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Perez Makes Out's Most Eligible Bachelor List!!

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perez hilton out most eligible bachelor

We're so honored!!!

Perez Hilton has been named one of the most eligible bachelors on this year's fabulous list compiled by Out magazine!!

We're up there with some of the hottest in Hollywood like Zachary Quinto and Marc Jacobs!!

AHH!! We're blushing, LOL!!!

Thanks Out!! You're so kind!!

P.S. CLICK HERE to "follow" Perez on Twitter!

P.P.S. CLICK HERE to "like" Perez on Facebook!

[Image via Brian Doherty.]

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76 comments to “Perez Makes Out's Most Eligible Bachelor List!!”

  1. 1

    I don't find you very attractive, but you do look better than ever. Now, if you could just grow up, act your age and hire a speech coach, I could somewhat agree with you being on this list.

  2. 2

    Show us the goodies, then we can decide if we want to hook up with you. Marc Jacobs let everyone see his goodies.

  3. 3

    What's this "we're" talk? Your website isn't on the list. I think you mean "I'M blushing." Just like the rest of Hollywood, you obsess on your outward appearance but don't give a shit about being a good person on the inside. Right now you're focused on the following important issues: 1. the career of the Muppets 2. making sure violent abusers get to abuse again

  4. 4

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwww, only ppl that would want you are old bean queen daddies

  5. 5

    Jon gosselin is also an elligible bachelor. So what> I don't get it, not every fug is making the list.?

  6. 6

    This is
    a gorgeous
    picture of you,
    good job in the
    weight loss department
    as well! Keep up the good work!

  7. 7

    Ummmmm, is that your sexy look? Sorry bud, you look like you were shit out of a dirty hairy butthole and some hair stuck………stay strong

  8. 8

    He will always be one. I wonder when he'll realize that he's retarded.

  9. 9

    Who did you have to blow to get this honor?

  10. 10


  11. 11

    so, you don't need to be a decent person in order to an eligible bachelor? good to know that…

  12. 12

    Sooooo coool! Congrats :D )))

  13. 13

    How did they hide the hair plugs?

  14. 14

    Congrats! you look FANTASTIC on this picture!! What a shame you play for the other team! :) ))

  15. 15

    Lmao. Was this a list of most eligible pedophiles? They should change the name of the mag to Out of Touch. With that pig nose, hair plugs and gigantic forehead, you are one ugly and grotesque gay. And you'll always be alone and taking holidays with the Momma.

  16. 16

    Perez, you look fantastic in that picture. Congratulations.

  17. 17

    That doesen't make any sence, he's a fruit.

  18. 18

    like the pic, especially the eyes. very male-model.

  19. 19

    They photo-shopped the bolts out of your neck, Herman Munster.

  20. 20

    That's wonderful new, I suppose, except for the part where … well, who would admit to hooking up with you? But congrats anyway! Now get back to praising Adele for shooting the bird while condemning M.I.A. for doing the same thing. Go on now … back to being The Most Eligible Bully!

  21. 21

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Funniest thing I've read this year.

  22. 22

    Yeah, everyone wants a date with that Frankenstein head

  23. 23

    Since when is eligible a synonym for desperate?

  24. 24

    Congrats!! thats great! :)

  25. 25

    Beautiful eyes Mario. Congrats.

  26. 26

    They must have been desperate to fill the list. Not only are you ugly on the outside, you're even uglier on the inside. You bullied people for years, called women sluts and drew semen on people's faces. Truly the world would be a better place without you in it.

  27. 27

    Wow such hateful comments. This is Perez's blog so if he wants to write about himself receiving an honor, then let him! If you hate him and his personal views so much, then please stop visiting HIS website. No one goes to your place of employment and disrespects you. And about his "bullying" comments, he has repented and changed his ways. There as SOOOO many other bullying celeb websites out there. Get a life and stop the hatred.

  28. 28

    Who's "we're"? Do you have an imaginary friend?

  29. 29

    To the negative people on here,
    You come on here and bash Perez for his negativity and bullying yet you are doing the exact same thing by saying mean things to him. Please take a note from your own book.

    Congrats Perez! You are looking wonderful!

  30. Wrenn says – reply to this


    Yeah…if you like fugly.

  31. 31

    Re: kenyasmom – I couldn't agree more - you said exactly what I was about to. Perez… be proud of your accomplishments. Great job! For those that comment just to bash - real nice… and hypocritical. If you dislike him so much, why are you reading his website and taking the time to post negative comments? Seriously, get a life. Good job Perez.

  32. 32

    I'll bet you just barely edged out Chaz Bono. Eligible - that's a laugh. At your age it's more a testament to your ugliness and ineptitude.

  33. 33

    Way to go, Perez! :) All your hard work is paying off! Hopefully you'll have someone to share your success with!

  34. 34

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  35. 35

    ZOMG Kudos on the weight loss, but…seriously? LOLZ

  36. 36

    Awww Perez you look so handsome! Good for you!

  37. 37

    damn, yeah right. can you imagine having this tool as a bf?? as soon as you break up he'd be posting all your biz all over the internet! who would trust him?? not to mention his bad hair plugs and his herman munster head - ew ew ew! i guess they were just having a tough time finding enough single gay dudes at Out mag.

  38. 38

    Perezito = Eye Broccoli
    (opposite of eye candy…)

  39. 39

    There really isn't enough out gay celebrities to make a list but I guess this is okay. Congrats.

