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Whitney Houston's Funeral Home Says They Did NOT Leak That Casket Photo!!

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whitney houston casket photo

So remember how National Enquirer published Whitney Houston's casket photo??

UGH! Gross, right??

Well the family is DEVASTATED and the world wants answers!!

But the funeral home says don't go pointing fingers at them!

According to Carolyn Whigham, owner of the Whigham Funeral Home:

We did not take that photo. We did not sell the photo. We would never do something like that.

And despite numerous threats placed on the home, Carolyn is happy knowing the family doesn't place blame on them.

But if they didn't do it, then who did… ????

[Image via WENN.]

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18 comments to “Whitney Houston's Funeral Home Says They Did NOT Leak That Casket Photo!!”

  1. 1

    Who Cares! The woman is dead. Someone took a photo. Its over. Its done. Get on with life!

  2. 2

    I believe them, and I don't believe the family
    I'M sure whoever took the picture was in the inner circle, and sold the box shot for some big bucks
    And who was the A hole that put out the Whitney was buried with $500,000 in gold jewelry ????
    You know that is just too tempting to all the crack heads out there

  3. 3

    Exactlyand no the world doesn't want answers and I doubt anyone is devasted.

  4. 4

    Wasn't she carrying Neil Fifer's baby at the time of her death (maybe his screwed her to death)?

  5. 5

    WHO CARES!!!!!! how long are you going to talk about her? Why didn't you post a picture of Angelina looking like a bobble head and throwing her leg out at the Academy awards? Don't you want anyone insulting your favorite bag of bones and plastic?

  6. 6

    of course they didn't, it was obvious someone AT the funeral took the fucking picture. people (especially a lot of try-hard/has-been/wannabe celebs) are scum, i'm sure TONS of people are trying to make money/get noticed because of poor whitney dying.

  7. 7

    she never looked better…

  8. 8

    This is such old news I'm surprised you know Whitneys dead.

  9. 9

    3-days-old news

  10. 10

    I don't care about the casket photo, I want to see the Hilton Bath-Tub Photos…

  11. 11

    Re: snappy23 – Agreed 100%

  12. 12

    I am over dead drug users for real, can we stop hearing about them please Perez.

  13. 13

    you post about how personal this issue should be, and how appalling it is that someone would take the photo and yet you post a direct link to it. you're such a hypocritical punk bitch. i genuinely hope you get punched in the face again.

  14. 14

    The family leaked it to pay off her drug debt. NEXT STORY!

  15. 15

    How come no one is suing the National Enquirer if not for money than at least for the name of the person who sold the pic to them (and to whom they cut a check)? Wouldn't that be the simplest, most direct way to get to s/he or those involved? Follow the MONEY trail as me'daddy taught me.

  16. Rossi says – reply to this


    Now you've gone and made Rihanna jealous and wantin' some o' this attention you give dead celebs. She's beggin' Chris to step up his game.

  17. 17

    Old news. E! got an interview with the funeral lady DAAAAAAAys ago.

  18. markk says – reply to this


    i seen the photo, and the way it looks is no ones around! from the time i saw it i thought it was the funeral home and i think it was them for sure! and to the first commenter, not everyone is over it yet, you may not care but that's you! your opinion is not the most important!