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Rihanna & Chris Brown Reunited - In Song! BLOW MINDS ALONG THE WAY!!!!

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Rihanna and Chris Brown just gave it to us good!!!

This is such a major mindfuck! And we LOVE it!!!!

Despite previous denials of this rumored to be happening, the former (and possibly on-again) couple jumped on remixes of each others' current singles AND dropped both simultaneously on Monday, which also happened to be Rih's birthday.


Consider our mind blown!

BUT, more than just the newsworthiness of this, both add SO MUCH to the other's song. They make it A BILLION TIMES BETTER!

Check out RiRi on Chris' Turn Up The Music (above).

And then listen to Chris on Rih's full-length version of Birthday Cake (below)!!!!!

P.S. Yes, you DID hear Rihanna sing on Chris' song "I love you baby." And Chris sings on Rih's song, "Girl I wanna fuck you right now. Been a long time, I've been missing you body!"

We are officially DEAD!!!

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202 comments to “Rihanna & Chris Brown Reunited - In Song! BLOW MINDS ALONG THE WAY!!!!”

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  1. 1

    There are no words.

  2. 2

    you know these haters will be bitter as fuck LMFAO

  3. 3

    Seriously… I just can't with these two. I really don't think that people with a violent past should be back together as lovers, friends, or work partners. I was ok w/ them when they went separate ways somewhat amicably but come the fuck on… Who thought them doing songs together again was a good idea? It really does sicken me and I was a fan individually.

  4. 4

    She is so beautiful and so stupid. When he beats you this time, you can blame yourself. Congrats to the dumbass.

  5. 5

    OMG whoa people are gonna be so pissed about this. I mean no doubt he's a great talent and she's awesome but he's got a horrible personality and doesn't mind insulting people no matter what. She…well not sure on her personality, but that's just crazy. This is a total PR stunt that will work for them both so I think Chris should thank whoever came up with this idea.

  6. 6

    I like the remix…. but really, what a bad message to send. I have no doubt in my mind Rihanna did it for the attention. I hope the backlash is bad, she's an idiot for collabing with him. And of all people Perez, you're okay with it? You hate chris! How much did they pay you to say something good?

  7. 7

    OMGGG BEST SONG IN THE WORLDDDDDD OMGGG IM SO HAPPY THEY DID THIS !!! I LOVE RIHANNA & CHRIS FOR THIS !! FUCK ALL YOU HATERS!!! the fact tht they can make a song together after EVERYTHING is true love rite there .. anyone oppose , jus dont listen to it

  8. 8

    but you spend so much time hating on him though??

  9. 9

    Do like it well simple solution for that don't listen and don't comment because they obviously can give 2 fucks about what anyone has to say!!!!! I love both of the remixes

  10. 10

    Hypocrite!! I love how you say everyone should never forget what he did but yet you still PROMOTE him! He will never realize what a douche he is and how wrong it is what he did when ya'll acknowledge him in a positive way….The WOMAN BEATE'RS career should of been over the night that crap happened. And YES I am a bitter Hater when it comes to a man viciously beating up a woman! He bit her, chocked her, and punched her….I for one will not listen to this crap!!!

  11. 11

    love the songs , love breezy love riri and looooooooove chrianna sorry but when people are meant to be, that is it's just… meant to be

  12. 12

    this is absolutely disgusting. She is sending the ABSOLUTE wrong message to girls and women who have been victims of domestic abuse. SHE IS JUST AS GUILTY AS HE IS. Why would you celebrate this, Perez? Media outlets bashed him so hard for what he did (as they should), but you're going to celebrate her for working with the man who beat the SHI& out of her? HOW STUPID CAN SHE BE??????? Media outlets should stop playing her music just like they stopped playing his when this all went down originally. She is sending a message that is SO DANGEROUS I can't even stomach it. BAN RIHANNA!

  13. 13

    You dumbass perez!

  14. 14


  15. 15

    I pass. I don't listen to idiots. Oh…except for Perez but he is just playin and stirrin the pot.
    And for the IDIOTS who call people HATERS just cuz they dislike ABUSE.
    Disliking abuse is HATING?
    Yeah duh…..they hate ABUSE.
    Sure they would hate ANY kindof ABUSE not JUST the Chris Brown kind.
    Its called having STANDARDS and MORALS. Maybe you just like Chris Brown cuz he a black boy? You like Black Boys and hate morals and standards?
    NEWSFLASH……you can like black boys WITH morals and standards and you get the BEST of both worlds.

