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Kirk Cameron Spews Homophobia And Bigotry On Piers Morgan Tonight

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…and off he goes!

Did anyone really expect less from him?

Outspoken Born Again Christian Kirk Cameron was interviewed last night on Piers Morgan Tonight, and, when asked about his stance on gay marriage and homosexuality, wasted no time referring to it as unnatural, detrimental, and "ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."

Ch-ch-check out the rest of what he said on the subject, as we will be sick if we have to transcribe the words, in the clip (above)!

So sad. It's clear that despite his attempt to soften his opinions with some serious politician-esque dodging of questions, all he's taken from his religion is outdated bigotry and hatred for those who are different.

We'd say that those qualities are far more "destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization" than homosexuality could ever be, wouldn't you, Kirk?

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189 comments to “Kirk Cameron Spews Homophobia And Bigotry On Piers Morgan Tonight

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  1. 101

    He sounds rational to me. Hello everyone. He is not secular and is a traditional Christian. He is who he is. I thought he was well spoken

  2. 102

    Every since he got more into his faith and left Hollywood he's changed. He should get to know them better b4 he starts talking bad about them. I don't like him anymore it's sad how some good actors, or important people have ignorant minds.

  3. 103

    The problem is you all are out there judging Christians. That Is their faith. They are not hates just because they dont agree with popular opinion. You have your life and they have theirs. Let it rest.

  4. 104

    This is exactly why I have no religion, it is so F'ed up it's disgusting. Believe what you want but don't judge others and be a total douche. Religion will always be corrupt because people use it as a scapegoat to be judgemental and psycho. "oh my god says to do this and its not ok to do that, there for treat everyone like crap to spread the word of god" Blah blah Look at me I'm brainwashed" Either he is gay or just a total psychopath. I like how most religions turn people into brain washed jerks.

  5. 105

    Have you ever noticed that those who protest the loudest have the same problem they're protesting?!! Interesting! How else can you explain his behavior? This is not Christian to hate. He needs to see the video of the grandparents who have been married for 70 years - it's further down on Perez's site. He's a pastor and preaches love, not hate. Kirk could take heed.

  6. 106

    I feel bad for people who are so small minded and obsessed with religion this much. I don't understand why he cares if gay people get married or exist. People are people and as long as you are a good person I don't care who you marry, f*** or love. (keep it legal tho!) Mike Seaver really grew up to be an a**hole. He needs to shut his mouth. Marriage (a form of it) existed long before Christianity and there are lots of other mammals that have homosexual tendencies or are even hermaphroditic. Humans are the only ones who can't deal with it.

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: stamina – @67 - A moral breakdown of a society happens for a lot of contributing reasons, but the existence of homosexuals aren't why. Think back to post WWII where the nuclear family unit thrived and was the main societal sub group. Homosexuals existed then, too. They were just in the closet. The advent of birth suddenly enabled women to control who they had to spend their life with. Rising cost of living necessitated more than one salary, and then working women who felt they were in intolerant, abusive and demeaning marriages had the wherewithall to leave.
    The true moral breakdown is greed, one of the seven deadly sins; the unabated and slippery ever declining slope selling of sex and sexual imagery in all media forms for greater and greater profit. Sell respect and integrity as a societal value, and even gay couples would live in respect and integrity.

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – (advent of *birth control*)

  9. 109

    I really do not think he was spewing anything but merely stating his opinion. He could of said a lot of mean things but I find nothing wrong with his words. Maybe you should stop overreacting every time does not agree with your view on being a homosexual.

  10. 110

    I didn't see him being a 'bigot' he doesn't believe in it. I don't believe in religion, but I am not anti-religion. Just cause people don't believe in your life style doesn't make them a 'bigot'. That's why we live in the USA to have the freedom to do and say as we feel.

  11. 111

    don't confuse someone's right to an opinion as homophobia. He has every right to think the way he thinks as you or anyone does. Bullying just shows how little we have come. He states his opinion.. you call names. Doesn't make sense. You want this to be a free country then let people be free to their own opinions.

  12. 112

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    Now that that's out of the way, you can't use the Bible (or God, or Jesus or even "Tradtion") as a reason to deny marriage to any sector of society. If every marriage was a church ceremony, and just encompassed the church or religon, then OK, you'd have a point.

