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Rihanna & Chris Brown Reunited - In Song! BLOW MINDS ALONG THE WAY!!!!

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Rihanna and Chris Brown just gave it to us good!!!

This is such a major mindfuck! And we LOVE it!!!!

Despite previous denials of this rumored to be happening, the former (and possibly on-again) couple jumped on remixes of each others' current singles AND dropped both simultaneously on Monday, which also happened to be Rih's birthday.


Consider our mind blown!

BUT, more than just the newsworthiness of this, both add SO MUCH to the other's song. They make it A BILLION TIMES BETTER!

Check out RiRi on Chris' Turn Up The Music (above).

And then listen to Chris on Rih's full-length version of Birthday Cake (below)!!!!!

P.S. Yes, you DID hear Rihanna sing on Chris' song "I love you baby." And Chris sings on Rih's song, "Girl I wanna fuck you right now. Been a long time, I've been missing you body!"

We are officially DEAD!!!

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202 comments to “Rihanna & Chris Brown Reunited - In Song! BLOW MINDS ALONG THE WAY!!!!”

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  1. 101

    cant believe I respected her… no way anymore… I'm one of her biggest fan and now… no way I want to hear from her anymore… get a bran surgery rihanna… you are not madonna you are really retarded…

  2. 102

    yes fuck all us haters cuz we all dented rihanna's face

  3. 103

    Re: bree311 – I LOVE 311 TOO!! 311DAY WooHOO!!!

  4. 104


  5. 105

    his song was better w/o her but her song is awesome and he's great in it. I always knew she still really loved him a lot. He did a horrible thing a long time ago and i hope he really regretted it because I really do like this guy and i like her just as much. I support them both. He's definitely my favorite male music artist!

  6. 106

    Robyn F. turned to face Brown and he punched her in the left eye with his right hand. He then drove away in the vehicle and continued to punch her in the face with his right hand while steering the vehicle with his left hand.

  7. 107

    Awh, isn't it sweet? He's being nice, reformed Perez and not fessing up to the fact that it's completely ridiculous and offensive these two are being so public. You and Ellen Degeneres can go on a swearless, edge-less, humorlessly watered down, non-controversial rave about this but the rest of us will only speak our minds. Call us "haterz" because you can't formulate an argument against us but WE SPEAK…THE TRUTH.

  8. 108

    They're making a mockery out of their own dignity. How sad, really.

  9. 109

    No matter how good it sounds they are both disgusting…she makes it look like she appreciated the beating????

  10. 110

    nothing beats chris beating rhianna more than Rhianna accepting it, forgiving and obviously forgetting. This is not going to help women who are already confused as to stay or go when in an abusive relationship. I had respect for rhianna but now in my mind she is a victim and till she has had enough she will be victimized again and again. I guess this is Rhianna's whay of telling her fans F U..as for the song, very techno and very auto tuned so of course it will probably sell to people who don't know what real music is anymore. With that being said I would want to tell Rihanna that her stance is not a sign of strength but of weakness, it is not a sign of forgiveness but one of a lost woman. Get some help and sadly you had a chance to make a difference and help others and you chose the road of victim. Let us know when your prepared to be a survivor. oh and chris brown, go to hell

  11. 111

    as for Perez, he is now drunk with power off his little site and he is all about who he knows not what he knows. He will sell out to the highest bidder.

  12. 112

    while I believe it is her choice to have him back in her life and it really is none of our goddamn business what she decides, I truly hope this does not blow up in her face!

  13. 113

    I believe in forgiveness but not stupidity. It's one thing to forgive, it's another to put yourself back in harm's way. As others have pointed out that this may, in fact, be a publicity stunt but it should not be overlooked that she sends a message that it's okay to bring Chris back into her life in an overtly sexual and intimate way. She either is still messed up in the head and/or they are blatantly using this for shock value. Either way, we, as society, should decry this stunt!

