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70 comments to “Chris Brown Continues To Remind The World Why We Should Never Forget What He Did To Rihanna”

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    Perez you are so messed up for that .. didnt you tweet him earlier saying not to reply to negativity and stuff? And look at what you're doing.. he's fed up with all this negativity coming towards him so why are you on his jock for that?

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    To be an unforgiving person is a horrible character flaw. You should work on that, Prez. He deserves forgiveness, just as God forgives us over and over again for our transgressions. That doesn't mean you have to trust him or want to be around him, though.

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    He continues to prove his douchery. Get it through your head Chris, as long as you continue to act like you invincible even when you beat on women, that is as long as you're going to be hated. Continuous vile behaviour and words just prove the haters are right.

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    worst DOUCHE ever. fuck him.

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    They were seen canoodling at her birthday party. If she's dumb enough to take him back then I won't feel sorry for her if he beats her again. They are the perfect couple! He likes to beat his women, and she obviously doesn't mind getting beaten. Most women stay in abusive relationships because they can't afford to move out on their own. What's Rihanna's excuse? Just plain old stupidity.

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    Perez, maybe instead of attacking this idiot, you should focus your attention on the misogynistic culture that hip hop promotes. Instead, you praise music that refers to women as bitches and hoes, and portrays them in a purely sexual nature. This music encourages violence against women. Do some research, look at the prevalence of violence in teenage relationships (like Chris and Rihanna). If you are going to chastise Chris Brown for hitting Rihanna, then you should also make a stand against an industry that promotes misogyny.

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    Unfortunately America won't be happy until Chris goes on some talk show and cries about what he did to Rihanna. The United States has some sick fascination with needing to see people be remorseful and accountable to them, even though what happened is between him and Rihanna. Sadly, the black rap culture Brown emulates won't let him cry because if he did, they'd call him a whimp. So Brown is between a rock and a hard place, apologize to America through tears to get their acceptance, and get his homies rejection; the people who've stood by him throughout the ordeal. Fame is empty without friends. I don't blame him for not allowing himself to be further humiliated. And Perez, you've had your say. We all know how you feel. Time for you to stay out of it.

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    Why is everyone still hating on Chris Brown when Bobby Brown used to beat up Whitney, and no one is mentioning that now? Its a double standard.

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    Perez Hilton, judge, jury and executioner of the rich and famous.

    By the way Mario, the same goes for you. You may have claimed that you've turned over a new leaf but some of us will never forget what a bully you've been to defenseless people via your blog here and the fact that you posted crotch shots of under aged children for website hits.

    It goes both ways Mario, it goes both ways.

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    would it not have been so bad if she wasn't beautiful and talented? lolz. should read "he beat a woman" period.

    btw rihanna isn't talented, and she was foolin around with this tool again after the fact, fuck her. normally i dont like to add to the brutal negativity in these comments, but this shit is just pathetic and needs to go away.

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    Sheri Shepard calls him a role model

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    i see nothing wrong with his tweet. hes just stating a pretty solid fact - with no cussing or anything. whats the big deal?

  15. dilla says – reply to this


    Why is everyone still hating on Chris Brown? He made a mistake, he did his time, and now he is trying to make music again. Let the man live. When Michael Jackson put his own kid in danger people forgave him quickly and stopped talking about it. I do not agree with what Chris did, but he is a talented artist and so I will support him in his music. Let it go people.

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    "Not going anywhere" is right because there are too many retards out there who allow this POS to have a career. Guess what, you can "forgive" him all you want that's beside the point; where he should have gone was jail. You know, assault? Breaking the law? Trial. Doesn't matter if Rihanna wanted to prosecute or not, there's a reason why wife/girlfriend beaters can be prosecuted with out the consent of the abused person. I can't believe this fucker still has a career, but then shouldn't surprise me too much considering the stupidity of people that listen to this fucking trash.

