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Bobby Brown Won't Be Bringing Lawyers Into Daughter Dispute

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Bobby No Lawyers

The battle between Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston's family is far from over, but the exiled Dad won't be turning to lawyers to reach his goal.

And we're glad, because that's the last thing that Bobbi Kristina needs.

Sources are saying that he DOES want to be there for her, but doesn't want to make things worse in an already tough situation.

We're also hearing that Bobby wasn't happy with how he was treated at Whitney's funeral yesterday — and feels her family should be as considerate to him as his family was to Whitney when Bobby's mother passed away last year.

That's understandable.

We just don't know if Bobbi Kristina needs that kind of influence right now, as we're also hearing that she might be battling her own substance demons right now.

What do U think, should he be allowed to be around her??

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28 comments to “Bobby Brown Won't Be Bringing Lawyers Into Daughter Dispute”

  1. 1

    He is you know… her father. Though you of all people should be saying crap like this.

  2. 2

    Bobby kristin is back at it again. She was found using drugs!


  3. 3

    Breaking news Bobbi Kristina Was FOUND USING DRUGS After Whitney Houston's Funeral! [SOURCES CONFIRMED]!

    see more at gossipwelove.com

  4. 4

    yes, i think he should be allowed to see his child, to be there for her after her mom (his ex wife) died. if thats what Bobbi Kristins wants. it should only be bobbi kristina's decision NOT to see him, family shouldnt be blocking him, she is 18.

  5. 5

    Even though she might not have an adult mentality, she is 18 years old, so it really doesn't matter if he got lawyers involved or not.

  6. 6

    at the end of the day he is her father and whitneys family cant stand in the way of that

  7. 7

    She is not a child. I think she should be able to make the decision on her own.

  8. 8

    Re: Lady_Love – Who's to say she isn't? For all we know, Bobbi K. doesn't want to see her dad.

  9. 9

    It should NOT be up to Whitney's family if Bobbi can see her dad. She's 18, it should be up to her.

  10. 10

    he's her dad, whatever he did cant change that, it should be HERS and HERS ALONE to decide that

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    He's her father, and closest living relative. What do you mean,'should he be allowed to be around her?' He has more right to be around her than anyone else on the planet.

  12. 12

    That is her father. She is not a minor. If she wants to see her father, she should be able to. At the end of the day, he didn't make his ex wife use drugs. She did what she wanted to do and so did he. What people don't know is that she did drugs way before she met him. If you were from East Orange, you heard it all. Unfortunately, they were not good for one another. Drug kills. Now her daughter needs her father.

  13. 13

    It's really mean of them to try and stop him of seeing her, it's bad enough that she lost her mother now they don't want her to have a father either.
    Yes he is a drug user and not the best influence but he is her dad and she loves him and doesn't see it in a different way, they should leave the poor girl alone :-(

  14. 14

    Bobby Kristina is 18 years old now and of legal age to decide for herself if she wants her father involved in her life at this point. The ball is in her court now.

  15. 15

    Bobbi Kristina doesn't need his influence on her at the traumatic time in her life. She needs to surround herself with people who will keep her safe and away from the drugs. He may be her father but he is a loser!

  16. 16

    If she's battling her wn chemical issue, then keep her away for the enabling entourage, familt et. al . that knew her mom was using again and didn't try to intervene. He's her father, Like it or not, and the sad thing is that he's looking like he's got his shit together.That was the wrong way to treat him at a funeral, no matter how you feel about him. The hipocracy of a family claiming to know Christ then acting so unGodly is yet another reason that people hate Christians.

  17. 17

    People how soon you forget. Whitney has some of her own family memeber namely Aunts that have had there own substance & mental health issues.. It is said that Bobby is clean these. I think both familes are messed up but need to pull together to save a family member. Put there issues aside. Young BOBBI isgetting pulled from all directions right now & needs to be stablized & soon or were all waking up one morning & we have lost another one.. Bobby did not create Whitenys drug problem. Whitney family memebers have stated that since her death. She was into them long before BOBBY. DId they contribute to each others habit yes they did . Lets leave it at that & hope this family on all sides acn pull young BOBBI out of her hole.. There are otehr siblings here stepp siblings depending on hwo close need to be watched too because of the treatment received.. Lets show some compassion & relaize all sides have faults

  18. 18

    Bobby Brown is the worst thing that ever happened to Whitney Huston, he should stay away.

  19. 19

    Bobbi Kristina is 18 years old… it is her choice who she is around. If she has substance abuse problems, she can thank her upbringing.

  20. 20

    We're all assuming that Bobbi K. wants to see her dad, she may not. My mom has run interference with my dad's family since I've been an adult, it's less stressful for me at times I can't deal with them.
    But if he's not totally clean and sober I can understand why the family would be cautious now.

  21. 21

    No. He shouldn't have been around Whitney, let alone their own daughter. He is the one who got Whitney into drugs, so yeah, if I were in the Houston family, I would share the same resentment towards him.

  22. 22

    I am just so saddened from all of this….

  23. 23

    He went to the funeral and made it about him. He continues to make it about him. His daughter can see him if she wants. She's 18. He would have been sitting with her if she wanted him to.

  24. 24

    Bobby Brown should definitely be apart of his daughter's life. He is the only parent that she has now. She needs his support now more than ever. Who's gonna take care of her better than he is. After all, they have more in common then anyone because he is her father.

  25. 25

    Whitney wasn't naive when she met Bobby Brown. Drugs were not introduced to her by Bobby Brown. There was a mutual attraction to drugs which gave them that need/desire/bond to be together in the first place. They loved getting high together. If Bobbi Kristina wants her father in her life. He should be. We need to stop making excuses for drug addicts. People have to take responsibility for their own actions. We are such a self-centered/ indulgent/spoiled society. People who drink too much/use drugs must lack self esteem. It's not like they don't realize the danger associated with addiction. I should feel sorry for these people throwing away their money on drugs when they could be doing something to help others less fortunate than them? Feeling sorry for themselves when people around them are dying/starving/homeless. I wish the press would stop sympathizing with addicts. That's exactly what they want/seek, the attention. Lindsey Lohan/her mother and father have made a career out of her addictions. They wouldn't even be news worthy if it weren't for Lindsey's addictions.

  26. Gadea says – reply to this


    If Mr. Bobby Brown, truly loves his daughter, he would want the best for her.
    So, in that case, he should stay far away her.
    Hasn't he ruined enough lives?

  27. 27

    Wish we all could leave the family alone. Including Bobby.

  28. 28

    Just a Question: Who says that Bobbi Kristina was not the one that did not want anything to do with her dad?
    Right or wrong, she is still only 18 and has seen alot in a young life. Bobby Brown should have access to his daughter, but he can not FORCE himself on her. If she wanted to deal with him, she would have. She would have stopped security to let them know that she wished to speak with him. We do not know the entire story. We can not blame anyone because WE were not there to witness what happened. I keep seeing comments stating that Bobby should not be kept from his daughter….and though I agree, I must admit that Bobbi Kristina is not a child. She is legally an adult and can make HER own decisions. No one is controlling her from either side. Things like this happens when the one that held the family together is now deceased. It is a sad situation and I pray that they will soon "figure it out" and live in peace if they so choose. But, it is still THEIR choice.

    And for those who say that he should have been able to speak to her, even without her OWN permission……that would have led to a bigger rift between daughter and father, because she would be upset that he would not respect HER wishes.
    And for those who keep saying that she is 17…..she was born in March of 1993….which would mean that she is turning 19 in a few weeks.
    It's hard and I pray the family (both families, that actually cared for her) can get through this.