  14. 114

    Re: gwen01 – " her stance is not a sign of strength but of weakness, it is not a sign of forgiveness but one of a lost woman" Well said!! I couldn't agree with you more!

  15. 115

    I feel that people who are affected by this issue of Rihanna and Chris Brown's relationship are being overly dramatic. I find it funny that people really believe that young girls are going to look up to these two.

    Just look at the little girls from Ellen, they were rapping a Nicki Minaj song with no recollection of the meaning behind it all. Girls in general are attracted to pretty things — color, fashion, a pretty face, or a catchy melody. Be real people, the true role models for kids are their parents.. and to be honest, a lot of people complain way too much, blame others, and never move on from their past. I like that they are collaborating and creating art together. Its like Frieda Kahlo and Diego Rivera making paintings.

  16. 116

    stupidity…oh rhi rhi -_-

  17. 117

    song about fucking? Lmao. Beat her up again, chris. Just another quick buck waiting to be made.

  18. 118

    Im about to throw up… what an idiot…well he did her pretty hard on the head so no suprise

  19. 119

    another spelling error. Stop drunk blogging if you want people to take you seriously? And if you aren't drunk? STOP MAKING OBVIOUS SPELLING ERRORS. If you want us to believe your stories and take you seriously, try spell check. Seriously. That shiz wouldn't fly in other professional arenas. Just saying.

  20. 120

    I love how everyone is saying "Him & Her". Guys, these people have entire marketing / publicity teams to make these decisions for them. This is neither Rihanna nor Chris Brown's decision!
    Do you notice how every time Chris Brown has an album out, this stuff gets dragged back up again, or the fact that Talk That Talk is on its way to oblivion. This is smart marketing!

  21. 121

    Re: Tash20 – took the words out of my mouth. i still cant get over the worry of them being around each other. but on the other hand the song is amazingggggg!!

  22. 122

    its like they slapped all of the people who were supporting her when she got beaten in the face. hey you you were there when my bf beat the shit outta me… now im gunna go fuck him again.. fuck you all.. wtf…. smh.. but whyyy does the song have to bee soooo good… he want that #cake #cake #cake.

  23. 123


  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    I hope it's not the forbidden fruit thing, because the fruit is bad.

  25. 125


  26. 126

    Re: Mr Mat – this is not the result of good management and p.r. and the idea that it is is stupid. They made the choice and they have probably been talking since the incident and kept in on the downlow till now. They are not puppets but clearly decided that public opinion wasn't going to stop them anymore. The problem is, Rihanna had a strong following and much support and she may as well have given her fans and supporters a great big F… You. As for Chris, he is and always will be a loser. He is abusive and will indeed abuse again. Just look at how he is acting out towards the press now. Red flags fall of this guy and Rihanna is going to seriously damage her career. Look at how foolish she has become. she is 1/2 nude in pics she is boozing it up and now she has thrown caution to the wind and decided to reveal her true relationship with this guy. It will not end well.

  27. 127

    fuck it, im just gonna enjoy the music, if she wants to put herself in a bad position in her personal life; its not my fault.

  28. 128

    This was not written by Perez, this was written by a black person, lots of giveaways. Rihanna is an absolute moron, just read her tweets and Chris Brown is a violent mindless monkey. He will end up in prison eventually, whether it be by hurting Rihanna or some other woman or some other violent act.

  29. 129

    Re: XTINA IS A POP MUSIC ICON!!! BITCHES!! – OK who gives a fuck they don't need your money bitch!!

  30. 130

    Re: BumbleBabe13 – I SOOOOOO agree with you. Perez is a HYPOCRITE!!!!!!