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    Im sorry Maria, but your holier than thou preaching sounds so shallow. People do need to stop talking about it because its well known, no one forgot what he did, no one forgives what he did, but people do need to move on.

    Girls need to watch out, of course but it really has nothing to do with music.

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    Re: Genghis Khan – his point is to forgive but NOT forget. and what perez is trying to say is that some ppl will just not care about this anymore and stop talking about it but some media outlets won't ever let that become forgotten. ppl will always bring it up. which they should. and chris brown should be okay with it.. if he is actually an abuser who turned his life around he should be PROUD and he shoudo be advocating AGAINST domestic violence instead of turning this important issue all on him being a "victim of the media".

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    I am in general agreement. However, I take issue with the "beautiful and talented" portion of your statement. If a person is average or homely, is it any less of a crime to abuse them? Are they somehow less valuable or somehow deserving, therefore their pain less meaningful?

    Abuse is not okay, and we shouldn't reward those who perpetrate the such crimes. Forgiveness is healing; forgetfulness regrettable. Chris Brown would be well served to zip his lip and not scoff in the face of the public and survivors everywhere.

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    I'm getting so tired of this. America needs to get a life. Get. a. life. She is OVER IT. She FORGAVE HIM. Why are you so hung up on him when she doesn't even care anymore!? Why!? Get a life. So what? He's young, he's immature, he lashes out. Maybe he wouldn't lash out if you would grow up yourself and mind your own business. Stop being a BULLY. Get a hobby. Seriously. It's like no one wants him to even breathe anymore. Focus your time on more important situations. And Perez, stop acting like you are this all knowing higher being. You're very ignorant and stubborn. It's your way or the high way and it makes you look bad. Really bad. The only reason anyone likes you anyway is because supporting gay is money. Supporting you is coverage. Clue in.

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    Re: tuesdaybeautiful – no one is giving condolences to bobby brown.. if u haven't noticed. no one gives a shit about him, he's ostracized from the media.. I'm sure thats enough. the media destroyed him when he did it and then he was out of her life and was still considered a degenerate. he still is. i just don't think there is a reason to bring up booby browns abuse to whitney in the media, but with chris brown, its recent, he just performed and HE IS ackonlweding what happened by playing a god damn victim and this is why ppl r getting so angry. HES not being mature about this AT ALL. if he's changed, that means he had to get to a place where he understood the importance of his behaviour- an epiphany if you will. and by him being a total prick and even victimizing himself shows that he hasn't changed and doesn't realize the importance of the REALITY OF THE ISSUE. he's playing it off.

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    Chris Brown is an A hole. He is also a talented boy. Rihanna who got her face handed to her by him forgave him and may even be doing a song together. If she likes it then I love it. I was the victim of domestic abuse and I agree that violence should NEVER be the answer, but let me tell you sometimes talking and no one but Perez Hilton listening offers you no other alternative. Diplomacy does not always work and yes violence is sometimes the only answer. NOT IN RI RI's case though she is/was not married. I am just saying if she forgave then let the boy sang.LOL

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    Miranda Lambert deserved to be told to f off. She spent a good portion of her night sending out countless tweets over her distaste for Chris Brown. Which to me came off as jealousy because he wasn't the only person she hated on. What it looks like is that forgiving but *not forgetting* means to harass people for moving on with their lives and having joy in anything. I mean, should we make it a point to comment on how Miranda Lambert is a home wrecker every time she does something? I just don't understand why he deserves to hear every time he accomplishes something, "Oh, but you beat Rihanna…"

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    chris brown is a man of many colors and i do not think that any of us will really know what those colors look like. i dont thnk he did physically attack rhianna but if he did, there must be a reason behind it. even if she didnt do anything maybe he just has a really bad anger problem. you wouldnt even care if he had hit his then-girlfriend if he and rhianna werent famous. but the fact that they both are brings up alot and make everyone hate him for something nobody would look at twice if it was just 2 normal couples. come on now people nobody wants to be hated like brown so famously is. ever heard forgive and forget? have a heart!!!!