  16. 16

    where does she say 'i love you baby' on his track? if you're talking about the end, that sounds more like she's saying through laughing 'you make me laugh'

  17. 17

    not good Perez….not good………..

  18. 18

    I'm not even mad at neither of the two. They have an agressive team behind them who want to put the " incident" (by incident I mean, punching her, biting her, trying to kill her, and telling her he was gonna kill her. read the police report, it's a delightful read) as forgiven and forgotten.
    My problem with it is that Chris seems to never have seen the "incident" as anything but a bump that lost him some money and some fans (a few people let's be real). Rihanna didn't want to be a poster child for domestic violence (as it is her right), so she got over it.
    Again, the workers behind them are AGRESSIVE AS HELL and they are powerful enough to make this douchebag perform at the grammys and presenting it as "the comeback of a long lost prince returning to his former glory." Poor him. If the PR hadn't been so pathetic (seriously, a priest?) it might have looked like it was sincere. Alot of money is being made because those "two lovebirds" are at peace. Nothing more, nothing less. Even Perez has been bought. Lovely.

  19. 19

    LOL! I love it! Bold move!

  20. 20

    This is just a song. People are idiots for getting mad over two people working on a SONG. The Turn Up the Music remix is nice.

  21. Jai says – reply to this


    Gross, she has no self respect.

  22. 22

    PEREZ IS SUCH AN ASSHOLE!! How is this genius??
    Rihanna is sending the wrong message to all the women all across the world who are being beaten up or who are being beaten up by their husbands or boyfriends.

    I have lost all respect for her!

  23. 23

    really…who didnt see this? i cant be the only one who isnt shocked…
    and no matter who you put on 'birthday cake' its still a horrible song. chris only makes it slightly better…just slightly.

  24. 24

    does she have ANY self respect???????????

  25. 25

    FUCK RIHANNA!!!! why the hell did we support her if shes just going to screw us over! ANTI RIHANNA AND CHRIS BROWN NOW!!!

  26. 26

    And perez calling this genius? supporting domestic violence now are we?

  27. 27

    also - 'Turn Up The Music' didnt need a remix, it was fine the way it was. Rihanna kind of ruins it

  28. 28

    This isn't music. This isn't "good" by any means. This was a horrible, horrible song and these two deserve each other.

  29. 29

    my favorite song off her album, which i was BEYOND anticipating a full version release, is ruined.

  30. 30

    Hey, Remember that time Chris Brown took to Rihanna's face like a meat cleaver to a juicy filet ? Good times….

    Seriously am I the only person that thinks this is ridiculous ? 3 years ago people were ready to hang him and Jay -Z swore he'd never work again, and now hes singing at the grammys and celebrating like its some triumphant come back? I have actually lost all faith in humanity.

  31. lolaz says – reply to this


    LOVE IT! They're featured on each others songs so everyone should stop assuming they're a couple. Chris Brown has a GF and they both have moved on. People are capable of change and the more society doesn't allow change and positivity to happen the more they repress humanity from believing we are worthy of becoming better people. What Chris Brown did was terrible and can never be justified. He is working on becoming a better person and Rihanna has forgiven him in order for him to do so. We can never forget what happened three years ago but we can definitely learn from it!

  32. 32

    Rihanna s self talk- " I don't think enough of myself to feel I deserve anything better then to be treated like a punching bag" " I deserve to be treated like shit. I can't do any better. Chris Brown is the best I can do so I have to settle for him. OUCH CB

  33. 33

    Re: JamaicanBanana – ummm so beating her up is true love???

  34. 34

    I really don't understand why people are bothering to hold Chris Brown accountable of his actions when Rihanna obviously doesn't care that he beat her.

  35. 35

    I'm just so shocked at people actually LOVING this rather then it being done in the first place…..he beat the shit out of her and now they're talking about f'ing eachother….i guess that's what all abused women should probably do, never thought id be so disappointed in Rihanna, wow.

  36. 36

    Its truly sad to see that while Perez typically covers stories of abuse and heartbreak from a moral perspective, he's condoning and praising the collaboration of this couple again. The songs might be fun, but to publicly applaud this abusive couples' reunion is scary, and really disappointing.

  37. 37

    I have no respect for rihanna or chris!!