  31. 131

    RIHANNA YOU HAVE ZERO SELF RESPECT so im done respecting you!…hope your ready for a second beating. #AfricanNavy NOT LIKING THIS AT ALL. bullshit

  32. 132

    I smack my bitch all the time. She's smokin hot and I am not too bad myself… and when we get jealous, we fight. and when we fight… we fight. I am stronger, but she is more skilled on the ground and usually ends up submitting me. When she gets angry, she likes to hit, and likes to be hit. When we fight, we want to hurt and be hurt… It is a tremendous stress release and the sex after is unreal.. It ALWAYS gets resolved.. ALWAYS before we leave the house. Chris went too far, but Rhianna liked it, trust me. She betrayed the trust by going public with it. It's their business. FIGHT CLUB>

  33. 133

    So now that they may be an item again, you'll be all buddy-buddy with Brown so as not to offend Ri-Ri. It's the way you operate, phony friends, phony sincerity, phony boyfriends. "We are officially dead". We could only hope.

  34. 134

    I hope he removes a couple teeth and an eye this time around. Silly women!

  35. free says – reply to this


    So for her it's about love, for him about sex? Makes sense. Step away, girl.

  36. 136

    Her voice is so dull and doesn't have an idea of her own. As for her and Chris Brown ? Both Dumb and Boring. Funny how you seem to be into that, Perez.

  37. free says – reply to this


    Also, what's with her always wearing those body chains? Could be for fashion reasons, but in S/M circles it's also a sign of being a sub(missive). She was wearing one that night a few weeks back in LA when she met him in a club and he 'couldn't keep his eyes off her'.

  38. 138

    So you go on a moral rant about how bad Rihanna and Chris are together, and then you PROMOTE them doing a song together? If you were genuine in your concern, you would be as horrified as the rest of us, but money talks, right?

  39. 139

    Perez Hilton showing his true colours again …. lol

  40. 140

    Re: misty89 – "and its not in his character to do what he did"

    Of course it is. Otherwise he wouldn't have done it. Are you moronic or what ?

  41. 141

    I told you this was going to happen. You dumb fucks hating on CB . Now we shall wait for the real story to come out from the 2009 incident. You people went as far as to post a fake photoshopped picture of Rihanna's face.

  42. ptay says – reply to this


    what a great message shes sending to her female fans.

  43. 143

    Re: opinions1988 – " I like that they are collaborating and creating art together. Its like Frieda Kahlo and Diego Rivera making paintings. "

    Yes, bland rehashed pop by a bimbette and a nutjob is very similar.

  44. 144

    Re: FoUfCfK – You sound as if someone smacked a few braincells too many out of your head

  45. 145

    They both deserve to have their asses kicked for this shizz.

  46. 146

    Officially not a fan of her anymore. I LOVED her when she was a tough woman that looked like she could put a man right under her thumb, not the battered ex-girlfriend giving her shitty ex free publicity and ruining a song on her album. This single will flop, and it shouldn't FUCK what a stupid move…im SOOOOO ANGRY.

  47. 147

    I don't condone abuse or violence of any kind but I see nothing wrong with the songs….hell I like both of em. Many of you act like this was the ONLY couple to have a dispute & then re-conciliate; whether it be as friends or more. NO ONE from this site was there when it happened 3yrs ago so NO ONE knows what really happened and why. The media shows you what THEY want you to see and many of u take the shit and run with it creating the drama they want you to. Such ignorance I tell you & some of you ask where they're morals & common sense are….evaluate u before u begin to judge others!!!

  48. 148

    Kinda like wild animals, fight and then go mate. Yea, time to put them in a zoo! (can you just see all the girls that will put up with being beaten by a boyfriend because it's cool and Rihanna did it, sick!)

  49. 149

    These two and her music… sooo classy. And the message she is sending is keep being addicted to his sex, just turn the tables and make him your bitch… it is very childish.

  50. 150

    This is deeply fucked up and down right pathetic on Rihanna's part. I'm done with her. Losers, both of them.

  51. 151

    Perez, I am disgusted with you.

  52. 152

    I would NEVER pay to buy those tracks… It's so ridiculous… She's really stupid. Really.