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    Re: Genghis Khan – finally YOU understand now if only everyone else would,

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    Re: dilla – thank u for understanding what no one else seems too. jesus fucking christ.

  27. @v@ says – reply to this


    DEAR CHRIS - It's not a concrete thing you're facing, but a nebulous thing, like air, so addressing it is wheel spinning. Put the head down and do your thing and fogettaboudit,
    permanently. It won't go away until YOU put it away, savvy? It's in your head.

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    cbrown needs to get himself in check. what a loser. start a petition perez, get this guy outta here

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    Perez: good christian values: NEVER forgive. ALWAYS condemn. Way to go.

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    Re: canuckistani – INTERESTINg point of view.

  31. KBell says – reply to this


    It seems NFL fans and most Americans forgave Michael Vick for MURDERING dogs and running a very illegal and VIOLENT dog fighting ring, yet he is still allowed to play football, and he gets praised constantly for his athletic talent. Yet we can't forgive Chris Brown? Please. He did it, it's over, let's all move on.

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    But you expect everyone to forget how big a douchebag bully you were to everyone until your miraculous about face. You think verbal abuse is not equal to physical abuse. Maybe he can blame his alter ego and spin it the way you did. You want everyone to never forget his past but you expect everyone to forget yours. Fuck yourself.

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    Chris Brown might still be around but we have a right to forget he still exists!

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    People defending Chris Brown: the problem is not only what he's done- which should never, ever be dismissed or mitigated- but his continuing attitude. When all those girls were posting that they would let them punch him in the face, his response? 'i got a grammy, so suck on that.' He COULD have taken the opportunity to reinforce that what he did was wrong and suggest that no women should wish that upon themselves. He COULD have said that he is grateful for the opportunity to be welcomed back to the fold and he has learned But no. Instead, he continues to act like a crybaby and a douchebag with absolutely no remorse. And as for the comment that he has done his time? He still has two years on probation.

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    I can't believe the nerve of this guy. No one likes a woman beater, especially an unapologetic one. Where was Ike Turner a few years after beating Tina? Nowhere! That is where this scum will be. Unfortunately, there a number of people that like bad music and have short memories.

  36. 36

    You're such a hypocritical douchequeen. People should NEVER forget how you made your millions by insulting every possible human being you ran across, stealing at every pass. Everyone should remember that and once and for all leave this shitty site. There's another nickel for ya. Buy your prostit—boyfriend some Chicklets, ya scumbag.

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    Re: tuesdaybeautiful – Because sites like this one, that POLARIZE the crap out of everything, make their millions off of people like Chris Brown. If it wasn't for the Chris Browns of the world, this asshole would be waiting tables at an IHOP.

  38. 38

    A MAN SHOULD NEVER HIT A WOMAN. But i understand his frustration. The world glorifies men like Charlie Sheen and rock stars for everything they do…Charlie Sheen's face is on tee-shirts that teens are wearing everyday like its okay. But he is still getting heat for someone that he isnt anymore? People are capable of change. If rihanna can move past it, and it happened to her…everyone else should be able to look past it. Judge him on his music, dont judge him on a terrible mistake he made year ago and has done everything he can to try and repear it. I think he is the best dancer to grace the stage since michael jackson, and im glad we still have an artist to carry his legacy.

  39. 39

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is an opinion.

  40. 40

    It disgusts me that this man is allowed to work in a career where he has a platform to the public after what he did. The mere fact that he is still allowed to produce his music is tantamount to people saying it's ok to beat the living hell out of your partner. I have a friend who likes his music and whenever I brought up the fact that he practically beat Rihanna to death she was like 'meh it doesn't matter, I like his music'. Sickens me. Anyone who buys anything this 'man' is selling disgusts me to my core.

