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Every GLEE-Tail: It Gets Better

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Did that just happen? Really, did that just happen?! We don't know what to do. WE DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. But we do know one thing:

This is why we still watch Glee.

We're going to tackle our recap this week in a more serious manner, to really pay tribute to what Ryan Murphy and Co. did on their show last night. All week we've been hearing how this episode would be the most "shocking" in Glee history. While it most definitely ended on a cliffhanger to keep fans frantic for the next seven weeks, it's what happened in the first ten minutes that captured our attention more.

Consider this your SPOILER ALERT, although we doubt that if you're reading this post, you haven't already seen the episode.

What we have always admired about Glee is that very early on, it took on a responsibility to portray honest, relatable, and topical problems facing today's youth. Yes, sometimes the show veers off into fantasy. Yes, even the most loyal Gleeks will admit that from time to time, the show gets ridiculous (in a good way!). But to it's core, Glee has always strived to be the kind of show a teen can turn on and relate to. We only hope they tuned in last night.

In perhaps the most chilling and relevant storyline in the show's history, Dave Karofsky, a former McKinley jock who once tormented Chris Colfer's character Kurt Hummel because of his sexuality, attempted to take his own life after facing the same kind of ignorance. Cyber-bullied by his classmates and humiliated when the word "fag" is spray-painted on his locker, Dave goes home, puts on his best suit, and tries to hang himself from a beam in his bedroom.

If that moment didn't convince a few homophobes the error of their ways, we don't know what will.

The scenes that follow are perhaps some of the more candid and gut-wrenching ever to be seen on the show: Karofsky's father finding his body, his teachers blaming themselves for not doing more, and his classmates conflicted over whether to consider his act sad or selfish. These are the kinds of topics that need to be addressed in a world where so many young, precious lives are lost because of hate, violence and ignorance.

But the most important moment of the episode was hands down Kurt's visit to the hospital to see his friend and remind him that there is so much to live for. He helps Dave imagine the future, a time where he'll have a family and a career and a life he'll be happy he still has to live. We just hope that every kid out there who feels alone, scared or unwanted, just for a moment, closes their eyes and does as Dave did. Imagine what your future might hold for you if you stay strong for one more day. And don't do it alone! Get your friends together for a Glee power circle and support each other in making every day the best it can be … because every day can be wonderful! We'll say it again, and we'll keep saying it until the happy day we feel like it never has to be said again:

It gets better.

Of course, we can't ignore the rest of the episode. Sue Sylvester is pregnant (identity of baby daddy TBA) and she wants to help Schuester win Nationals. Because of what happened to Karofsky, Finn and Rachel agree that life is too short and decide to get married after Regionals, which they win! Thankfully, there were no hard feelings from the Warblers, whose leader Sebastian also has a change of heart after hearing about Karofsky and vows never to be cruel with his competition again. Quinn finally gives Rachel her blessing to marry Finn and even agrees to be one of her bridesmaids. On the drive over to the courthouse, Quinn reaches down to answer a text from Rachel … and a truck smashes into her car. BOOM.

Will Quinn survive? Or is this RIB's way of writing her out of season four? Will Rachel and Finn tie the knot? Or will they learn of their friend's accident and be overcome with guilt?

As the episode said: To be continued ….

See you April 10th!

And remember …. IT. GETS. BETTER.

We only have two side notes this week:

1. Don't text and drive!
2. Don't give up! If you need to talk to someone, CLICK HERE to contact the Trevor Project. They are here to help!

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12 comments to “Every GLEE-Tail: It Gets Better”

  1. 1

    I am sorry but this episode was tooo cheezy. It was supposed to inspire and uplift but it was a cheezy, sappy , mess. So they handled two issues in one episode, gay bullying and texting and driving. It was really lame and even the music was uninspiriring.

  2. 2

    Chris Colfer was the best, as always!! Very Good Max Adler too!

  3. 3

    This is relatable? lmao. It's a contrived and unrealistic series, there is nothing accurate about high school life, no student acts like the students on this show. It's brainless. Maybe that's why you enjoy it. A better ending would have been to have the whole cast in the car that gets hit by the truck.

  4. 4

    I wish they sould not have rushed the suicide attempt. That story should have been at least 2 or 3 episodes. Hopefully Dave's character will seek help when Glee returns.

  5. 5

    I've got to say that the suicide story was handled pretty well, but I was unimpressed with the episode as a whole. I thought that the three worst parts of the story were the way Kurt basically told Quinn that she couldn't understand feeling hopeless and alone (as a gay man I think that anyone telling someone else that there problems are worse is ridiculous, and a lot of people wind up trying to kill themselves for a lot of reasons).

    The other two were the teacher's suicide story, that was so ridiculous and forced. The change in the bad guy from the other team was also really contrived and felt false. Overall an ok episode, but I'm not seeing the amazing.

  6. 6

    Re: Lady Who? – OMG!! Please shut the hell up!! I am randomly on here but your seem to always be on here. WTF! I understand why people hate, they have to much time on their hands. Like you!! I see all the ugly things you say but why are you even on here if all you do is Hate hate hate!! Some people needed this episode of glee. Not everybody was born with an easy boring life like you! Please, for the rest of us who don't like negativity, Shut up!! Or call a help line. like the Trevor project, they will help you with your problem!

  7. 7

    it was intense but so good, and Quinn :( I hope she she is alive!!!!!

  8. 8

    Re: GeeBee – lol i agree about the shu's suicide story. my husband and i were watching and both commented about how it seemed so breakfast club ala michael anthony hall.

  9. 9

    loved it!! Such great material last night and omg QUINN???!?!!?? I wont make it 7 weeks I need to know now lol! Loved their songs too! Seriously though was I the only breaking down in tears when Quinn got hit???

  10. 10

    H8ers be gone!
    That was an amazingly powerful episode - it had two very important messages about bullying & texting while driving. Glee has always stood up and tackled tough subjects head on and this is why it is so loved. Throw in a bit of unrealistic fun here & there with some songs, romance & fluff and you have the amazing show that is GLEE!

  11. xoxoj says – reply to this


    Re: GeeBee – I totally agree about the teacher's story. As somebody who struggled with suicidal depression as a teen, I was actually offended by it.

  12. 12

    Re: Lady Who? – QUESTION: Why are you even here? Haha do you seriously have that much time on your hands to read articles recapping a show you most likely don't even like and then post negative comments about it? Seems pretty pathetic to me.

    As for the episode, I really appreciated it. Sure it was cheesy and a little forced, but considering that it IS 'Glee', I expected nothing less. Even though it had a few flaws, I thought it was touching and completely relevant to issues pertaining to teenagers today.