  53. 153

    Seriously people!!! We are all human . Rihanna or Chris doesn't have to answer to none of you haters only god can judge them. I love the song , it shows strength she is able to forgive. You will never let this boy live his damn life , it's like your attached to his past or something I don't get it , people make mistakes . You put these celebs on this unrealistic pedstal when we are all human! They clearly don't give a fux about you dumb ass haters cuz they doing they thang regardless ! You still stuck in 09 it's 2012 !!!!!!!

  54. 154

    I love Chris brown and rihanna !!!!! I hope they make love to this song ! :) )))))

  55. 155

    What kind of message is this sending???? "I miss fckin you"… How pointless, mindless, careless, so stupid.

  56. 156

    Ok we ALL kno that they have a past, but if she is able to forgive him then why can't anybody else!?!? He's doing his time && hasnt gotten any bad reports, We knew something was gonna happen when the restraining order was dropped. Chris Brown is HUMAN ! Just because it happens once doesn't mean it would happen again IF THEY ARE ONLY MAKING A SONG TOGETHER! I dnt condone what he did back in 09 but it's 2012 COME THE FUCK ON! Grow up && get over it, obviously those two did. IT'S NOT OUR LIFE OR OUR CHOICE TO CHOOSE WHO THEY INTERACT WITH PEOPLE ! I'm sick of hearing people call Rihanna a dummy && Chris a woman beater. He only did it once. 1 mistake && you people judge him for the rest of his life && I bet ya'll are the same ppl saying that it's wrong to judge. Both songs were great to me. They both have insane chemistry no matter what happened years ago. As for the message, we're all grown && if your letting your child listen to the explicit version, because I'm sure they're gonna use the clean version for the radio, then what kind of parent does that make you?? I think this was a good move to tell people that they still care for each other && they dnt give a fuck what anybody else thinks, Again they are human && they're gonna do what they want to do regardless of anyone's opinions.

  57. 157

    Chris Brown's anger won't go away. He'll snap again because so many people aren't happy about him reuniting with Rihanna. By Wednesday, there will be pages and pages of articles slamming Chris Brown and his abuse. Obviously, Mr. Brown thinks that the key to everybody liking him again is to get back with the woman he abused just a few years ago. He thinks that if Rihanna has forgiven him, the world will. The public won't accept that. Abused women need a lot of support and therapy to move on. It wouldn't surprise me if Chris Brown convinced Rihanna that SHE was the reason that everyone hates him. Chris Brown wants to be liked, but that will never happen. He is now famous for being up his girlfriend. His hilarious positive outlook won't last long. He'll be back to his "F@CK YOU ALL" ways. I just hope he doesn't take it out on Rihanna. I suppose Rihanna talked Perez into supporting the abuse. Don't you dare act concerned when the abuse continues, Perez.

  58. 158

    Ever since he first tried to kill Rihanna, I have avoided listening to his songs and seeing any of his performances - and that is what I will continue to do. I will not listen to this song. I haven't listened to any of her songs for a while either, as I find her repulsive. Like someone mentioned, an abuser has incredible power over his victim and she may truly believe that he has changed, or that this is the relationship she deserves. I know exactly how the psychology behind this works, but Rihanna's case is different. It is different because she has a responsibility not only for herself, but also her young impressionable fans. She stopped being the victim once she decided to actively endorse abusive relationships. The fact that they've been seeing each other for a while now will come as a shock to few, but will disgust many. This will not end well.
    And, Mario/Team Perez, how do you sleep at night knowing what scum you are?

  59. 159

    Its all for publicity! Truth is no one knows what really happened in that car that night,hell they both were attacking each other that night,rihanna isn't all innocent but because she's a woman and society has taught the majority of us to hate men in these issues chris got the backlash of it,they were both wrong and im sure they both recognized that,if they forgive each other then more power to the both of them

  60. 160

    Re: Lola_ah – You are ignorant, I get that. You don't understand and that's ok. It takes a special kind to have the balls to be who you are. All you seem to do is insult people. A person who truly needs to explore…. OUTSIDE A COMPUTER SCREEN.