    But marraige is not a church ceremony; marriage for all intents and purposed is a legally binding agreement between two individuals, involving assets, rights, entitlements etc, so until you can somehow lititgate the Bible, they are completely separate in the context of our society today.

    It's like getting baptized or dedicating your life to Christ. Those things belong to the Church. I don't know if the Church lost marriage, gave up on it or what, but marriage (even though it CAME from God/the Church) it no longer belongs to just the Church.

  13. 113

    It kinda irritates me people call themselves christians and yet don't believe in the bible or anything to do with it and just make up their own morals to fit their own uses. there must be a better word for saying you believe in a God without grouping yourself with a religion. he believes in a specific religion that goes by the bible. you sht abrick if anyone says anything against muslims and yet their bible says killing people is awesome. Religions have beliefs.. as logn as they don't hurt people it's fine

  14. CLD82 says – reply to this


    This is my first time leaving any kind of comment here. My father and I have been talking about this subject recently. I grew up in church and am a born-again christian. I came ot a point where I did not want my 'father's religion'. That is to say I wanted to believe what I believed because I believed it. Out of everything that the church has said is a sin this is my biggest struggle. I myself am not gay but have amazing friends that are. I know for them to choose to be stright would be just as unnatural as for me to be gay. Just wont work. Now do I believe it is a 'sin' because that is what I have been told or because it's what I see in the bible. I still don't know. I do know that the biggest command from Jesus himself was to love everyone as you love yourself. I can not choose how someone lives their life I can only choose how I live mine. I wish that this was not such a hot topic. I wish that we would love one another and be there for one another. Stop tearing eachother down. That means stop calling people bigots and trashing people because they beilieve differently then you. Our words can bring life or death. We can tear eachother down or lift eachother up.

  15. 115

    he can have his own opinion but…sad that he is so filled with hate

  16. 116

    Re: pjd88 – Really? He's a private citizen who did not volunteer his beliefs but was drawn out. Just because the Amish thinks wearing colorful things is "proud" doesn't mean they will hunt people down and kill them for wearing it.

    There are always immature people on both sides of a point of view that take things too far. Mario is a perfect example of that. And sadly there are some who are violent towards those they do not understand, that is not limited to sexuality, however. If it was, Martin Luther King would have had nothing to March for. This man is not a pulpit demands the scalps all homosexuals and shame on Piers Morgan for starting a fire storm when Cameron espoused his personal religious ideas.

  17. 117

    OK first off My brother is GAY and I love him to death. I adore him and respect him and just because Kirk was stating his opinion doesn't mean he is disrespecting anyone is his OPINION. Unless you decide to take it personally last time I check this is AMERICA and there is FREEDOM OF SPEECH so please stop going after everyone just because they have different opinion.

  18. Eski says – reply to this


    Re: JasonDiggy
    That's the Old Testement. That's the Jews.

  19. 119

    This is BS, he is entitled to his opinion. Why does he have to be put on blast like this…This is his right. Just like we are all entitled to our right to say what our beliefs are, so is he. Even though I may not agree with him, I can understand what he is saying and where he is coming from.

  20. 120

    I am not agreeing or disagreeing with Kirk Cameron but I will say that using the argument that things in the bible no longer apply because it's outdated is retarded. Like God just one day said oh it's 2012 the thing I said about being homosexual no longer apply. Sorry to all you sinners that went to hell in 1012 for taking it up the ass. While your at it go ahead and steal, murder, and covet thy neighbors wife bitches!

  21. mtjsr says – reply to this


    Keep in mind as we pee all over his religious beliefs, if he were muslim instead of christian, he would be saying gay people are dirty and must all be killed. As a gay male, i'll accept his feelings and then just ignore em.

  22. 122

    Kirk Cameron just stated his opinion which is no different than what Perez does on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, he is making a living off of this site, which is essentially composed of his opinions. If you agree with it, fine, if you don't, then you don't. There's no reason so be rude towards each other. How are we supposed to move forward if we are quick to attack each other over everything? Suck it up and move on!

  23. 123

    Re: Snookietoes – You have got to be kidding me. You have the nerve to say "you have your life and they have theirs?" Are you joking to make a point? This whole issue is that people use Christianity as justification to strip people of their rights. And the reason why we aren't "letting it rest" is because WE don't have the right to marry while THEY do. We have a serious problem in this country in that our government allows 95% of the country to determine the worth of the other 5% because of the way they were born. In what world are the Christians being oppressed by the homosexuals? You CAN'T be serious. Is this actually how your mind works?

