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John Edwards' Mistress Gets Their Sex Tape Back!!

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rielle hunter sex tape john edwards

Sigh… such a tacky tale!!

Remember when John Edwards was caught having an affair with Rielle Hunter?? Poor Elizabeth…

Well… one of the juiciest parts of that story was the sex tape part!!

Andrew Young, author of The Politician, says he found it in the trash one day after Rielle was moving out of their "humble abode." LOL!!

Super PISSED, Rielle sued Andrew, and she just won it back in court!!

Good for her. Now she'll always have documentation of that one time she helped wreck a happy home!! YaY…

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9 comments to “John Edwards' Mistress Gets Their Sex Tape Back!!”

  1. 1

    'She wrecked a happy home'? If someone cheats on their spouse, it is not a happy home. If it were happy, there would be no urge to cheat. Yes, cheating is wrong, and it is even worse when a spouse is ill and needs support, but the whole 'home-wrecker' theme is an outdated misogynistic term.

  2. 2

    IM sure Bordello Madam (Kris Jenner) will be in touch with her
    Giving her the finer points of selling your sex tapes to the masses

  3. 3

    I don't care if she's a homewrecker or whatever. WTF is girlfriend thinking with a damned zebra headband, fresh water pearls choker, tear-drop pearl earrings, fake strand of round pearls, yellow ass teeth, zip up blouse?, black man blazer, crunchy fried hair. HOT MESS!

  4. 4

    humble abode, LOL, wow, those zingers, you are such the pithy one. How do you come up with those clever funny sayings like "humble abode". You are so creative, we are all in awe.

  5. 5

    And 1 more thing, are you ever going to fucking do any research, or remain the pathetic fuck you are for all of time. For god sakes, read a fucking news site. She didn't get the tape back, the only tape there is, is locked up in the courthouse, and now it will be professionally destroyed, like when you call the sensitive document people to come to your office to shred your shit and throw it out. That is the ruling, not that she gets it back. God damn your fucking pathetic.

  6. 6

    Who are we to judge whether The Edward's had a "happy home" or not? As previously posted, cheating IS cheating. Rielle and John will have to live with what they did to Elizabeth and her family. If Rielle was smart at all, she would have destroyed the tape before carelessly throwing it out with the trash. The woman has NO SHAME !

  7. 7

    She helped wreck a happy family ha if he cheated on his wife there were some problems before she came around. I would bet she wasnt the only one too.

  8. 8

    Sorry, she is a home-wrecking HORSE! She knew he was married…and went up to him telling him how incredibly sexy he was……and he is a dog….his poor wife had cancer, and more then likely wasn't up to giving it to him in the bedroom, as she was raising their young kids, and going through radiation, and what not, so dog went to the first bitch that came onto him. I have zero respect for a HORSE that knows a guy is married, knows wife had cancer, and flirts with husband going on about how sexy he is. What an example for their daughter to live up to huh? Oh, and knowingly got pregnant! Dog should have been neutered!

  9. 9

    If somebody's mistress taped their sex activities, something is wrong. She will use it as her weapon to demand something from him. J. Edward is a lawyer how come he didn't realize that he was involved with a trash? Anyway they produced a bastard. poor little baby, she was born out of lust not love. She got her tape back…..regardless…..trust me, there are some duplicates of her tape out there. I don't think this woman minds at all. RIP Elizabeth.