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Did Lil' Wayne Get Engaged??

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Weezy Engaged

All signs would point to yes, but no, no he didn't.

You'll understand in a second! Ha!

So Weezy was at a restaurant with his girlfriend… and he told the staff to hide this HUGE ring in her sundae!

She finds it (luckily!) and he immediately stands up and yells to the WHOLE restaurant: "She said yes!!"

And then he tweeted, again: "She said yes!!"

What other than an engagement is there to believe?? Well….

He later clarified:

"I meant 'she said yes' to being my valentine!!! Hahahahahahaha! Y'all krazy!"

Well what do you expect???????


Maybe soon, Weezy?? Give us a heads up!

[Image via WENN.]

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9 comments to “Did Lil' Wayne Get Engaged??”

  1. 1

    Too bad. Maybe if he got married his wife would tell him to pull up his pants.

  2. 2

    i hope he doesnt have kids. hopefully they sterilized this monkey in prison. the last thing the world need is this chimo breeding

  3. 3

    if any woman agreed to marry him, she would have proven herself to be a gold digging media whore. I say this because NO SANE loving human would ever marry this joke of a human being. She would have to be in it for the MONEY the attention

  4. 4

    Re: MarioMonjackRe: MarioMonjack – He already has multiple kids with multiple women. Four, I believe.

  5. 5

    someone wanted attention in the restaurant lol

  6. 6

    No, but his nose is engaged to crack.

  7. 7

    Engaged or not I see him having more kids. Say what you want to say but these gold diggers keep humping him for a child support check. Do you expect him to say no to sex? I don't think so!

  8. 8

    And he is rich and famous for what reason ? Oh my goodness, who are the idiots who supported him to make him the least bit relavent in life.

  9. 9

    he's gay, thats why he didnt propose to his fake girlfriend