  41. 7897 says – reply to this


    I am not a huge Chris Brown fan, I like one of his songs. It was three years ago, let it go.He did something very wrong, he was arrested and has done what he was supposed to do. How much more should he have to pay? Perez, three years ago you were sayin and posting horrible things about people and you wanted forgiveness, didn't you??? So, forgive and forget. Why are you deserving of forgiveness for your BULLYING(beating people up with words) but Chris Brown isn't ?!?!?!?!?

  42. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: xdominogirlx – That's where he's still off course. It isn't about a hunk of metal grammy.
    It's about what kind of a person you are, day in and day out.
    He still really doesn't get it. He's still pretty young.

  43. 43

    Chris Brown is so annoying. People would have been more recpetive to him if he didn't act like such a spoilt child.

  44. 44

    I see the herpes has spread to his hand…

  45. Seto says – reply to this


    He's so gross…

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    F**cking son of a bitch prick, I hope he dies.

  48. 48

    Saying that "just because Rihanna forgave him doesnt mean the rest of the world has" is just stupid. She is the one that needed to forgive him. I'm pretty sure he gets the fact that what he did was wrong. People make mistakes and he's not asking for a pass he's just looking for a second chance and if people continue to bring his one mistake up then it doesnt make you or anyone else better than him. He's just trying to live his life and move on with his career. Get off his back and live your own life instead of belittling his for something he seems to have learned from.

  49. 49

    Chris Brown…nobody is hating on you. I don't but you're bad attitude is really getting on my nerves! If people or the media hate you is because YOU decided to beat the shit out of a woman and it's hard for them to forget about it when you continue to talk shit out of your ass. Get over yourself and humble a bit.

  50. dilla says – reply to this


    Those of you that say he needs to talk about what he did and apologize for it, need to go back and see that he has already done that. Should he really need to explain it every time someone decides to bring it up. It happened, Rihanna forgave him, you don't have to, but he is human and deserves to be treated as such. If you don't like his music, then don't listen to it. Don't bash him because he made a bad decision and did something that he even knows was wrong. If people stop bringing it up every time he achieves something, then maybe he wouldn't react the way he does. You say he's immature and needs to grow up, but you won't let him.

  51. n3lky says – reply to this


    Omg , leave chris alone !! IF RIHANNA FORGAVE HIM WHO'S THE PERSON HE HURT .. WHY CANT YA FORGIVE HIM TOO!!! Thats right the MEDIA needs to get use to him BREEZY AINT GOING NO WHERE .. and im glad !! TEAM BREEZY AND RIHANNA

  52. 52

    As a woman who has been abused and whose abuser said I'm sorry while continuing to act in ways contrary to that statement I think I'm personally a decent authority on this subject. Should someone be given a second chance… yes IF their behavior warrants it. Chris's behavior does not. He continues to act out in angry and violent ways, trashing his dressing room when the Today show brought up this subject is just one example. His angry tweeted rants are yet more examples. Does he have a right to be annoyed, we'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say sure just for the sake of pointing out that it is his REACTION to being annoyed that causes ME personally to think that he has not learned one thing and still has the potential to do this same thing to another human being be it female or male. It's his CONTINUED angry responses to situations that disturb me and make me unable to forget his past. I think until such time as he truly changes the angry responses to situations there will be many many people who are disturbed when he is given the opportunities such as performing at the Grammy's and winning awards for his music. I don't think his behavior SINCE this incident warrant those or any accolades.

  53. 53

    he cant take it back but people can get over it for gods sake ,,,shes dum as dog shit and hes a ugly douche but he has a point

  54. 54

    Jesus Christ… Can we all please shut the fuck up about this guy and move on wit our lives? Rihanna clearly doesn't give a flying fuck about it anymore and she was the victim. So sick of hearing his name

  55. 55

    People need to move on or just ignore all the talk about Chris Brown. He is talented and it is a shame that he did what he did. But he was forgiven. End of story. If you don't like him, don't listen to his music. Rhianna released a song about getting tied up and beaten for sexual pleasure. Hmm, a bit hypocritical. Violence is never the answer. Abuse is awful. But people need to move on because the only reason why they still talk about it is because they want to know more details as to what happened that night. This is why we shouldn't hold celebrities in such an influential manner.