  38. 38

    It's pretty obvious that they both are using the hype of their situation to promote their songs.. And with a situation like that, if you truely want to move on, they could've found a way to do it in a more private manner.. I really have no respect for either of them.. And that's just my own opinion and feeling. That's life, moving on…

  39. 39

    Re: RaeRae32 – What I am gonna say is very "politically incorrect" but did it occur to any of you that violence means passion for her? Domestic violence is never okay, but to some people it's the norm and it seems like it was more the norm for her than him. He had famous girlfriends before her and after, but none of them has ever said he hit them. I honestly think that when they were together, they hit each other and while we're calling it "violence" they are calling it "passion".

    All of you people who cried a river for Rihanna, she laughed all the way to the bank and still is. Her career went into overdrive after her altercation with Chris and now they are collaborating music. Don't get it twisted people, Rihanna is not some naive damsel in distress. There is a method to her madness!

  40. 40

    So…Pnasty,what happened to the whole WOMAN BEATER AND WOMAN BEATER THIS AND THAT? 2faced MOFO!

  41. 41

    I'm sorry but whether she likes it or not she IS a role model. It comes with the territory of what she does. It's a responsibility among all of the privileges and wealth she lives with.

    If it's her choice to move on and forgive him then that's okay. In fact it's healthy.

    It's entirely different to have him on a remix singing about "I've missed your body" and "remember how you did it"

    It's degrading, insulting and tacky. And I don't say that lightly. Everyone who knows me on here knows that I'm very open minded and accepting but I am shocked at her poor judgement here.

  42. Rossi says – reply to this


    Fine. He'll kill her. First they'll go on Jerry Springer. And then he'll kill her. If she chooses him, she might as well drink cyanide. No Whitney send-off for this fucking moron.

  43. 43

    I TOLD ya'll Rihanna doesnt hate Chris Brown. No matter how much the media tried to push her to hate him, she could never because she knows he TRULY made a mistake, and its not in his character to do what he did. I believe this is a step to tell everyone to shut up. With PROPER counseling, i see these two getting it back on track!

  44. Rossi says – reply to this


    I only hope that when he decides to kill her that he makes it a murder-suicide. He's a worthless piece of shit.

  45. 45

    ….. Dude this is an adult who is in control of her own decisions.. I'm rolling my eyes whenever I see ppl complaining, "she's sending the WRONG MESSAGE", wtF, since when does being an entertainer mean you have to be sendin "messages" to little girls.. She aint no Sunday School teacher, and she aint nobody's babysitter!!! Are people actually pissed about this? There's no positive messages in the entertainment industry, how stupid are you?? You want wholesome messages? go to bible study. if SHE LIKES IT ROUGH that's her fucking CHOICE, some ppl love that shit, and she made a song called S & M…. SO if she likes bad boys whatever. Stop crying like little babies and get back to your own life.

  46. 46

    So sweet…NOT! This girl needs help.

  47. 47

    So pathetic all around, and you look stupider than ever, Perez.

  48. 48

    Toxic and codependent. And Perez is an enabler. Rihanna has no self-respect. Surprised her handlers, JayZ and family was OK with this. Someone should show all of them the police report and pics as a reminder. Maybe just for publicity and believe neither Rih, Breezy nor Perez are role models. Far from it.

  49. n3lky says – reply to this



  50. 50

    well maybe next time when hes punching her in the face repeatly as the public post said something like that then she might actually get the hint to stay AWAY

  51. 51

    How much did Chris Brown pay you to say nice things about him? Perez, you are scum. You acted all upset when those police reports and pictures of Rihanna's swollen and bloody face surfaced. Now you've forgotten all about what that monster did to her. I don't know how you can live with yourself. Don't act all outraged when he hits her again.

  52. 52

    Re: Delightenment – I think people just believe that if they do get back together he will beat her up again. And I guess people just don't want to see Rihanna put herself in that position once again.

  53. 53

    Perez. I am so disappointed in you. You have now officially given in and are feeding into the media's need to gloss over his horrible actions and behavior. Normally I am 100 percent with you, but this post is now in favor of them having contact, creating music together, and feeding into the idea that it's all OK now. Well it's not, and it never will be. And I am officially not looking at your page again until you apologize for this post. If you don't mind losing fans and giving young girls the idea that being friends with and possibly reuniting with someone BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF YOU is okay, by all means continue. But I have shared this post along with my disapproval with ALL of my friends who I KNOW feel the same. Hopefully you will one day see how you are now contributing to the problem. Please fix this. For all the women who have been and will be suffering from physical abuse.

  54. 54

    Wow, more repeating of the same word ad nauseum. More intelligent music from really intelligent people. Christ.