    Your post was SO small minded and SO delusional I am going to have to assume you were using satire to make a point. It's 2012. Our country should be hundreds of years past this kind of shit.

  24. 124

    Re: Rocketboy – It's kind of ironic how you cite USA as the land of freedom to do what you want when this whole discussion is about how gays don't have the simple right of getting married and people are using Christianity as a justification to keep it that way.

  25. 125

    Re: Jackay00 – It's not just an opinion if people are using them to create legislation to limit the rights of other people in this country. If people just let others have their own opinions during the civil rights movement who knows where this country would be right now? I think if it were YOUR rights on the line, you'd want a little more accountability for peoples' actions than just leaving it to their opinions. Fortunately for you, you don't have to wake up every morning knowing that your government and fellow citizens have deemed your life of lesser worth than others based on the way you were born. Let's call this what it is. It's not one opinion vs another, it's inequality. There is inequality as clear as can be in your face every day in this country and you shouldn't be okay with that.

  26. 126

    fuck you and fuck glaad. last time i looked this is the USA, where FREE SPEACH IS a bases of our constitution. and here's glaad threatening an individual who speaks his mind and agrees with the NAZIS

  27. 127

    Re: rosebud99 – I would like just one example of homosexuality being destructive to the foundations of a civilization.


  28. 128

    90% of the responders are HATEFUL BIGOTS, who want to throw out the constitution of the united states,,, fuck you all.

  29. 129

    wow! Why would it be a shock of what his answer is? why does someones opinion bother you guys so much. If we have to hear about how gay is great and its ok then why can we not hear the other side without throwing a fit! show how closed minded you are too. I have seen several comments but these disgust me the most. comments on other pages show how people that are gay comment saying that Kirks comments did not bother them because HELLO he is a christian!!! Seriously get over it. Bullying is bad and I do not agree with that no matter what orientation you are but what is it that you are doing?

  30. 130

    Re: rosebud99 – you're one of the ones SPEWING HATE

  31. 131

    Kirk is a Christian man with Christian beliefs. You may not agree with him but just because he is a christian does not make him a bigot or homophobic. I applaud him and his honesty. Like he said no one is without sin even himself. Do I think homosexuality is a sin, I don't know I am not god, only he can decide if it is a sin.

  32. 132

    Kirk Cameron is a devout christian! do you expect the entire chsristian faith to change it's views because gays feel fucking entitled to the world now? I mean come the fuck on. This is SO abusive, and it'a a form of bullying. You KNOW what his answer is going to be, yet you had to go there…really? i think Kirk C. handled it brilliantly. I myself am pro-gay, always have and always will, but just like gays like their BELIEFS to be respected, they should do the dsame and respect others' beliefs as well. Especially to people who are kind and harmless like KC. Go after people who have been prosecuted for hate crimes. I swear, this site PH, is making me view gays as a cult, and I have NEVER felt that in my life.

  33. 133

    Re: Meggie246524 – If he said that he didn't believe in any sort of interracial marriage would you still feel as supportive?

  34. 134

    Re: jenn_mu – People used to believe women with any kind of opinion where witches and they burned them, they also believed that it was okay to own another human being and they enslaved them and yet others believed that jews, gays and other minorities where not a pure blood and they started the holocaust trying to exterminate them. Don't you fucking lecture about what is ok for people to believe! Kirk Cameron should just not be gay and shut the fuck up already!

  35. 135

    Why is he on Pierce Morgan? He's not even relevant.

  36. 136

    Re: jenn_mu – No actually it does make you a bigot you just want everyone to say its ok.

  37. 137

    Oh please…

    Piers ASKED him his OPINION and her gave it. Its not as if he's on some sort of gay crusade telling everyone how they're supposed to think like you do Mario. People are allowed their opinions. If it doesn't agree with yours then be a big boy and deal with it.

  38. 138

    A homosexual person has his own beliefs about what is right and what is wrong. Why can't a Christian man have his own beliefs? Kirk Cameron is right. Homosexuality is unnatural.. in what way is it natural? IF God didn't intend for marriage to be between a man and a woman, why can't a same sex couple have a child? I would say Cameron did a great job answering the questions. I'm a Christian and I wouldn't want anyone questioning my beliefs, just like anyone else. Cameron isn't the one being hypocritical.. it's everyone that's on here saying negative things about him. Everyone who is a supportive of gay marriage thinks that everyone's feeling, beliefs, and lifestyles should be accepted. But, think about it, why can't a Christian's feelings, beliefs and lifestyle be accepted? He says nothing about hating the gay community. All he says is that, as a Christian, he believes that homosexuality is a sin.

