin TX – Ridiculous for years Taylor introduced herself and then told whomever she was in front of her husband abused her. If one person believed her for a second they would have called the police. She also told them he was going to kill her and her daughter. I my friend told me that there is nothing that would keep me from calling a district attorney. So I am sure that was done by a grip a camera man a neighbor. Someone. A therapist has A LEGAL OBLIGATION TO alert police if his client is in physical danger. I do not believe thatRe: Austin TXRe: Stormy1 – could possibly be so ignorant to the law. Taylor drunkenly screamed in front of at least a hundred people Russell would kill her and her daughter. Bravo would have had to call the police by then. Even if Taylor objected there would HAVE TO BE BY LAW AN INVESTIGATION of what she told about her beatings, medical records everything. Now that he is dead that line gets blurred. Abuse victims are hardly ever perfect they are flawed too and a lot of times that is why they are scared of coming forward and because they love the abuser. Taylor's and Bravos lies will make it harder too.

  44. 44

    You are a schmuck, Perez. grow a brain.

  45. 45

    There's no WAY her daughter is going to be OK. Her daddy committed suicide. He had shady business dealings at best and was an abuser at worst. Her mother is more interested in selling her book than making sure :a) the truth is told; b) her daughter is sheltered/safe during this time of what should be grief; c)actually doing something to help battered women.
    She brings Kennedy to book signings. One report said that she had Kennedy sitting next to her as a kind of "sheild from haters" and drawing hearts around her mom's signature- on the book trashing her barely cold- dead father. So she is not sheltering Kennedy from all of her abuse allegations. She is bringing her into the thick of it.
    For the same reason they say not to trash your ex in front of the kids after a divorce- she has taken it to a whole new level. Writing a book trashing Russell- which came out so quick makes you wonder if she started writing it before they cut the poor SOB down. But Kennedy is old enough to realize at least part of what's going on and she knows that she is Russell's child. She will think that if daddy was this monster that mommy's book describes- then I must be a monster too.
    I feel soo bad for this child. I just wish Taylor would stop trying to make $$$$$ from her husband's suicide. It's sick.

  46. 46

    bravo needs to end there relationship with her she is a joke and tarnishes the bravo name! i dont believe anything she says she needs a lie detector test asap before she trencends more into delussion! shame on bravo reps for giving this pathetic excuss for a houseWIVE to destroy this mans memory for money and desperate chance at fame dissgusting PITIFUL words cant discribe this old womans character!!!! i refuse to watch another season of rhobh if that tacky joker looking compulsive liers on for another season!!!!! p.s. hopefull a women in the shelter bust that dingbat over the head!!!!!! the only thing horrific is what she setting her daughters live up to be a joke