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That is a LOT of red hair dye! As reported earlier, Snooki and JWOWW have found a home in Jersey City for their new spinoff and they've started filming. … Read more…

10 comments to “Snooki and JWOWW Film Their New Show In Jersey City”

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    Are there really that many mentally deficient people out there that watch these imbeciles?

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    I do not know why anyone would waste their time and soul watching this type of crap. tlc, mtv,bravo have all gone down the shitter. tlc and bravo used to have interesting and sometime educational shows, MTV used to be cool, when it was MUSIC TV, now it should be called VSTV, for Vile Shit TV

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    Ha it looks so riveting! Look how bored they are!

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    i'm sick of these two

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    Re: raypearson – Ray I have to agree with you, I watched the Oscars Sunday night and part of the preshow, other than that, the last two times I turned on the TV was for the USC-UCLA crosstown game last fall, and to watch the Casey Anthony verdict last August. I am moving soon and seriously thinking about dumping Directv (good as it is) as it would save me as a senior on a fixed income $60 a month.

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    People leave nasty comments and Alot of people dislike them why, they are who they are… Im from jersey City , And locals bars dont wanted them in there.. First of all the area that they are living in downtown JC , on Mercer Street.. This whole area was a craphole in the 80's this area has change over the years for the better yes its one of the best parts in the city…I was born and lived in JC all my life… Most of the people who live downtown and own local bars downtown havent grown up in Jersey City just yuppies from NYC and business man and woman who can afford to live down there were the older downtown people where driven out but high rent and the cost of living to live down there… People hate these girls for what reason… This is there job.. Im sure at first they didnt thing they where going to be as big as they are… But it is what it is… And would I watch the show Yes I would… The City is a grreat place and people should stop busting there chops…And Im sure anybody who is posting comments partied one time or another… Post your comments say what you want … I welcome these girls with open arms to my City… So if you post a comment back to me negative, who the hell cares what you think opinions are like but holes everybody has one of them…

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    I would much rather dutch oven myself.

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    Re: raypearson – dude get a fucking life, i see your stupid fucking picture in every comment section i open. do you get paid to make retarded, angry comments on this website? or are you just a pathetic loser. gonna guess the latter.

    while i agree this is trash and it's despicable these girls make money off being dirty whores, (snooki in particular).. the only thing more pathetic is camping perez hilton 24 hours a day. go outside man, fuck.

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    You like her shirt? I'll tell you something. Those lips are Avril's, you know, the sk8er girl.
    She designed it for her line Abbey Dawn. Have you seen her new music vid for Goodbye? You should watch it. Panties included ;)