  55. 55

    Re: KarrieBelle – A part of me does believe that Rihanna likes and WANTS to have someone that 'puts her in line,' so to speak

  56. 56

    You all are ridiculous. You don't know Chris and Rihanna. You do not exist in their worlds. Whether they are together or not is none of our business. At the end of the day, you are doing what they want you to do — talk about them and listen to their music. I imagine what the world would be like if we all judged one another based solely on our bad decisions.

  57. 57

    Re: IheartGaga – She is not a role model. Just because she is in the public eye doesn't mean she has to be a saint, she is sending a wrong message by doing this but that is why parents need to do a better job explaining to their kids right and wrong.

  58. 58

    Re: Rossi – you're a horrible human being. to actually wish death onto someone else? you should be ashamed

  59. Lushh says – reply to this


    Makes for good media that's for sure. Wonder how Karruche or however you spell it feels about all of this.

  60. 60

    Once a beater, er, cheater always a …

  61. Rossi says – reply to this


    Re: sittenfeld – I'm not wishing. I'm predicting.

  62. 62

    Rihanna is sending the wrong message to abuse victims by doing this. How can you love this Perez? Don't you find it at all disturbing? How can you support this..smh.

  63. 63

    Re: Elle1784 – Perez doesn't doesn't give a shit about battered women. He just cares about the traffic on his page.

  64. 64

    She is so stupid. I don't get why she is performing with the man that beat her up. She needs therapy ASAP!

  65. 65

    FOR SHAME! Rihanna, stand the F up for yourself. I can't believe this. Anything for money right? Whether they like it or not, these two are role models and are actively sending out a very disturbing message to young (and old alike) people all over the world, don't know how they sleep at night.

  66. 66

    I hope you post pictures of Rihanna's newly smashed in face by Chris; I hope she looks like raw ground beef this time….This dumb Ghetto-Ho will never learn!

  67. 67

    Oh, Perez! You're just so hip, ghetto, phat and sick! Wow, you're turning brown right before our eyes…or is that just your nose?

  68. 68

    Wow. Well, there's a million cases like this, where the abused is so downtrodden that they go back to the abuser. it's sad to see it. Expect more beatings and drama to come from this.

  69. 69

    Re: saywhatt – ummm i didnt say that . I MEANT after everything they went throught .. the fact tht they can work it out & actual be civil with each other is true love .. or maybe they jus friends . I'm happy for them , its just a song .. dont like it? dont listen its simple

  70. 70

    Perez Hilton, I am disappointed in you for promoting this. Of all people, you were the most anti-domestic violence. If I were you, like me, I wouldn't even press play. The record industry was failing us already before, now you are because you say "genius." I am so disappointed. Why would you? Please make a video, explaining your justifications for promoting this, because I would really like to know where your logic is.

  71. 71

    I've hated Chris for a long time and now I'm done feeling sorry for Rihanna….she's officially a dumb bitch. Like how fucking stupid is she? She's rich, beautiful and works with the best producers in the business (as she's not natually talented but works with the right people) but this is it…why they fuck would she go do anything with the dude that beat the fucking shit out of her? What message does that send? Didn't Whitney Houstons death put anything into perspective? Whitney was rich, beautiful and RIDICULOUSLY talented and unlike Rihanna the best singer on the planet. Whitney spent her life with a dead beat man that contributed to her incredibly downward spiral and look what happened to her? Rihanna if it happens again nobody is going to feel sorry for you

  72. 72

    At the end of the day, it is their jobs to make music

  73. 73

    Why do people make such a big deal with what these two are doing? If she dosen't mind getting beat, let her. No offense to victims, but they're both consenting adults. I'm sure she's a lot smarter than she looks. They're just song lyrics. Do you think Metallica actually had sex with goats, sheep or the Queen? And the only reason these two are role models for kids is because their parents aren't good enough ones themselves. Sorry.

  74. 74

    Its called forgiveness! If Rihanna forgives him, who am i to judge? Shes showing ppl that u can forgive someone even if they have done something horrible to u!!!! they are young, let them live their lives….

  75. 75

    Re: BeeLahhve – How'd they screw us? More like each other, am I right? ;)

  76. XT says – reply to this



  77. 77

    Pathetic. Should be interesting when he kills her.

  78. XT says – reply to this



  79. 79

    Re: XT – what?!?! How'd the Illuminati come into play?

