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7 comments to “Simon Cowell Suggests An Idol, Voice And X Factor Sing-Off!”

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    Idol was boring from out the gate. X Factor has a bit more appeal, and the Voice doesn't need to resort to embarrassing people on national tv to get viewers. I say they should give it a go. Maybe Idol will disappear once and for all.

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    I think people would vote for the show and not the singer. It's not fair to put the singers through that in my opinion. They should be judged on talent, not a ratings war.

  4. 4

    The singers from The Voice would clean up…FAR better than the other 2 shows.

  5. 5

    AGT is the best of the whole sad bunch. take the howies off the panel and it would only get better. AGT has fun,the rest are waaay tooo pretentious.

  6. 6

    this would only be a relevant showdown if any of these idol shows were about actually finding pure talent…and not about finding someone who could be commercially successful.

    on that note. Go for it. Would bring in great ratings and more money for the corporations that back these shows. Which is what it's all about anyway. Would be like Eurovision…but not.

  7. 7

    Nigel should watch what he says, the winner of IDOL has not always gone on to be a star. IN fact rather often its the runner ups that end up shinning brightly and out shinning the winner!! I have never watched the audition episodes of IDOL because I don't think showing people who can't sing is entertaining. And I love the VOICE for making it about the persons singing ability not how they look. I think if this happened the winner by a long shot would be the winner from the VOICE.