  61. 161

    They were both wrong rihanna for being jealous and steady attacking him thinking he wouldn't eventually launch back and chris for launching back the way he did(should have just left her ass in the car) they obviously both realized their faults and are ready to move past it,truth be to if ri truely hated him she would not agree to the feature publicity or not I never thought she was innocent to begin with

  62. 162

    Looks like Rihanna wants to be the new Bobby and Whitney. Disgusting! Such a poor example.

  63. 163

    she deserves all she gets fromt that looser from now on…….now she's a dumb bitch too

  64. 164

    I like both of their songs together :) Love love love them! Will be getting them both of ITUNES. Maybe eventually people will let them live their lives and stop worrying about what happens in celebs personal lives. Hell, if we knew (and judged) most musicians for what they do in their personal lives and stopped playing their music, the air waves would be dead.

  65. 165

    haha…this is just very good marketing!!! You people don't see what's really going on here! It was a sad story…I'm sure Rihanna is smart enough to know if Chris has changed or not…they were both so young back then and everybody deserves a second chance. I like both songs…that cake song is very dirty but I like the beat!

  66. 166

    As a victim of domestic violence, this disturbs me on a level I can't even begin to explain.

    Perez, YOU ARE SO HYPOCRITICAL. Prior to this, all your posts emphasized what a bad message it sent that they were communicating again. Making good music together doesn't make up for what happened. Sure, forgiveness is a virtue, but some things (like Chris claiming that he was going to kill her) should NOT be forgiven.

    This is disgusting.

  67. 167

    Re: KarrieBelle – Absolutely agree 100%.

  68. 168

    I love Chris Brown! I don't care what anyone has to say! The Turn Up The Music remix is crazy good. It was already a hot song and crazy dance video then Rihanna added a little more "sauces" to it! Ppl need to shut up and mind their own business! We have no idea what actually happened 1 night with 2 teens 3 yrs ago. Have several seats haters!
    Good job Perez! :-)

  69. 169

    Re: BumbleBabe13 – YOU SOUND LIKE A DAMN FOOL! Rihanna an Chris as TEENAEGERS had 1 figt WITH EACH OTHER by Riri's own admission! They understand that they made a mistake with each other and have paid dearly for it for the past THREE DAMN YEARS! How much more suffering to you HYPOCRITE "GOOD PPL" think two young ppl should suffer to satisfy your blood lust & sickness?

  70. 170

    I'm starting to think Rihanna's stupid - and how come her record label and PR team didn't step in and put a stop to this nightmare?

  71. 171

    Re: JaneyJ
    We all know what happened; the official court documents are all over the internet.

  72. 172

    I am so over Rihanna, honestly she is QUEEN LOSER now. this duet upsets me, especially after reading the police report from the night that Chris Brown attacked and bruised her. I was never really into Rihanna but now I will never be in to her. Chris Brown is a loser and now she is too!!

  73. 173

    Re: Blippp – Pls they call you a hater because you are one! Eminem beat wife Kim, Alan Jackson beat wife Denise, Ozzy Osbourne beat wife Sharon, Chralie Sheen shot Kelly Preston and beat up both wives Densie Richards & Brook Muller and the list of men goes on. Yet I have never seen the sort of BS 24/7 campaign waged against a TEEN that had a mutual fight (by Rihanna's own admission) 3 damn years ago. Why do you filthy HYPOCRITES ONLY TRY TO HOLD 1 FIGHT A TEEN HAD AGAINST HIM while celebrating the scores of ADULT MALES who have done far worse, many times, over many years? Or shall we go with the obvious reason? *side-eye*

  74. 174

    Re: tinadiamonds – so when Ritard gets back with him and he beats the shit out of her again, i'll laugh, even if he sends Ritard to her grave. PATHETIC! Anybody who embraces these two need mental evaluation. You're obviously a victim because you wanna call the rest of us who are disappointed or face palming, bitter. SMFH, get your head checked, guess you got your face punched too many times.

  75. 175

    What are you fucking kidding me? You think that is GENIUS Perez? He beat the shit out of her. She is a stupid ass to even be anywhere near him. Rhianna is a moron.