  39. 139

    He has his opinion. Do I agree with it? No I don't . But you know what? I have learned from experiance that you will not change a bible thumpers mind once it is made up, and they will whip out their bible and bend it to suit their beliefs. Btw, what is up with all the "Kirk in the closet" stuff? Is it just Kirk hating, or is there proof? Not being bitchy, just curious because I never heard that rumour before.

  40. 140

    Good to know…Since you don't support me, I don't support you. I will not be seeing any movies, tv shows, or any project you are working on. Good Day sir…

  41. 141

    Great job on speaking truth Kirk… I wish more people would stand up and speak the same truth. And no there is no sarcasm here.

  42. 7tizz says – reply to this


    This Kirk guy has got to know that Piers only brought him on his show to say exactly that and for us to lol @ his wacky religion and irrelevance. Has he even done a TV movie since Growing Pains? Is Pierce's show an hour long and was Kirk t guest for the entire hour? If so, man, my heart goes out to Pierce for putting up with that mess for that amount of time. Odds are one of Kirk's 6 kids will be gay and have to hide it and feel shameful for the rest of his or her life soley based on his parent's wacky view on life based on some stories from a book that have never been proven to be true. Religion is such a waste of time and energy - why can't everyone see that?

  43. 143

    Re: JasonDiggy – Everything you said I agree with. Being an X-Christian it's rather enlightening viewing life from this perspective. Truth is he'd be so lost and depressed without his religion. He needs it to cuddle him at night. I think it's much healthier just accepting we don't know everything so therfore let me go with my heart not a book written by man (yes man many people actually) which was rewritten and rewritten and during and during quite a different time of small mindedness. When we were born none of this nonsense was in our head. All learned behavior. Across the ocean they believe different things too and think they are right. Don't even bother pointing out the fact some people in the world never even heard of the bible. I think God could do better than a book. Have you looked outside today…beyond the earth into the universe? We are a speck. Much smaller than that actually. Somehow we think the universe revolves around us humans. Funny stuff.

  44. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Re: Mich12 – "Homosexuality is unnatural" Correct, but if you are only attracted to the same sex - what else can you do? Every form of therapy to 'cure homosexuality' has never been proven to work and can actually be more damaging to one's psyche. Would you date or marry someone struggling with their sexuality? It might work for the first few years - but knowing they have that 'desire' will always be on your mind regardless - like a ticking timebomb. What should gay people do then? Be castrated. sent to a prison. euthanized? Oh wait - I get it, continue to deny them basic human freedoms and ostracize them like America already does. I am a heterosexual Canadian male and I think we've had gay marriage here for like 5 or 6 years now. I've yet to see any moral decay of any kind here. Gay people have always been on this earth and will continue to be here. You are just going to have to learn to deal with it and accept your fellow man's rights and freedoms.

  45. 145

    Re: Mich12 – "he believes that homosexuality is a sin". That IS hating the gay community. Why do Christians think it's okay to say that homosexuality is a sin, but they don't hate the homosexual community? Hate the sin, not the sinner? Why not just stop hating all together? The idea that condemning someone based solely on how they were born and then claiming it's not hate is just childish. If you are going to go out and actively vote to take away the rights of your fellow citizens because of the way they were born, then stand by it and stop the bullshit about how even though you think my falling in love is a sin and you will do everything in your power to keep me from being able to marry who I love, yet you don't hate me.

  46. KCAT says – reply to this


    Re: oleander22 – Um, calling someone unnatural, detrimental and destructive isn't exactly disagreeing with Perez's opinion's in the "nicest way"……..

  47. 147

    DIDNT HE HEAR ITS ADAM AND STEVE god created gays to be gay so there is no sin involved except the lies created by these fucked up christians …

  48. KCAT says – reply to this


    I so hope the "blind item" I read about a certain 80's sitcom actor comes to pass some day when it comes to Kirk (it basically said Kirk was caught at a Gay Bar and his wife found out and all heck broke loose. Mark my words, someday it's going to come out that Kirk is gay…….mark my words…….

