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Guests Demanding Refunds From Hotel The Day Whitney Died Are Refused

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Whitney Hotel No Refunds

We can't even understand what it would have been like to have been staying at the Beverly Hilton Hotel the day Whitney died.

Not only would it be a huge shock, but we're sure the amount of traffic and camera crews, and people running around the hotel would be unbearable!

But we're hearing that that doesn't matter to the hotel — they're refusing refunds!

Apparently, the entire floor was on lockdown over the weekend, making their lives miserable. We can understand that.

Here's what the hotel said:

"Given the extraordinary nature of the events of last Saturday evening, The Beverly Hilton took every precaution to protect the privacy of the Houston Family as well as the hotel guests who may have been impacted by the incident. The hotel cooperated fully with the Beverly Hills police which included securing the fourth floor to insure the safety and well-being of all guests … and regrets any inconvenience that may have occurred in the immediate aftermath of Saturday’s events."

That's a canned response for, "we don't care, we're not giving a refund or a discount."

Honestly, no matter how much it sucks, we're willing to bet the sad passing of Whitney has given the hotel lots of free publicity… and we hear that everyone and his brother wants to rent that room.

The least they could do is help out the folks who were disturbed!

What do U think? Should they be refunded??

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12 comments to “Guests Demanding Refunds From Hotel The Day Whitney Died Are Refused”

  1. 1

    No! Why should they get a refund??? As much as it may upset them for having been there, it's not the hotels fault, why should they lose money over it? And I bet half the people are using her death as an excuse to try and get their money back, I'm sure most of them are genuinely upset, but how can you differentiate between the genuine and the users?

  2. 2

    well, by law, if the guests paid with their credit cards and didn't received the goods or the services they're supposed to, they need to be refunded. they just need to call their credit cards….

  3. 3

    Refunds exist to compensate for poor service, and the guests were "inconvenienced" by the hotel doing it's best to aid authorities in investigating a DEATH. I would imagine a lot of financial planning goes into a time like Grammy weekend, and even an attempt to just refund guests on Houston's floor would likely result in many other guests seeking one as well. Of course it would be an awesome gesture on the hotel's part, but it's inappropriate to demonize the hotel for not.

  4. 4

    of course they should. the hotel can def afford it, esp now!

  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    I think they should, particularly the fourth floor. If people are angry enough to ask for a refund, they were likely inconvenienced big time.

  6. 6

    they go there because celebrities go there they go their because they are rich enough to get special treatment if a celebrity died then thats part of the hotel and the experience of being there if i go to a motel and have some idiots next door i cant get a refund why should they?
    they still got their stupid room service?

  7. 7

    Yes, they should be refunded. By WHITNEY'S ESTATE, which they should sue for the money.

  8. Jaded says – reply to this


    Generally, if something like this were to happen in a hotel, they would move the guests to another room or floor. Because of the Grammys and Clives party there were no rooms available to move guests into. Therefore, the hotel should refund the room for the people on the fourth floor who were kept awake or upset by what was going on. Personally, I don't care who it was, Whitney or random Joe Blow. I do not want to be in a hotel room down the hall from where a dead body is laying for hours. Let alone one that is right in the middle of what I can only imagine was a full scale police investigation.

  9. 9

    No they shouldn't be refunded. A human being died there. They should be ashamed of themselves for complaining about having a "bad time" and being "inconvenienced." I would say the person who had the worst of it is the one who lost her life, so let's try to keep a little perspective here. People can be so ridiculous. I admit it sucks for them, but I think they can get over it.

  10. 10

    I can certainly understand them wanting a refund, but I don't know if they should necessarily get it unless they experienced some specific damage due to the inconvenience. They should have known staying there during Grammy weekend would amount to a lot of a-typical senarios that might create an inconvenience. Plus, who wouldn't be thrilled to be there in the pit of the action that day? Make some money and sell your story to the media if you want your money back.

  11. 11

    Maybe the Hiltons can't afford to refund the money. Maybe they are broke. Poor things.

  12. 12

    Oh, please! The people who were staying there will be telling this story for years! They don't deserve a refund. The hotel can give them a free night's stay the next time they're in town. One of the reasons people stay at this hotel is to see celebrities. Well, they got what they came for!