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68 comments to “Chris Brown Responds To All The Haters…With More Hate!”

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    Why should he keep quiet?? He did win it. It wasn't some award for being good with the ladies. It's getting really annoying, leave him alone.

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    Yes, that's right. Keep fucking it up for yourself, Chris. I love it.

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    He made a mistake 3 years ago. LET IT GO. Has he done it again? Not that we know of. People make mistakes. GET OVER IT. Unless you're perfect then, and nobody is.

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    Am not a fan of Chris Brown but lets face it the entertainment industry is over flowing with bad behavior, he is not alone in having made some seriously bad choices. Our past should not define us , half the entertainment industry would be black balled if we always toke into account their past mistakes.

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    He has paid his dues and made his amends. Leave him be. He is talented and deserves his award. People that keep at him are hateful and should look in the mirror if they are trying to correct anything.

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    Re: WowzaChild – agreed

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    He's got major anger issues, and it's just a matter of time before he snaps again in some BIG way. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to pay more attention to his actions and words. He is an angry person who can't curb his temper.

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    What a jackass i hear his name and turn off what ever it is i'm watching, dont like the man never will. Just another celeb with a bad attitude telling the people who put him there to Fxxx off.

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    Re: Nicco Street – I agree. It should be about the music. We add a morality clause to these awards, the list of eligible artists would be pretty short. He may be an ass, but he put out a good album. Also, there is such a double standard. What about MJ? Just because he got away with his crimes means we should pay tribute to him? His music was great, he was a monster.

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    he certainly is an unevolved person. Returning negative with negative is a sure sign he has no light in him.

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    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal – I agree, we shouldn't just "get over it" because the next time he may kill a woman and then is everyone going to say just "get over it" I don't think so, he needs to just "get over himself" ENOUGH SAID ABOUT THIS IDIOT!!

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    you go boy. fuck 'em.

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    so wait, all you people can shit on him all you want, call him any name you want but he cant say fuck off cuz i got a grammy? you all are a bunch of a fucking hypocrites.

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    Re: MizzyC – uh yeah, you are so right he is gonna kill a girl next time. Please.

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    I'm not a fan of his but if people are criticizing the fact that he won the Grammy then he has every right to respond.

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    Perez, I think you need to let it be. Chris Brown has already showed us what he can do when he's angry.I have "erased" him. All the tqalent in the world can't make up for a hateful bully. Someone must have really messed him up as a kid, but that is an explanation not an excuse. He is disgusting. I can't get past my disgust to appreciate him anymore.

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    Re: shutittwat – Are you so sure he won't????

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    Classless statement from a classless guy, he did what he did and people are not quick to forget about a man beating of a woman!!

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    ok i just read the police report, he may kill a girl next time but it has nothing to do with music and the grammys.

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    You should show all of the tweets. I find it a little pathetic that your "career" is based off of trashing someone elses reputation. Instead of bashing him, why don't you try to support him? HE OBVIOUSLY WON A DAMN GRAMMY FOR A REASON. You don't just get Grammy's handed to you. You have to work for your shit, just like Chris does. He deserved that Grammy regardless of his PERSONAL mistake. Everyone makes mistake. There are plenty of other artists who have made worse mistakes and are still looked up to as a God. Instead of trying to bring the hard working man down, be happy for the dude. IT'S CALLED A MISTAKE FOR A REASON. Do you see him going around and beating other women? NO. After all, there are three sides to every story; her side, his side, and the TRUTH that clearly no one knows entirely. LEAVE HIM ALONE. When you get a Grammy for sitting your ass down and bashing people on the internet, then you have bitching rights. Until then, hit up the treadmill homeboy.

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    that tweet just shows who he really is as a person. You can have all the talent inthe world, To me, it's who you are as a person,not the talent. If you aren't an upstanding person, it usually shines through the talent. He IS A P.O.S. Childish and acts like a little girl.

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    Past actions aside. He won a grammy but didn't even sing during his performance…..that's why it's stupid he won.

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    Chris probably took the twwet down because one of his agents ot publicists insisted! They are trying to help him continue to build a better reuptation for himself. That must be a full-time job. That boy needs to learn to keep his mouth shut and keep that crappy part of his personality under wraps!

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    Re: Nicco Street – Absolutely right, but a tweet like that is about as ungracious as it gets.

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    People need to stop buying his music plain and simple.

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    Yes, it was just a mistake. I mean how many times have you just been sitting in your car with your woman, stretching your arms out and you just, well, accidentally pop her in the nose with your fist? Or bust her lip open when you're just trying to help her get parsley out of her teeth. Or you know, just reaching over to put your arm around her, and then all of a sudden your hands are around her neck choking her. It was just a careless mistake, people. It happens all the time.