  80. 80

    shut up,you haters! Rihanna's message is great: she's teaching us to forgive. those who don't know what's this - go read BIBLE!

  81. 81

    Tainted love. Not cool.

  82. 82

    I think everybody should get the fuck over it. If they can make peace then that's better than avoiding eachother forever. And if she can let it go then who are these people to judge her. She's happy and its her personal life we are just fans of her talent/music not her real life friends. Wtf. Fans gone crazy and non fans why do I care anyway ur the hypocrites. I love the music and I fully support them getting that money and if the fuck they choose getting bk together as well. Nobody's perfect people make mistakes Chris has learned his lesson so let the man do what he does best entertain us with his god giving talent. #gottalovethehaters

  83. 83

    I find it truly sickening that you, PEREZ, are promoting this collaboration. I usually agree with you, but this is such a disappointing move by you. I would like to know how you can justify this…?

  84. 84

    Re: XT – He should be taking the rap. He threw the punches that landed her in the hospital. Team Breezy people are insane.

  85. 85

    After a certain point, the abuse results from the abused as much as the abuser, and Rihanna is the perfect example of this. It's OK to be civil with him and wish him well in his career, OK; but the moment you publicly let him slide and start mixing yourself with him, whether personal or business, that's when Rihanna is "asking" for it by putting herself in the same position again. Next time he beats the shit out of her, I will not throw any sympathy her way. Not to say that Chris did or will do is right, but what can you expect from him when the media, fans, AND his victim all basically encourage his past actions??

  86. 86

    I'm not gonna lie, I dig the songs however .. I hope it's worth the sales because SHE is going to get a lot of backlash from it. But understanding that she's still young and naive, she will learn on her own eventually.

  87. 87

    she forgave him and they both made bad ass songs… why cant we forgive? not our business!!!

  88. 88

    Im so cinfused…..mean…. wat?….come again?

  89. 89

    Re: Elle1784 – I could not agree more. Perez's stance on Chris Brown was one of the only things we ever saw eye to eye on. What was it he was saying just a few days ago? Forgive but never forget? Apparently all it takes to change Perez's mind is a vulgar song. Sad. I am also done with this site until he apologizes.

  90. 90

    I'm sorry I lost ALL respect I EVER had for Rihanna! If someone ever did that to me I would cut them from my life! And would never look back.

  91. 91

    I find this very disrespectful on Rihanna's part. Her fans stuck by her after the abuse and releasing this song with him is like a big FU to everyone who supported her. I don't care if they get together in their personal life, even if I don't agree with it, but to release this song together is like shoving it in our faces that they are back together.

  92. 92

    [re=6015565]Re: Canada

  93. 93

    not sure how i feel about this one.. im all for true love, but this is condoning violence..

  94. 94

    Yes!! The Trailer trash is reunited. Dumb ass.

  95. JCPR says – reply to this


    if he does it once he will do it twice! no doubt!

  96. 96

    I like both remixes honestly. But all the hate on this blog is funny AF,Perez or any other site uploading the music doesn't mean they are a fan of domestic abuse. That's not the issue. Maybe they have forgiven him too just like you should CELEBRITY OR NOT THERE ARE WOMEN GETTING BEAT DOWN ON A DAILY BASIS IN THIS COUNTRY. Why is everybody slandering them. Oh yea that's right their celebrities nd pay your bills too huh? lmao you haters need to grow up or JUMP!

  97. 97

    you are right… but not the right pronoun… SHE IS OFFICIALLY DEAD TO ME…. what a moron… you get kicked in the face and now you sing with him… f… and screw them…. you are such a sucker perez for changing your opinion on a no brainer like chris brown…. wont read you until you apologize.. violence has no place… what a WRONG message to young girls… cant believe it… go all f yourself rihanna chris brown and YOU perez..

  98. 98

    Perez…what is wrong with you? How can you call this "exciting" and "genius". This is so disgusting and I am sickened by your words. Yes it sucks for her that she is a celebrity and what she does is seen by the world but she has to hold some sort of moral responsibility for the power she has. What kind of a message is she sending to women who are abused in their relationships? It's her life and she can do what she wants but it sucks because she has millions of fans that look up to her and she is showing them that this is okay. I truly hope he doesn't hurt her again but if/when he does… the world will be saying, 'I told you so'.

  99. ktrey says – reply to this



  100. 100

    Whitney has been dead for just over a week. I hope Rihanna doesn't pay her respects to the fallen beauty by falling back into the hands that have once beat her, like Whitney did with Bobby.

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