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What Do U Think?

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Earlier today, we reported that the National Enquirer has plastered alleged pictures of Whitney Houston's open casket across the nation by using it as their cover. We think it's a tasteless, insensitive, morbid thing to do … but we want to know what U think!

Do U think the National Enquirer should be banned from newsstands this week?

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Do U think the National Enquirer should be banned from newsstands this week?

  • No (30%)
  • Yes (70%)

Total Votes: 28,271

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22 comments to “What Do U Think?”

  1. 1

    Should NOT be banned. It's called freedom of the press…

  2. 2

    Whitney was buried in over $500,000 worth of jewels! Trust me… she would have wanted to be seen.

  3. 3

    Why the exception for Whitney Houston? They post pics like that all the time…

  4. 4

    I guess it may depend on how the pictures were obtained and if the magazine has a legal right to use them. So don't know if it CAN be banned. But just because someone CAN do something, doesn't mean they SHOULD. I was in the grocery store yesterday and the front page of one of the scandal sheets showed her body on the hotel bathroom floor. I was shocked they would have that right at the check out line for anyone to see.

  5. 5

    Why is it wrong to show pictures of Whitney Houston's open casket but it was fine for James Brown. As long as she wasn't mangled by a lawn mower, I think it's okay. Get a life Perez!

  6. 6

    they have a history of getting these shots. don't know how they do it but they do. It isn't that I wouldn't look because I would and that is just human nature. I wouldn't look if it was there to see. I don't believe that she was buried with all those jewels as a poster has stated. That would make grave robbing a reality. It is for the family to release if they want to and then I would have more respect. I have no doubt that if this were a Kardashian they would be selling the pics to the highest bidder. Kris J would probably even offer at a high price for people to come and have their pic taken with a dead Kardashian…

  7. 7

    Your a fucking idiot. Why would they be banned. For god sakes, the family sold the viewing online and is starting the Jackson Family plan of making as much cash as possible off of their relatives death. I'm sure the Enquirer bought it from her family. What a joke.

  8. Rohan says – reply to this


    You do the same crap, Mario! You put commercials before all your clips of her funeral and news pieces to make money off of her death. You exploit her death for profit, so what's the difference??

  9. 9

    on a less vicious note towards perez, because his opinion encompasses freedom of press as well , I understand why at first it appears a little disrespectful but honestly for alot of people, pictures of people postmortem brings them closure. She was loved by many of her fans and I think this picture probably helps them come to terms with the loss of a "favorite singer" or "hero" or whatever kind of inspiration her positive actions had on people. I think she looks beautiful, its a lovely last photo.

  10. 10

    Yes it should. I was JUST in the grocery store and put my food on the thingy, looked up, and BAM there it was. I actually looked to the right to avoid having to see her like that, took the mag, and flipped it so I wouldn't have to be staring at her body. That is so unbelievably rude. If it was YOUR family member, you all would have a problem with it I bet.

  11. 11

    Why ban it? I've seen tons of photos posted that are taken by people of their loved ones in the casket. It's not for me personally, but I've seen it on sev friends FB, etc. Besides that, it's already come out the family is marketing the funeral to benefit Bobbi Kristina, the Enquirer should just send the ck to her for the use of her mom's pic. They should also have to reveal who it was that sold them the pic.

  12. 12

    So I recall a time when you posted a picture of Anna Nicole Smith's dead son Daniel online, yes it was quickly removed but, yeah you went there Perez…so not sure how you can possibly have anything to say about this!!!

  13. 13

    Re: lautomlol25 – totally agree, why is Perez on the Whitney bandwagon anyway? Wasn't he slamming her previously with her "drunk and disheveled" pics right before her death? He just wants his 15 min on the news shows again to discuss Whitney. Two faced Flip Flop if u ask me.

  14. 14

    Has the family sold those pics? I zhink it is morbid indeed. Does anybody ever think of Bobbi Kris ? Must be a nightmare for her.

  15. 15

    Are you kidding me? The family is going to SELL footage of the private ceremony, which is tasteless in itself. What makes the NE any different from anyone else trying to profit on this tragedy? If this issue is banned, that's messing with Freedom of the Press. I would think someone like Perez wouldn't want that Amendment getting messed with, seeing as how his source of income would fall into the category of things people could try to censor. As someone else pointed out, Perez posted the picture of Anna Nicole Smith with her dead son. That was what was a truly tasteless, insensitive, and morbid thing to do. The Whitney photo probably isn't even real, so who gives a crap?

  16. 16

    I get freedom of the press and banning it could be dangerous, but it is pretty sick that they think it is okay to show a dead body in a casket on the cover. They are doing this for the shock value. Maybe it should be covered with black plastic.

  17. 17

    If the family is not behind this. This sucks!!

  18. oblio says – reply to this


    I think YOU will exploit anything to can to get the "click" on your website, which is why you created a second post about something you think is wrong. You are such a HYPOCRITE!

  19. 19

    Who cares she's just another body

  20. 20

    I dont know if I would've put it on the cover. But I saw it….and I actually thought it was beautiful too. She just looks like she's peacefully sleeping. And the mortician who did her make up did a fantastic job.

  21. 21

    I am a genealogist and I have lots of photos of people in there caskets. A long time ago, it could be the only picture of the person. Is the family upset because they didn't think of it, like the selling of the funeral video for the estate.

  22. 22

    I don't see why it's wrong to show the pictures of Whitney in her casket. She looks beautiful! People can say they don't want to see that, but I'm sure they looked! I'd rather see this picture that a picture when she was found in the bathtub!