  49. 149

    shut ur pie hole dude and go blow ur priest …


  50. 150

    Kirk has a right to his opinion. Infact that is the opinion of the bible and just about every religion endorses it. You can't blame him for following his religion. Just as gays need the freedom to live their lives in society people who follow religion have a right to their beleifs.
    It's great that the media is showing positive imagery of gay people and wouldn't it super if they did this for every minority group that gets targeted or persecuted?

    Kirk Cameron is a good and brave man. I am not a christian and even I can see his he has way more morals then a slime ball like Pierce Morgan, who would sell his soul for celebrity.

  51. 151

    You miserable queens….just because you like a cock in your ass doesn't mean everybody does…..if everyone was like you the human race would become extinct.
    Think about that…..you are less than 1% of the population and you think you can set policy.

    Fuck you…..you are pathetic homo's who are always trying to justify your unnatural ways….go wipe the cum off your cheezy mustaches and go for some gay comfort food….ie: footlong hotdogs with mayo…. Lol….

  52. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Re: selenespencer – People 'choose' whether or not to be religious (submit to being brainwashed), gay people don't 'choose' whether or not to be gay. It is not okay to hide behind religion and spout off hatred, which is exactly what Kurt and millions of others do. Denying another person's human rights is treating them as second class citizens. There's no two ways about it. It is morally wrong.

  53. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Re: buffalo88 – Very well, I'll paraphrase. "Hi, my name is buffalo88, I am dumb and believe it or not, I text'd this reply from my 1984 Dodge Dakota pick up truck. I also enjoy reading perezhilton.com and even went as far as to make an account there so I may post ramblings such as this in various threads. Do I think with my head? Of course not - I just try to get people riled up in a frenzy just so they can reply to me angrily, aka troll. Thank you and have a…wait a sec, spilt my beer on the steering wheel…nice day"
    * Don't fall for the trolls, people.

  54. 154

    So, because his beliefs are different from yours……he is homophobic and a bigot? Really? I listened to the interview from your clip and he was not being hateful at all. I think your article title is far fetched. If you expect people to be tolerant and respectful of your beliefs, you need show tolerance for others' beliefs as well. I firmly believe in respecting all backgrounds and different views. No one is exactly the same and we all think differently. To think someone is an idiot or a bigot because of his beliefs is absurd. That is hate! You can't expect a person to support gay marriage if it is against what they believe in. That is an intrinsic value. It didn't sound like he refused to sit by someone that was gay, or shouted profanities to someone on the street. -that would be a bigot. Lets all practice respecting everyone, even if you don't agree with that person. It goes both ways.

  55. 155

    Kirk sure is the voice of reason isn't he? Straight male/female marriages like Mary Kay Letourno and her former student, and Kim K's 72 hour *real, honest to god* marriage, etc. We need more striaghts to demonstrate the true sanctity of marriage. Screw those same-gender couples who have been together for 30 years and hope to legalize their union. If you can't impregnate those godless heathens screw them. It's a wonder he didn't say gays/lesbians should be rounded up and put on an island somewhere

  56. 156

    Perez, I think you are over reacting… As a gay man myself I don't find his comments rude or intolerable at all. He's just saying his belief on this type of thing… Perez, you actually give gay people a bad rep with YOUR agenda..

  57. 157

    Old subject. Move on. It's going to be legal and all good everywhere in the next 5-10 years. Everyone knows it. But what's going to happen is the opposite. People like bullymouth Perez will continue to bash these ignorant people, which is no more or no less exactly what they do. Stop attacking them, it won't do any good. They are set in thier ways. Attacking them is being them.

  58. 158

    Re: Zephyrinthesky – Yes. I support his right to freedom of speech, regardless of whether or not I agree with views.

  59. 159

    Re: abrown98 – They weren't that bad at all. He was explaining his own view. Nothing wrong with that. Agree or disagree he's entitled to his own view. Perez and his group of pseudo writers have become the attackers/bullies without realizing it. They've become the people who they constantly attack. Cameron's view are outdated, wrong and ignorant in my opinion, but again he's entitled.

  60. 160

    Re: joethehobo – Just a small point of clarification … he's said in other interviews that it isn't a sin to BE gay, but it is a sin to ACT on it by having sexual relations with people of the same sex. He's said that homosexuals are born that way; but are (according to his interpretation of the Bible) expected to life lives of abstinence. He's said the same thing about other 'sins', ie: it's sinful for anyone to have sex outside of marrige (straight or gay), that someone can't help being sexually attracted to children but to follow through on that desire is a sin. It's the behavior, not the feeling, that he believes is sinful. I'm not defending him - just clarifying a semantics point that he doesn't hate homosexuals - he believes the act of homosexuality is a sin.