  56. 56

    He's such a child. Maybe if he showed any kind of remorse, I might believe that he's trying to change. That might change my opinion of him. But as it stands, I think he's an enormous douche bag and I despise him.

  57. 57

    Why does it matter that she is beautiful and talented? Women. Period.

  58. 58

    Leave him alone you stupid prick. He's done his time. What a horrible post.

  59. 59

    I am amazed at the time and energy spend on this subject. This blog is getting pretty close to stalker/bullying/creepy.

  60. 60

    he might of said this before the public reports came out showing what he done??

  61. 61

    Re: @v@ – Right. You think people who commit suicide - some because of experiencing abuse like Brown is guilty of - are cowards and show no empathy nor sympathy towards them. But, you sympathise and empathise with an antisocial abuser, and laugh at his jokes about abuse. There are a lot of reasons as to why that would be, and none of them are good. Sickening and disturbing.

  62. 62

    I have never read a post on this site and thought it was good. Literally never. But, this is truly a very good post, and I shockingly agree on almost every point. It's actually so good, that I'm going to save it. Well said, Mario/Team Perez. Bravo!

  63. 63

    He is such a little bitch, its pathetic. Hes trying so hard, but hes a woman beater and always will be, thats his new identity.

  64. 64

    This is sad chris just wants to forget what happened…wouldnt you? would you want that sitting on your mind all the time PLUS having thousands of fans call you a douche, ahole e.t.c it sucks and if rihanna wants too go back to him so be it its her decision but get off of his back

  65. 65

    my god get over it…. move on people, he knows what he did was wrong… but there is npo reason to twist everything this guy says… geez there are way more important things to worry about then what chris brown does.

  66. 66

    Re: dilla – Kill yourself please and release humanity from the burden of your stupidity.
    You cannot label any vile act as a 'mistake' just because you like his 'work'. He is not talented by any standard and he didn't do any time either, he should have gone to jail for what he did.
    Re: Genghis Khan – To be woman-beater is worse, now shut up and shove all that God-dribble up your ass.

  67. 67

    No scandal lasts this long! No matter how fucking bad it is! Get a fucking life. The only ones who keep bringing this old ass, played out, pushing daises scandal is you, your minions and other stupid ass people and media outlets. The J-Hud tragedy wasn't a scandal, but no one talks about it anymore. How many posts do I see about her brother in law? None. Ozzy almost killed his wife. How many posts? None. I can go on and on.

  68. 68

    Re: pradagirl7

    People get beat every fucking day!

  69. 69

    Sweet Perez! You open so many eyes, I hope this helps your argument.
    Another way to look at this atrocious situation is the character of "Minnie" in "the Help".. It's a movie that illuminates an archaic past in our country… Well Minnie is the victim of spousal abuse. One of the cool things about her is that she overcomes that, as well, as that bitch Hilly.
    People are upset about Rhianna bc we feel protective of those we admire. She is a very hard working, young lady who has achieved so much.
    And she was bullied. We as a country are tired of this bullying crap. We are starting to stand up for ourselves.
    Chris brown is just a big bully.
    Please continue to fight for those who need the courage to stand up for themselves. Especially girls like Rhianna who receive less than I would expect.
    And I hope those who think CB should be forgiven with no consequences know he'll never change if he isn't held accountable. just like a child who rubs his poo all over the wall.

  70. dilla says – reply to this


    Re: ParalyZzzZzer – It's people like you that are wrong with this world. You don't agree with what someone says so you tell them to kill themselves? Truly good advice there. And you can say he's not talented, but don't think that I am ok with what he did because I like his work. I don't agree with what he did, but he has paid his price. Rihanna has forgiven him and she was the victim. You don't have to forgive or even like him, but don't be a tool and tell someone to kill themself because you don't like what they said.