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    Its sad how one mistake can have people hate someone forever. He won a grammy for his album not for hitting a woman. I just think it so funny that some of you are hating him for Rhianna. Yet she has been spotted with him and rumors out there saying she is seeing him and might I add she always saying good things about him. So what is this really about? So many celebs out there do horrible things but Chris Brown gets it worst. Congrats Chris Brown for your Grammy hoping for many more.

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    Seriously Perez you give Chris Brown an awful time, get over it, he's amazing and has every right to respond to the people hating him. Don't see you giving the haters any grief for bad mouthing him? No, just him because he is sticking up for himself. He won so clearly the fans love him, so just cop on.

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    don't know why he even have fans….and yeah why did he win that grammy award there are other great singers who are more deserving, ratings!!! don't watch grammy anymore they have no taste for real music…. they lost it.

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    Good for him and tough shit to the losers. His attitude is no worse than yours for the years you have bullied people without any regret so fuck yourself.

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    Cro Magnon beefcake speaks his mind!

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    Why is everyone hating on Chris Brown when trailer trash Rhianna is still screwing him!

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    Well I was on his side UNTIL he made that tweet, now I see he really has not changed at all. I was concerned when he stormed off a news show when they mentioned the incident where he beat her up. The way he exploded made me wonder if he had really changed or was faking it, but then we did not hear anything else negative and he apologized so I thought maybe he was having a bad day? But now, after that tweet, it looks to me like he has not changed. I can understand why the judge refused to let him off probation early, I think he must sense Brown is faking too. What a shame to be so nice looking and have that kind of talent but to house so much anger and hate. He really is self-destructive isn't he?

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    Perez, you are supposed to be one of the biggest promoters of stopping hate and bullying to the point where you have changed the dynamic of your website. You have gone from drawing phallic symbols on pictures of people to promoting acceptance and being one of the biggest advocates of ending bullying. YET, you are still bullying yourself. You do realize that sarcasm is a form of bullying and any opinion in a negative manner is a form of bullying. You really want to be an advocate to stop bullying then keep your negative opinions to yourself and just report what you know. A true advocate of bullying doesn’t play both sides of the fence, they don’t veer from the path of positivity in order to ascertain extra traffic on their website, and they are always aware of their actions 24/7 because they know they are a major influence to many impressionable teenagers that admire and follow in his ways.

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    Re: frunobulax – I love your comment, it's brilliant. Well said.

  40. Bren says – reply to this


    Clearly Chris Brown has anger issues, it is not a "mistake" when a man beats up a woman. He should probably seek professional help to help him understand the underlying issues he has. He has talent that is evident with the award he won, but can you imagine how good he would be without all the hate, anger and vulgarity in his music and singing what R&B truly is? He is a young man with a lot of growing up to do.

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    I think O.J….I mean, Chris Brown….should not have to take any responsibilities at all for his actions or temper! I mean, geez…what's the worst that could happen, right??

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    Re: WowzaChild – how sad that you just don't get it.

  43. Alien says – reply to this


    Karma's a bitch Chris Brown. I have great faith that the universe will pay you back for beating Rihanna. There is always balance….so enjoy your Grammy while you can. You should have taken the oppurtunity during your acceptance spech to apologize to Rihanna in front of the world but no….

  44. 44

    He is so pathetic and he has not changed. What a joke he is.

  45. 45

    I seriously fucking hate this asshole, and to anyone who STILL supports him…you need some counseling.

  46. 46

    I don't get why it's a big deal what he said. I don't like his music and I think it's wrong what he did, but he just said "fuck off". If people were saying rude things to me I would probably tell them the same thing.

  47. 47

    of course he is going to snap! fellow musicians and other people in the industry are making it public their distaste in him. in my opinion, they should keep their opinions to themselves. obviously he did something wrong but them constantly bringing it up isn't going to help him. they should know how hard it is being a celebrity and having your whole entire private life exposed. he is trying to get passed it but people keep bringing it up and of course it is going to make him angry. the important thing is that rihanna forgave him and this issue was between him and her, not the rest of the world.

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    The ultimate is in fact a serious err in judgement in allowing him to be at the Grammy awards. There seems to be a misunderstanding as well in that Perez posted reactions from celebrities about Brown's appearance at the Grammy awards, not his own personal opinion. Get it straight.

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    Hey, Perez. Keep preaching about how people shouldn't bully gay kids but then bully a guy, 11 years younger than you, that made a mistake ONCE 3 years ago.
    He's talented. So…deal with it?