  61. 161

    Re: Laroccakiddd – As long as our education system is in the crapper, this brand of thinking will continue to exist. Rather than complain about it, write your local congressman and/or senator and tell them if something isn't done you're not voting for them. It takes 2 minutes. As long as it took you to write your post. If everyone did that this country would be in a much much much better place.

  62. 162

    I dont have anything against gays or lesbians but kirk was only voicing his beliefs and its called freedom of speech. You dont have to like what he says but hes entitled to his beliefs so get over it. It really irratates me when gays think that everyone owes them something and when one person says something they dont like they go for blood like you perez get over yourself asshole

  63. 163

    Define homphobia: those who fear gay people. If i was homophobic, i would keep my mouth shut on this whole topic, but I'm not, so I'm going to state the truth as I see it. In every religion, including mine (Islam), homosexual acts are condemned and immoral, major sins. In islam, it is equivalent to adultery. You have exceeded the boundaries that God has placed on you. It is no different then adultery, murder, fornication, etc. However, if the person repents, that is between them and their creator. Why is it, any person with religious beliefs is attacked, bullied, and labeled a bigot simply for stating their beliefs regarding this topic. I give it up to him for standing up to what he believes in. Society is every changing and what is pure is being frowned upon. Marriage is a religious contract between a man and woman. You can't dog on religion but fight for marriage. Getting married is an act of God. Kirk Cameron had the courage to state his beliefs regarding this issue on national television, and i give props to him. Choosing who you decide to sleep with and be intimate with, is after all a choice. Either you can surrender to your desires or you can surrender to something greater. Stop attacking those who choose the latter. All these people who are attacking him are nothing but bullies themselves.

  64. 164

    I don't agree with his beliefs but we all have the right to have our own opinions. So Mario, I hope you don't bully him or spread hate on him because you don't agree with his opinions! Each of us should have the right to speak our own mind.

  65. 165

    Re: MickeyGirl – So you hate us, bottom line. You can't hate someone's sexuality - well you can if you a crazy person.

  66. 166

    Re: Snookietoes – Stop going to the polls and voting against equality and stop telling us we are bringing down civilization and we'll "let it drop". K?

  67. 167

    I'd still fuck him. He's cute. I hope his kids will turn out to be gay.

  68. 168

    Re: muslim99 – Religious people may like to see marriage as an act of god, but throughout history, in all religions, marriage is primarily an economic transaction. It is the transfer of ownership of a woman from her father to her husband. Marriage, historically is misogynistic. The three big religions, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, all see women as subordinate to men. Call marriage an act of god if you want to, but really, it is men subordinating women. If, through your religion, you see gay marriage as unnatural, how do see a marriage between a man and women where they are equal partners, as opposed to male head of household? Is that also unnatural?

  69. 169

    I'm Christian and I could care less if gay men or women got married. I'm not God. Who am I to judge? Seriously I know alot of really good people who are gay and I really don't think that they are wrong. They are who they are.

  70. 170

    Re: rosebud99 – If marriage as you say is women being subservient to men, then why would gay people even want to marry? Most of the major religions see marriage as a union between a man an d a woman who commit themselves to each other under the covenant of God. In our religion, a man can't have sex and be intimate with a woman unless he is fully committed to her through the bonds of marriage. Vice Versa. Every child has a right to know who their father is and be raised into a family. If divorce happens, it happens.

  71. 171

    The roles of woman and men are very distinct from one another. Men are required to provide for their families, while a women's income all is her own. Women are not recommended to change their last names when they get married and most don't due to rights of inheritance and protection of her wealth. Ive been muslim for 30 years and married for 6, so i think i have more knowledge than most about Islam. I still have my maiden name btw. A person who decides to engage in homosexual acts is committing a grievous sin. There are desires and temptations in this world, everyone has their own struggles to deal with, but it does not mean you don't have a choice not to commit them. Muslims get a lot of flack cuz they won't compromise their beliefs to suit the lifestyle of others.

