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Bobby Brown Is Looking To Sell A Tell-All Book … About Whitney!

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Bobby Brown Is Looking To Sell A Tell-All Book

Surprise, Surprise.

EVERYONE (even "respectable" auction houses) are trying to make a quick buck off Whitney Houston's tragic and sudden death. It doesn't come as much of a surprise that Bobby Brown is jumping on the band wagon.

Now that deets about the late diva are in demand, her ex-husband is allegedly looking to sell a tell-all book he's been trying to pawn off on publishers for years.

According to one major publisher:

"Back in 2008, the interest in a book on Whitney Houston wasn't that great. Whitney had fallen off the radar back then … but now, following her tragic death, the market has changed. Now is the time for a book that details an honest look into the life of Whitney."

"Honest look"? HA!

In our honest opinion, someone willing cash in on a loved one's death like that is one super desperate, attention seeking sad motherfucker. Which, funnily enough, is almost exactly how Whitney's friends describe Bobby! They said:

"This is a man who left his ex-wife's funeral because he didn't like his seats and went to a paying gig that night. He didn't get on stage that night because he needed to sing his greatest hits or because Whitney would have wanted him to entertain his fans, he did it to get a paycheck — the same reason he now wants to write a tell-all book."


Well, for Bobby and Whitney's daughter, Bobbi Kristina's sake we hope these tell-all rumors are completely fabricated. It's hard enough dealing with her mother's death without her secrets being sold to the public!

[Image via Johnny Louis/wenn.]

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23 comments to “Bobby Brown Is Looking To Sell A Tell-All Book … About Whitney!”

  1. 1

    You make a living every god damn day trashing people. What makes you differentthan Bobby Brown? NOTHING!!!! ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NOTHING. YOU ARE so living in fantasy land that you think everything you do is "proper" and it is OK for you to profit form this same stuff. And Perez, it is all the same. STFU

  2. 2

    You capitalized on her death by putting ads in front of every video you posted. You are as big a scumbag as those you are criticizing. And you'll continue to post stories about her every chance you get. Why don't you tell us the difference between what you're doing and what the others are doing? Look in the fucking mirror douchebag.

  3. 3

    In defence of Bobby, I think he has spent years being blamed for Whitney's downfall, when, in fact, she was the bigger partier. Having said that, he has a daughter to think about, it will definitely cause her pain, so he should put her needs ahead of his own and not do it.

  4. 4

    ching not chig

  5. 5

    You question if the family selling the FUNERAL footage is tasteless or beneficial then go to slam Bobby Brown? Not to mention coming from you, who do crap like that all day long. How'd your two first books go? hm?

  6. 6

    You mean there's more to tell? Anyways, I've already heard enough about this dysfunctional family….NEXT!

  7. 7

    he's probably looking to vindicate himself

  8. 8

    Bobby may not be the classiest but he is not responsible for Whitney's demise and it is time he stop being the family scapegoat. She made her choices and no one stepped in to stop her and now they all live with the consequence. How is Bobby selling a book any worse then the family videotaping the funeral and then selling it as they have done?

  9. 9

    That whole story is most probably a total fabrication.

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: thebigboot – Agree. At least Bobby Brown was actually THERE. If he has a story to tell, he has an actual right to tell it.

  11. 11


  12. 12

    Well first the auction house wants to sell her stuff from The Bodyquard movie and now bobbie. If his daughter is really in need of rehab , this will just make it so much worse. She obviously adored her Mother.

  13. 13

    Cha-chig? Did you mean ca-ching, or did you try to make it more realistic knowing that Bobby Brown most likely slurs his words? I'm betting on the former. On topic, how is this even remotely surprising or even shocking? This is his character, he is a taker. That is all he knows. Take your energy, your spirit, your money, and in a sense, your life. It's called a parasite.

  14. 14

    I hope you read this Perez. You are a sad pathetic disgusting old lifeless queer who makes his living off of trashing people. It is going to bring many people a GREAT satisfaction when they are peeling your bullet riddled corpse off the pavement. You will be judged. You are already hated and the sick thing is, you love it! Proving that you are a suicidal parasite feeding off of the dead skin of people greater than you. You are not a celebrity. Nor a star. You are a symbol of what is wrong with this country. A disgrace to all of us walking the earth with love in our hearts. A speck of feces on the history of the human race. I hope you suffer….hell…just being you must be punishment enough.

  15. 15

    So…you call Bobby Brown out for trying to sell a book he was shopping YEARS ago..but her family pimps out her actual funeral the day after it's filmed and that's just OK with you. what a hypocrit……..

  16. 16

    Shame but the truth be told she married that loser!!! Hello and he is her baby's daddy

  17. 17

    On one had you have the 'family' stripping the hotel room so that no one can make any money off of anything that was in the room. Then they turn around and say they are going to sell the funeral video. This leads one to believe that there was more than one reason it was only 'family' at the funeral; can you imagine trying to get releases from all those celebrities?

    I'm sure BB probably introduced Whitney to drugs, amazingly enough, she 'appeared' to be more addicted then him. Does it really surprise anyone that he would again try to sell a book? Is that any worse than a funeral video? Can't we just have a sigh of relief that he isn't STILL married to her? Sony raised, then said it was a 'mistake', the prices for her music. I read somewhere that Netflex was pulling all of her movies off the 'free' list. Ah, capitalist America.

    Heard on the news even if she was broke when she died that when everything settles (re-newed sales of her recordings, etc.) that BK will probably end up w/about $80 million. This scares me, for her sake. Never having to go to college/work, and an 'alleged' addiction problem….

    Oh, Perez — why is it SO horrible for BB to sell a book but it's o.k. for Taylor Armstrong to profit off her deceased husband? They were not living together, he committed suicide, and he abused her (allegedly) — how about how HER daughter is going to feel in a few years?

  18. 18

    now does anyone feel sorry for him anyone??? NO!

  19. 19

    PEREZ-THIS COMMENT IS TO : Pacific Ocean Gal -Your in fantasy land and you have no idea wtf is going on and you are rude and nasty-go suck Bobby Brown's dick-Pacific Ocean Ho

  20. 20

    And how is what YOU do any different, Mario? You are a pimple on the ass of humanity who makes his living off of the misfortune of others, and where there is no story, you make one up. You should STFU when it comes to this shit, asshole.
    We've had Houston's spin doctors trashing Brown for a long time, and he has the right to tell his side of the story. Houston was no angel, and I remind you that Brown is clean and sober, unlike Houston was, so who was the problem?
    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal – Hell yeah.
    Re: JoeBell76 – Dead right.

  21. 21

    Re: becksavirgo – Remove your mouth from around it first, fool. It's time for you to suck Perez off anyhow. Christ you're stupid.

  22. 22

    he is a peice of shit BEST WAY to remember her would be to ignore and not buy his trash

  23. 23

    Well Bobby dropped out of releasing the book years ago, due to him and Whitney talking for the first time since divorcing. His friend Derrick Handspike carried on with the release of the book…….I actually have the book and this is written at the beginning…….So for all those hating on Bobby you have him all wrong..oh and Whitneys dealer uncle rob states in a tv interview Whitney was his first customer then 4 yrs on introduced Bobby as a potential new client he also stated Whitney was a lot older than Bobby and more experience with using……….