  76. 176

    She is a fucking idiot and anyone who says otherwise is too.. Seriously she is doing all of this for attention.. just like every pop star today, anything for shock value.. dumb trashy bitch, that tries WAY too hard to be edgy when she is not.. only took on this persona to get attention and to seem edgy to people so they would like her.. you know young people are dumbasses like that.. just like all the moronic girls that said they would let Chris Brow lip-syncing ass beat them because he is hot or famous..
    idiotic girls out there these days.. at least we know why these 2 idiots and the rest of the talentless "Stars" out there, are famous.. so many fucking morons in the world… fall for anything and think it is real or how they really are.. glad i am not one of them so easy used and fooled…

  77. 177

    Re: JamaicanBanana – True love NEVER beats the shit out of their partner. DOESNT HAPPEN.

  78. 178

    There is no continuity on this site.One day you are preaching that Rihanna should be wary of Chris Brown & avoid him, but the next day you are completely okay with a Rihanna and Chris Brown reunion! It's sending mixed messages.

  79. 179

    Can't believe some of the idiots on this site "haters haters haters" ..stfu is that all you got.. omg like their is no other reason not to like these dumbasses? Are you kidding? None of you even know what the fuck a hater is.. and aparnetly a talented singer as well.. All you support this forgiving shit you keep talking about.. like she can't forgive and move on, she has to keep going back.. after all the sympathy she got she goes right back to him? Well fuck her and if she gets thew shit beat out of her, she fucking deserves it. Good. And yeah she is NO role model, she is a attention seeking bitch, and most of the idiots that support her and on this site are as clueless as her if they can't figure out why this is terrible.. hilarious.. i would say i really hope you are all teens but that is sad too because i wasn't even that stupid when i was a teen not too long ago.. you are just as dumb as all the girls saying they would let him beat their ass because he is talented an hot.. and i hope to fuck that you get the shit beat out of you or your mother, sister or daughter.. i wonder if you would be so supportive and forgiving then?.. and would keep talking to whoever did that?..

  80. 180

    I mean every word i say and think you all supporting deserve to get your ass whooped.. and i think she is a complete idiot, like her fans.. you can shove your "hater" remarks up your asses.. it don't mean shit to me or these morons. just making a point.. now I'm leaving this page for good.. the stupidity on this bitch is completely nauseating..

  81. 181

    If you’ve never been through any abuse you don’t really have much room to make comments that "people should just get over it". If you’ve ever gotten the shit beaten out of you, you’d rethink being with that person again. And I will say it isn’t healthy to hold grudges. Rihanna forgiving Chris was a brave thing to do and it takes a lot of courage but the rumors of hooking up and then the two songs that came out..especially the sexually charged “Birthday Cake” is almost like a slap in the face to abused domestic victims. She's the one that is going to need help because it seems like he is playing mind games on her. I hope she knows what she's doing because right now…he's still in control.

  82. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: FoUfCfK – Sounds pretty dysfunctional to me, and sure doesn't sound like love, but if it's the best you can come up with apart from trying to better it with time, I guess you gotta roll with what you've got.

  83. 183

    what a disapoint…. she has no love for herself. women are fighting against domestic violence and this woman just is link with this monsters again? she shows no respect for women that fight everyday,for women that die everyday cause of domestic violence.
    shame on her

  84. 184

    what a stupid thing to do…. women fight against domestic violence for nothing… delusioal woman.i thought she was a strong woman… that fights for human rights…. sorry riri what a disapoint…ur weak

  85. 185

    Re: barbidifu – when people are meant to be???are u serious?? did u saw her face??? whn he beat her??since when a man beats on women? they are both losers.. officially. i thought she was a strong woman… but she isnt… this is a staff on the backs of women that fights everyday for this cause

  86. 186

    It's so fucking funny that no one can let this go, and Rihanna got over it ages ago.

