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10 comments to “facebook-all-the-songs-ive-purchased-on-itunes”

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    The first item all day that we can actually comment on, and this is it? Surely there was more to the oscar's than just fashion. No gossip at all? Here is a suggestion Perez, put items from your other sights in the side panel, not the main panel. Keep the main panel open for comments.

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    WHO CARES! And can we please stop with all the fashion. Isn't that what Coco Perez is for? You're a gossip site…gossip!

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    I've been right there with you. I like most of the songs on her album, 4. I had Schoolin Life on repeat this morning.

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  5. Coqi says – reply to this


    Marketing sell out whore. Why not just turn your whole site into a commercial since no one comes anymore for gossip.

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    I'm a little surprised you didn't already have all that Destiny's Child music, but ooh those are some good ones! I love Bug a Boo :)

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    Good list Mario. You should get a peep of mine! Ha, ha….

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    Re: rosebud99 – It's because no one if visiting the other sites. and he's to concerned about being friends with the celebrities to gossip about them

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    … You should really keep this private, because it makes me like you less. You already make it hard with your self riotous political crap, and the super gay thing you have going on.
    ( Gay is a sexual preference, it should not be everything you are. I wish Zachary quinto had a blog, I bet it would be deep, funny, interesting, and not singularly focused on how gay he is.) Now you have wickedly bad taste in music. I want to like you perez, but damn it, get a grip man.
    * just trying to help

  10. 10

    My comment from yesterday didn't get added because I mentioned other sites to purchase Music. He must be getting a nice chuck of change to advertise that way.