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Oh, we want to have a tea party too! The Royal Ladies enjoyed an afternoon out Thursday at famous London tea house Fortnum & Mason to unveil a plaque c… Read more…

10 comments to “Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth, And Camilla: Time For Tea!”

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    I'm pretty sure those are either jonquils or tiny daffodils, the official flower of Wales.

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    I love Kate. She is both beautiful and classy. That said, I think I'm officially finished with this site. It's not so much the content, which isn't nearly as interesting as it used to be, but the ads and the junk. I get that this makes money for Perez, as it should, but there are so many things crammed on one page that it takes forever to download and then locks up constantly. It's ridic. It's not just my laptop as I've experienced this from other computers. I think my Prodigy account in 1999 opened pages faster than this one comes up. I've been a reader for years, but I'm afraid I've had enough.

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    i love her majesty and kate , but why bring horse-face into the picture , it just ruined the photo

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    Re: treespryt – March 1st is Saint David's Day & it is traditional to wear a daffodil. Pumpkinhead Mario wouldn't know a daffodil from his asshole.

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    I agree. Perez, if you are reading this, please do your reader/fans a favor and quit posting video ads and pop up ads everywhere, I cringe everytime I want to view a video, and have to put the video on mute before I can view the actual video content. It's the same damn ads on repeat every freakin time!!!!

    Just like you used your influence/fame/whatever you call it for the greater good (to raise awareness on gay issues), spread the wealth and please provide your readers a more pleasant website viewing experience, or else you risk losing readers. I, too, am considering leaving this site, it is just too damn obnoxious at this point because of the ads.

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    Re: brattybrat – I have neither of those problems. Get a geek and fix your speed and ad problems.

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    Thats a Marie Curie charity daffodil badge for cancer awareness month.

  8. free says – reply to this


    She 'tasted confectioneries'? How much more boring can this woman get? Oh well, it all benefits the Royal Road Show, I guess.

  9. 9

    Re: houseplanteater – yes but yesterday was St. Davids Day in Wales. St. David is their Patron Saint and people wear daffodils on that day to honor it as it is the national flower of Wales.

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