  87. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: lington – She's becoming a polished performer, but seems seriously messed up personally. She seems like a lifelong victim starting long before this thing. Women go back to their abusers every day because they've never known anything better and don't know how to get it or appreciate it.

  88. 188

    I hate to say this because I'm not a in support of women beaters but she has opened a door that didn't need to be opened and if it happens again its honestly her fault this time. I'm not a fan of this collaboration but by themselves apart from one another they make okay music.

  89. 189

    ugh rhianna is such an idiot. our generations' tina and ike.

  90. 190

    So over all the negativity. They are just two people who intend to live their lives they way THEY want and not be governed by the others opinions. Rihanna is supporting abuse now? Come off it idiots. She took Chris to court!! She definitely didn't take the situation lightly. If people are stupi enough to take life lessons from a person who has admitted she is 'no role model' and just wants to live her life then more fool them. To all the women who are going to listen to these songs and think 'oh hey rihanna colaborated with chris brown im gonna let my boyfriend/husband beat on me because it's okay now' i feel sorry that you are that naive and week minded and i will pray for you. Instead of seeing these songs as a negative/disgusting thing why don't people celebrate the positivity it creates (which is what perez is trying to do). To me these sons promote personal growth, forgiveness, love. We are all humans, we all make mistakes. Only god can judge. And for those 'fans' who say that they have no respect for rihanna now, fans don't judge an artist for their personal lives. You don't know her personally, I'm sure most of you lover her for her music, so stop being hipocritical dicks and support a women that you supposedly 'stan' for in a time where he has been brave enough to follow her heart and make decisions for herself.

  91. 191

    What an amazing message to all those impressionable minds Rihanna!!! You being a dumb sorry ass is one thing.. but what about those young girls who are gonna use your sorry example to tell her Mum.. "if she did it why can't I"?? Are you that much in need of a new set of toys?? Perez I understand.. Money talks!

  92. 192

    Does she have ANY sort of self respect? Ew not impressed at all with either song.

  93. 193

    Remix does not sound good, and Rihanna is either stupid or greedy.

  94. 194

    Rihanna is so stupid. She basically slapped all of her supporters and fans in the face. Maybe this was her way of telling everyone to get over it..such a shame. Something like that shouldn't be forgotten.

  95. 195

    well!! if she wants to deal with another ass kissing let her. im mean she knws what hes capiable of! she seen when he dissed his fans for saying he lip sync, she seen when he told abc to fuck off just because they asked about what he did to her. she knws what she has to deal with… let her deal with it. shit she doesnt care she told us last year it was a date not the fucking alter. so just shut up about it! and shut up perez she didnt say shit about she love him!! u always trying to start something or throw rocks and hide ur hands.

  96. 196

    Wow so you first are outraged by this and now you love it? God no wonder you are so irrelevant. You just jump on whatever the latest bandwagon and popular opinion is. You are trash.

    BTW I've lost all respect for this ho. Hopefully next time he beats her within an inch of her life. Dumb cu.nt…

  97. 197

    I've been a faithful reader for over 5 years. After reading this I can assure that you will be losing this fan. "Genius"? You "LOVE it"? You should be ashamed of yourself. After you leaving so many posts about how despicable Chris Brown is, I am APPALLED that you actually condone this behavior.

  98. 198


  99. 199


  100. 200

    rihanna said herself that shes NO ROLEMODLE. so if u feel so angry about this and u let ur child look up to her than u should be questioning ur parenting & not the way rih lives HER life. and rihanna and chris didnt lose any REAL fans. people who love them understand that its there life. THERE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND US! oh yea and to all the dumbasses who are sayin this shows that its ok to go back to someone who beat you, yu are a fuckin idiot….u have to be truely obsessed with rih to make a life decision based on her life decisions. YOU HATERS HAVE NO ARGUEMENT! it looks like the same person is writen all the negativety. LET THEM LIVE! fuck off creeps…yall act like yall about to break down cryin cuz they made a song together…GROW THE FUCK UP!!!

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