  50. 50

    Re: rosebud99 – DAMN U RIGHT I was thinking the same about Michael Jackson.. and raping kids is really TERRIBLE….But Perez and all the world kind of forget and forgive that.

  51. 51

    lol i wouldve done the same thing! i seriously dont even blame chris for doing that

  52. 52

    Re: Alien – HE ALREADY HAS BEEN TREATED LIKE SHIT AND HE STILL IS! Thats the whole reason why he tweeted that! People keep hating on him jus bcus he won a grammy. He won it bcus on his album! Not bcus of his past! And why would he even try to bring up the rihanna thing? thats just stupid. His speech is nice and simple and should stay at that! He already said sorry and God knows how many times to Rihanna & if i was rihanna i would be pissed if he even brought up that situation at the grammys! so you should leave him alone.

  53. 53

    domestic violence isn't really something to take lightly or something to 'just get over'. A mistake would be like cheating on a test or lying to your parents NOT beating senseless the person you are suppose to love. I agree we are often very quick to forgive the lapses in judgement of celebrities, but that still doesn't make their actions forgiveable and definitely not applaudable. I for one find it insulting as a women that Chris Brown is still a recognized musician, regardless of his talent his actions were, and in my opinion, still are despicable. Winning a Grammy doesn't make you entitled to anything especially not forgiveness. I can not believe how many celebrities are ok with his actions or at least act ok with them, really makes you think about the politics of Hollywood and the kind of people we choice to look up to.

  54. 54

    TEAM BREEEEEZY! Hater's gonna hate. People forget that Chris Brown is a human being and makes mistakes, ye he knew what he was doing at the time but has then completed a course and i'm sure he'll never ever do something like that again. Hop off his nuts already mfers

  55. 55

    Re: Bluey67 – Exactly! Your observations are the precise problem with Chris Brown! People can say "He did his time" etc etc, but w/out accepting personal responsiblity or remorse, the problem will never go away.

  56. 56

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  57. 57

    That is the utimate way to show you have not changed. Honestly what an A Hole the best thing you can do is ignore it and be happy let the haters hate because they are always going to hate, but obviously he's a insecure little boy who has yet to grow up.

  58. 58

    Re: Thetrue – Hey ummm he wasn't found guilty on those child molestation charges it's speculation that's entirely different Chris Brown was guilty of domestic abuse and their was proof…sheesh at least get your facts straight.

  59. 59

    Re: triple M – Oh I get it! I get that Chris and Rihanna gone physical 9 times (!!!) before the infamous incident, I get it she was slapping him in the car while he was driving right before the incident, and I get it they are still sleeping and probably still beat each other blue. Very twisted people! I had a bf who hit the wall next to me with his fist, I called the cops, got him arrested, and never talked to him again. Poor Riri, she's just sooooooo helpless. Still, what does it have to do with his Grammy??? YOU don't get it, so be sad.

  60. 60

    congrats chris, you BEAT all those people to get it… lol

  61. 61

    He wasnt lying. He IS a Grammy winner. Where he has 1 or a million, its HIS and thats an honor for him. He's worked hard for it. Y didnt you post the threats he was receiving?? Are you guys that HATEFUL that he won?? Perez YOU were doing SO good….shame on u!

  62. 62

    as much a ugly shit fuc that he is hes right and i would do the same like suck it i got a grammy screw u i would do it too lol

  63. 63

    im wondering what that chick that was sticking up for him is thinking right now

  64. 64

    he was and still is a dick. Further than being violent; He is arrogant, immature, and obnoxious. Talent or no, he doesn't deserve one of the most prestigious awards in the music business. Whatever though, I am over it. Both he and Rihanna have chosen to ignore the fact that they are both role models, whether they want to be or not. They can both continue with whatever they are doing, I mean the restraining order has been lifted so they might as well start partying together again, of wait.. thats already happening. I am just going to listen and follow real, pure artists. ie Adele, Beyonce, Gaga. Say what you want about them but try to conjure up one public incident that left them trying to scrape up their dignity from the pavement. Chris is just digging himself further and further into a hole and I love every minute of it.

  65. 65

    and so continues the chris brown legacy of being a complete ass hole

  66. 66

    I dont understand how people are willing to forgive a man that beat his girlfriend so brutally. This is unacceptable and he has proven time and time again that he has not learned from his anger management.

  67. 67

    Chris Brown is not a nice person! We all know that! He is the product of a terrible childhood, and he brings the violence and hate every where he go's! really sad!

  68. 68

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