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Richard Dreyfuss Brings Some Craziness To The Oscars!

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Maybe he was just in character, prepping for his next movie: Mr. Holland's OMG!

Check out the bizaaaarrrreeee video (above) featuring a difficult-to-follow post-Oscars interview with actor Richard Dreyfuss.

We're not sure if this Jaws/American Graffiti star had a few too many drinks, or if he's on something, OR if he's really just lost his mind, but we hope he's able to get his shiz together soon…one way or another.

What do U think is going on with Richard???

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17 comments to “Richard Dreyfuss Brings Some Craziness To The Oscars!”

  1. 1

    Only in a totally dumbed down culture is this guy's response written off as "crazy." His reticence about the quality of young actors has more to do with a common opinion that there really AREN'T many worth caring about. His humor about the country and constitution was totally missed. This whole posting reminds me of all the dumb gay guys in West Hollywood who dismiss you as "crazy" or "weird" if you have half a brain and don't flip over Rihanna's latest single. Perez is obviously one of those dumb queens - with mild sociopathic/bullying tendencies.

  2. 2

    This makes me SO SAD. I could be his kid but I always thought he was such a cutie pie and so full of pep. :*(

  3. 3

    The Koch (?) bros are republican donors. If he is so set on this then why not George soros, Daily Kos?

  4. 4

    he seems fine to me, just fed up with hollyweird bullshit! good for him. get a clue, "Perez" - at least he's not a fugly hairplugged asshole bully like you!

  5. 5

    Perez, you really need to start reading the NY Times. What he's saying isn't bizarre, it's cantankerous but relevant.

  6. 6

    How very caring of you Perez, to suggest that he must be maladjusted or intoxicated on some way. Sounds more like he's jaded by your kind of sarface-level Hollywood bullshit.

  7. 7

    What he's talking about is the complete meltdown of a nation. What he's talking about are people, the likes of whomever wrote this post, who spread nothing but ignorance, bad taste and complete artistic garbage. What he's talking about is the rape and total destruction of our Constitution from 2001-present. What he's talking about is grabbing people by the heads and shaking them until they wake up from the constant distraction, whatever that distraction may be. And, as the first comment pointed out, the dumbing down of a nation. The dumbing down that's gotten so bad that most people are a breath away from thinking the planet is flat, that gays are witches and should be burned at the stake, and that the moon is made of cheese. And it's a shame that you imply that he's "crazy". One who attempts to stand up for Gay rights and is tolerant of other ideas. This post, Pezez, was no different than the statements that Santorum makes. No different than the ignorant speech that Bachmann dished out on a daily basis. Do your research. Go find out what he's referring to when mentioning the Koch brothers. Go talk to intelligent people and ask them what he was talking about when speaking of the preamble. Maybe, just maybe, you will then change your tune and stop acting like the ignorant fuck you so despise and are disgusted by on a daily basis.

  8. 8

    I don't understand how these people think they can drink and drug and then maintain at an event with so much going on around them. I always liked Richard Dreyfuss but jeez what an asshole he turned out to be.

  9. 9

    … but on second thought maybe he had brain damage from lack of oxygen during his plastic surgery anesthesia, or maybe the botox froze a part of his brain he needs for intelligence. Just thought I'd put that out there.

  10. 10

    Re: gretel – he's not an asshole, actually. he's passionate about a cause that not many people care about anymore. check this out: thedreyfussinitiative.org.

  11. 11

    Re: perez_hoor – Thanks for the website info. Perez…I thought you were not going to be judgmental anymore? You especially should not judge that which you do not understand.

  12. 12

    So typical that the one person who used his platform to say something important is called "crazy".

  13. 13

    C'mon Perez?! Are you serious? You need to start following along!

  14. 14

    I am embarrassed for you, Perez. Clearly, there is nothing wrong with Richard Dreyfuss!

    The assertion that you made is called defamation of character. Your claim has no basis nor merit.

    Please, just try to have some ethics.

  15. 15

    Here is a reaffirmation of who he is: Many years ago my friend's dad had a custom greeting card business. Richard Dreyfuss came into his office and asked instead of sitting in the guest chair if he could sit in the bosses chair behind the desk. My friend's dad agreed to this switch. After less than a minute into their conversation Mr. Dreyfuss put his hands behind his head leaned back in the chair and put his feet up on my friend's dad's desk. My friend's dad immediately told him to get his $@&$(# feet off of his desk. Mr. Dreyfuss immediately complied and said "I just like to see how far I can push people".

  16. 16

    He's just got something up his ass, that's all. He's never been the most pleasant guy.

  17. 17

    I don't see what you mean crazy. He is highly intelligent and into his retirement, politics and his home,rather than Hollywood bs about young talent. This interviewer isn't very good- he's trying to force an answer out of him.You can see that's not his thing. He doesn't drink either, so lay off Richard.