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Obama's Approval Rating Is Tops!

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Obama Back 50 PErcent Rating

Obama is up in the polls again!

In a new approval rating poll, President Obama is back to 50% and climbing! This is the first time in more than 8 months that this has happened!

Here's what the polling director had to say about how people are viewing the "climate" of things:

"Does that mean it's morning in America? It is for Democrats - a solid majority of them now say things are going well in the country. But overall, six in ten still have a gloomy outlook about the state of the country. Optimism is on the rise among independent voters, with a notable increase among men as well, although a majority of both groups still think things are going poorly."

This does seem to be helping the President's rating, as he's up 3 points from last month — and 6 from November!

The CNN poll reflects results from February 10-13, with 1,026 adult Americans questioned by telephone. The survey's overall sampling error is plus or minus three percentage points, as usual.

What about U, do U approve??

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27 comments to “Obama's Approval Rating Is Tops!”

  1. 1

    I'm happy with it. It isn't perfect..but the economy is slowly moving up. Jobs are still a HUGE issue, but things are AS BAD. So I am happy, and will vote for him because I don't want a friggen nut job.

  2. 2

    Whatever. He's still going to lose in November unless all the pinky queers unite to vote him back into office.

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Re: beautifulbrunette – Poor, poor moron. You should move to another country.

  5. 5

    if romney or santorum or newt is the gop nominee, I wont vote at all.

  6. 6

    After going through how many trillions of dollars of debt, after going through how many stimulus bills, after lying to the American people about shovel-ready jobs, creating make-work jobs, building roads and bridges and schools, telling the Catholics they can't be Catholic anymore, Barack Obama's spokesman now says, "His poll numbers are up to 50%."
    Hey there, Jugears, why don't you just make your approval numbers 90%.
    This week's news is so much better than last month's news.
    We love you man. 4 more years!
    Do they think we're numbskulls?

  7. 7

    Wow People Still Votein :( Americans needs to wake up your country is bein destroyed & there to bankrupt america they shouldnt be in america there criminals unless you get rid of them never will america have ah real president only a puppet that takes orders from his masters votein is just a game to them they know who will b president iv a feelin it could be obama again !!!

  8. 8

    Re: HAWTSTUFF – I'm with you. If Ron Paul is the GOP nominee, he has my vote. I was duped by Obama, and why waste time voting when style is their biggest difference?

  9. 9

    you go barry. love the desperate repubs who think one of the three tools the've got to choose from can win.

  10. 10

    You think is someone had ears that big, that could hear what we are saying
    When he came into office, gas was $1.80 a gal, today it's at $3.75 , he has stopped drilling, and stopped the pipeline that would create thousands of jobs, but his buddy Warren Buffet will do very nicely with no pipeline, because he owns the railroad that will now carry the oil at four times the cost
    To say nothing of 2013, when some of the health care kicks in, example, an added 3.05% tax on home sales, etc

  11. 11

    How can we feel confident with the current system when the Treasury Department estimates the federal government’s net worth is a negative $61 trillion? Not to mention the endless war in which we our killing ourselves fighting.

    The only candidate to address these issues with real solutions is Ron Paul.

    "Go back to bed, America. Your government has figured out how it all transpired. Go back to bed, America. Your government is in control again. Here. Here's American Gladiators. Watch this, shut up. Go back to bed, America. Here is American Gladiators. Here is 56 channels of it! Watch these pituitary retards bang their fucking skulls together and congratulate you on living in the land of freedom. Here you go, America! You are free to do as we tell you! You are free to do what we tell you!" -Bill Hicks

  12. 12

    Probably because the GOP are not that interesting. Hopefully something will excite me. Economy still suck and jobs a issue.

  13. 13

    Fuck Haters I'm voting Obama 2012!! Sorry republicans you're going to have to deal with him another 4 years and you know it. Hey "BeautifulBrunette"… FUCK YOU! :)

  14. 14

    CNN Poll, nuff said. Too bad they predict the unemployment rate will be back to 9.2 percent and gas prices this summer will skyrocket! Just in time for the election! Obama is blowing his wad wayyyyy to early!

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    If random polls are anything like the GOP vote tallys, I wouldn't believe them either.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: StMarie – As long as you keep forking over taxes for them to spend.

  17. 17

    Re: RachelSarahNYC – The first comment shows you need to stand up to let your brain get some air. You are proof that some twats from NY need to be fixed

  18. 18

    He needs to shut down all the oil companies and direct more government money to his friends in the solar/wind industry. He should rapidly nationalize all real estate and move people with no or limited incomes into all the vacant houses. He needs to provide free health care to everyone; and confiscate all personal wealth from anyone that produces a product or service. All the confiscated funds should be redistributed to the jobless and poor. We just need more fairness in the US.

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Matrix – How about that global tax he's calling for? I didn't know the U.S. elections gave him privy to the rest of the world's countries.

  20. 20

    This guy has one-term written all over him. History books will show he took his 4 years and fucking wasted them. Thanks for the real 20% unemployment rate in big cities, Barry. Businesspeople who hafta pay their employees healthcare will love to see the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

  21. 21

    I wasn't expecting miracles from Obama but let us not forget he spent trillions of dollars. I wasn't too thrilled to see him bailout banks. The only reason his numbers are better is because Michigan dislikes Mitt for his comments in the past. The GOP is a mess and has idiots running for president. I don't like either side.

  22. 22

    I'm still waiting for that day the US decides to overhaul its government system. Shortly after, hopefully Canada follows suite.

    The current government system doesn't get crap done in either country, I swear.

  23. 23

    he has my Vote for sure.

  24. 24

    There should be an IQ test requirement for anyone to vote. People have no idea what is coming if he gets re-elected. They have no idea that all of this started with Clinton. From the poorest communities in the country to the Hamptons, I hear everyday how people are so upset they voted for him. I'm independent so I look on the GOP side and get sick to my stomach all over again. People in this country need to educate themselves or they can't complain when they living in squalors asking the gov for food. Oh…wait…1/4 our country already does that. Sad. Long live Obama the Job Killer!

  25. 25

    Re: RachelSarahNYC – hello i bet u r livin on dads dime..

  26. 26

    I thought nobody on Earth could do a bad enough job to this country than Jimmy Carter, I was wrong!! I will be voting for anybody but this guy, no matter who it is………….

  27. 27

    Would never vote for him. Never. Government dependency is SOARING to almost 25%. You just can't have that many people RELYING on the government. Because guess what that means. They're relying on taxpayers who do not have the money to support the longevity of his bottomless-pit-budget plans. Social Security needs to be cut or drastically reformed. It was created to be temporary, and it's been economically proved to not function. So everyone is just pooling their money into a bottomless pit and you'll never see a dime of it again. Congratulations. President Obama's need to serve "happiness" on a dish of taxpayer money is infringing on others' personal happiness/sovereignty. A taxpayer voting for Obama is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.