  72. 172

    I think the media should be held accountable for giving bigots like this a platform to spew their hatred. Of course Cameron is going to hate on homosexuality, what a dumb question. It was total baiting to get him to spew nastiness. Unfortunately there are enough stupid people out there to listen to stuff like this too, like the seed brained mynah birds they are. Shame on the media for not showcasing more positive influences.

  73. 173

    Islam will never accept what is forbidden and can't change what is forbidden just because others say to. In the end, to each their own, but we will not be forced into accepting homosexuality as a legitimate way to live just because you call us bigots or religious zealots. We've been called far worse and we can handle it. I am a teacher and know students who are being attacked because they say they want to side with their religious beliefs. I know one student who was kicked out of the class by a gay teacher because he said he believes in what the bible says. This is ridiculous .You can't claim to be a victim when you yourself are holding a dagger. I respect Kirk for standing up for what he believes inI it's about time somebody did.

  74. 174

    Everyone who attacks Kirk for his beliefs of gay marriage is judging his lifestyle as a Christian. If you support gay marriage and oppose people who want to change the way the gay community thinks why on earth would you attack Christians in the exact same way you dont want to be treated??! Peirs is basically condemning Kurt because of his belief in God and God's laws according to the bible. This is something the Christians have grown up with and have set in their foundation as believers. We can't change what the bible says, and we cant change our values just to please others. REAL christians dont HATE anyone. we just dont agree with the idea of gay marriage. i have plenty of gay friends it doesnt mean i dont love them, i just dont agree with their lifestyle. "hate the sin, not the sinner". and NO i am not ignorant in saying that. it is what i believe and those of you who believe the bible is full of crap try reading it first.

  75. 175

    Re: muslim99 – Marriage has evolved, in some cases, to be a partnership as opposed to a dominant/submissive pairing. Gays would also like to get married for legal and financial reasons, as well as to adopt children.

  76. 176

    What is being left unsaid here is that all of us are born guilty into a sinful and fallen world. There is no innocent being that is without sin apart from Jesus Christ. I believe it is entirely likely to be born gay or become gay at a very early age. Is does not change the fact that it violates Gods law. No one teaches a child to lie or be selfish, they are born with these sinful desires or struggles. The good news is Jesus showed his love in that while we were yet sinners,he died for our inherent and intentional sin. We are all the same, lost without a savior. It's a choice of obedience. In his love….

  77. 177

    Re: joethehobo – DUH last I checked the marriage law IS changing so your over the top rant is wasted. Fail… take a chill pill dude.

  78. 178

    Re: bgbreakdown – you know what. Kirk believes in equality. If he was asked about civil unions with equal rights he would be all over that but to him marriage is traditionally between a man and a woman. So what.

  79. Zoss says – reply to this


    To Stamina: You never address the relationship David had with Jonathan. God never condemns David's love for Jonathan. If you believe the bible is God's word it's indisputable that David had a full physical, & spiritual relationship. See my previous email with the biblical quotes. I never disputed David's relationship with women but it has nothing to do with David and Jonathan. As king he was obligated to provide an heir hence his relationship with women. And since his relationship with Bathsheba was explicit one can only conclude he was bisexual as the bible recounts both relationships. And remember it was AFTER his relationship with Jonathan. Re: the Leviticus passage. It should be noted that the word abomination was translated from the Hebrew word toevah and means something found detestable by God because it is unclean, disloyal, or unjust. The term abomination is associated with idolatry and the Canaanite religious practice of cult prostitution. (Ezekiel) Given toevah's association with cult prostitution it is a condemnation of male prostitution, & loving homosexual relationships. Furthermore it's a condemantion of heterosexuals to deviate from their heterosexuality. So don't misquote the bible. God loves homosexuals as full spiritual sexual beings just like

  80. 180

    Re: 7tizz – I believe that some gays do in fact choose. Cynthia Nixon says that she chose to be gay. What about bi-sexual people?

  81. 181

    Well guess what, the Bible says in more places than one, that homosexuality is immoral, sin. So you think a Christian is going to disagree with the Bible just to be "politically correct?" Don't get your panties up in a bunch Perez!

  82. @v@ says – reply to this


    Moral breakdown encompasses more than poorly exercised sexuality. Mary Magdalene was described as 'a woman of the city who was a sinner' from whom he had cast out seven demons, and Jesus told her to go in peace.
    It was the money changers in the temple that Jesus raged at. Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the money changers, and the seats of them that sold doves.