  40. 40

    trying for that butch look this time? the girly man didn't work so well?

  41. Glen says – reply to this


    Aren't you on grindr all the time doing random hookups (you said so on Stern) Eligable would mean you want a boyfriend. You just want to pick and chose hot star fuckers to come blow you.

  42. 42

    And "eligible bachelor you will remain." No one will ever want your ugliness on the inside and outside. Fucking tool.

  43. 43

    Re: JennyJJJ – he's in love with 'royal' we for a long time

  44. 44

    Re: rickraton – oh god PLEASE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. 45

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  46. 46

    Truly sickening. Too bad there aren't any guys interested in dating an HIV positive meth addict who acts like a flaming queen. Next…

  47. 47

    This is a great photo of you, Perez Hilton!

  48. 48

    When I first saw this I was like "GOD where is photoshop when you need it!!". Then its you?? HAHA! Love it. Your ears are huge I'm surprised you dont fly away with those puppies. Don't let this get your head Mario, I would hate to see that GIANT head of yours get any bigger.. I mean shit do you have a big ass head…

  49. 49

    nice photoshopping on pretty much the entire front half of your head/hairline. ridiculous. i can't.

  50. 50

    i voted for u perez

    ur dam right hes eligible he runs about 4-5 websites he promotes celebritys as well as trashing them in 'nice ' ways so they can better themselves and hes gone from a troubled fat kid in a hoodie to one grown up ambassador .

    u go boy wowwwwwwwwwwww

  51. 51

    oh and i want to add as soon as hes done some weights hell also be the hottest of them as most of them other ones arnt anything special and perez is special hes one of a kind..

  52. 52

    and yes he has dolls eyes ..

  53. 53

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  54. 54

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  55. @v@ says – reply to this


    Most eligible bachelor, huh? Cool. Remember; wedding bands mysteriously look a little like miniature handcuffs.

  56. 56

    i want to post a "separated @ birth" comparison, but i've checked everywhere and can't find a photo of an aardvarks arse crack

  57. 57

    Congrats Perez. Marc Jacobs is a hottie. You should see if he'll be your boyfriend!

  58. 58

    It's really disappointing how negative and cruel people can be. Many of you are criticizing Perez for the same behavior you are now showing. I praise you for being more supportive and positive with your website Perez, and think you look very handsome. Congratulations!

  59. 59

    Re: Pcenlove1177 – its not their fault perez created monsters who criticise celebritys now the same monstors attack him because hes a celebrity cant have it both ways i guess..

  60. 60

    Re: Pcenlove1177 – He's not nicer, he's just passive aggressive now instead of being directly obnoxious. He still saying a lot of the same things he use to say, he just "crosses it out" now, so I wouldn't exactly call that nice. Some of these comments on here are very harsh, but Perez hasn't changed enough for me to feel sorry for him.

  61. 61

    Baaaaahahahaha! How much did you pay them Mario! My gaaaawd what a fugly skunk you are (no wonder you're still single - sh!t face and sh!t personality). Perhaps Mario will consider getting his nose fixed and a ear reduction the more and more he looks at this picture. Mario you're still a loser with a ugly face and a even UGLIER personality… you will probably be a bachelor forever and end up dieing alone which is karma for all the lives you have ruined and the sh!t you have put people through all for the sake of a "successful" blog!

  62. 62

    Its just a pointless list of 100 well known gay men, half of them are in committed relationships EXCEPT Mario! No wonder you're still single - sh!t face and sh!t personality. Perhaps Mario will consider getting his nose fixed and a ear reduction the more and more he looks at this picture. Mario you're still a loser with a ugly face and a even UGLIER personality… You will probably be a bachelor forever and end up dieing alone which I believe is karma for all the lives you have ruined and the sh!t you have put people through all for the sake of a "successful" blog!

  63. 63

    You really look amuzaing. Congratulations.

  64. Bevi says – reply to this


    Really nice picture of you! Now that you're on the list, we want to hear if you get lucky because of it. Ok, I used the royal we. I meant that I want to hear if you get lucky. I'm just burning with curiosity.

  65. 65

    Must be a lot of ugly gays out there for you to make the list.

  66. 66

    You look great, Perez. Congrats.

  67. 67

    Sorry, I love your website; but I had to take a double take! you look like Goran Vandesloot:(

  68. 68

    Don't make me laugh perez.

  69. 69

    whoa, did they photoshop your hairline enough?

  70. 70

    Re: kenyasmom – Boohooohooo , bullying a bully isn't the same as bullying a teenage girl for no reason at all (well except that Perez hates women because they date the guys he would have loved to suck).
    Now cry yourself to sleep.

  71. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Lose the screff - you don't have a good looking face to pull it off and it makes you look dirty - not in a good way.

  72. 7tizz says – reply to this


    *scruff - ugh, why can't we edit these posts like on every other forum in the world?

  73. 73

  74. 74

    Re: RachelSarahNYCHaha I know I hate this blog!! It doesnt even give you a pop up message when someone replies to you and I HATE that! Good example?? The message above me that I sent by accident :)

  75. 75

    I think it's hilarious that so many people are saying such hurtful things about this man and yet obviously read his genius website. Jealous, jealous, jealous!
    Perez - You're fantastic!

  76. 76

    Re: Zeppelin – A successful blog it is….you are reading it after all…AND taking the time to comment. You're silly!