  83. 183

    @7tizzRe: 7tizz – I never said anything about what we should DO to homosexuals… The only opinions I stated about homosexuality was that it was unnatural and a sin. Nothing I said in my first post supports or encourages the idea of ostracizing a group of people (nor does Cameron). I also never wrote anything about denying anyone's rights. What I meant and believe is that everyone is entitled to their beliefs. If you believe that homosexuality is okay, you're obviously going to think a Christian's viewpoint is wrong and vice versa. What I'm saying is EVERYONE is entitled to their own beliefs. For me, homosexuality is a sin and therefore a temptation. So, I see it as a struggle and something that can be changed. We're all human and no one is better. We all struggle with temptations everyday. I never said that I was better than a homosexual man and that I deserve more rights - but I also don't think of marriage as a right, to me it's a union between a man and a woman UNDER GOD.

  84. 184

    Re: joethehobo – Thinking of something as a sin and actually hating someone are two entirely different things. I can honestly say that I have never looked down upon an individual for being a homosexual. So yes, I can hate the sin and not the sinner. I'm a sinner myself. Nobody is perfect and I have in no way said that I was. Also, I personally have never "actively voted to take away the rights of my fellow citizens". The only reason I decided to respond to this post is because I thought it was unfair and cruel of Perez to label Cameron as a homophobic and a bigot. When during the video does Cameron ever say that he hates homosexuals? What exactly is so insulting about the statements he makes? He's simply stating his beliefs. If you want your beliefs to be accepted, you should be willing to accept others.

  85. itsok says – reply to this


    I find it interesting that TBGL are ALL playing the victim card, and I know that they always will. You are all the misfits, and I do blame society for rejecting your difference. Which is now why you are most likely TGBL. Or you had the typcial mix of an OVER BARRING MOTHER -> Men = Gay OR ABSENT FATHER -> Woman -> Lesbian. So you go ahead and find other misfits and figure that since there are other people like you… it's ok. Then one day you all decide to stand strong and fight for rights that are just plain stupid. Marriage is between a MAN and a WOMAN. Sex is between a MAN and a WOMAN. The only reason why you are all "winning" right now, is because this is a new fad that is increasing. Everyone is hesitant to say anything against you, and when they do it's a complete uproar. No one should be gay or different in my mind, but it's like trying to help an alcoholic. You can't just change them, it's an addiction. It takes time and sometimes it can never be cured. These people are addicted to this weird obsession of doing something that is different. I imangine that they enjoy the rush of "wrong-ness", which is why it is so attractive. I say my views because everyone else on this feed is doing so. However in day to day life, I mind my own business and watch all these people slowly destory their lives. P.S. When was the last time straight people had a parade… it's getting old TBGL clan, enough already.

  86. 186

    I think he is intitled to his opinion and the same way people who are gay or lesbian want to be respected his decision and views should be.

  87. hasus says – reply to this


    This article is lies. First a majority of americans feel gay is okay? nice try! Second the title of the article is BS and misrepresents what was said. Homosexuality is a sin but if you dont believe then why does it matter to you anyway. Kirk Cameron is exactly what we need more of…..someone who stands for something and isnt buying the lies. The reason GLAAD is so outraged is becasue they feel guilty knowing what there doing is not right. Its funny that becasue Kirk doesnt except gay as nature that he is hating and ignorant. I think GLAAD is hating and ignorant for promoting that lifestyle! By the way you can love people and dislike behaviors. accept it!

  88. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Saying something is a 'sin' falls on many non religious people's deaf ears since they don't share your beliets on religion in the first place. Basing any law on one's religion goes against what our forefather's said about the seperation between church and state so making laws based on 'beliefs' is unconstitutional. We are not a theocracy like the the majority of the middle east is. Next time you bash muslims over their laws against women and other nonsence, just know that you are no different than them. It amazes me that in 2012 there are still people who think being gay is a 'choice' and reversable. Just because Cynthia Nixon said it was a choice FOR HER, doesn't mean it's the same for the majority of gay people. Clearly she's bi, so she can 'choose' whoever she wants. You also can't claim America is the 'land of the free' when approximately 10% of the population do not share the same rights and freedoms and are governed from doing so.

  89. 189

    1000% agree with Kirk and I think this Piers is ignorance and he could be the one who is gay, that's why he keep asking about gay gay and gay….., he is not clever enough to find other HOT topics

    If you want to know about Christianity then just READ THE BIBLE !!!!

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