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Kim K Is Keeping Her Wedding Gifts, But Giving Their Value To Charity Two-Fold

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That's a fair trade…right?

While the fairy tale wedding between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries didn't last long, their wedding gifts will last forever…

Inside Kim K's house!

But, the reality star is still in a VERY generous mood. Kim K tallied up the value of the wedding day haul and revealed she snagged roughly $100K in wedding swag. Once she had that number, she doubled down on that total and donated $200K the Dream Foundation!

As a means to explain to her guest, Kim sent a letter to all the gifters, telling them about the donation and thanking them for their contribution.

Damn! Couldn't have told them that before they filed their taxes, Kimmie K! Pretty charitable donations are a right off!

Glad to hear the Dream Foundation just a got a lot of dough, though! Great charity to support.

[Image via WENN.]

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43 comments to “Kim K Is Keeping Her Wedding Gifts, But Giving Their Value To Charity Two-Fold”

  1. Rossi says – reply to this


    She is a hog. In every sense of the word. Any person with an ounce of sensitivity (a) would return the gifts and (b) would not want these things sitting around reminding her of her failed marriage. She is the embodiment of vomit.

  2. 2

    Damage control …all to save her 'image'…nope… , no1 gonna be fooled by this gypsy whore.

  3. 3

    I DON'T THINK for one second that all of the gifts she got were that cheap. I'm calling BS on it.

  4. 4

    it would have been more shocking if she didnt write letters to the gifters.

  5. 1finn says – reply to this


    Except the people who sent the gifts will get no credit for their taxes as KIm is donating in her name only, so a huge tax write-off for her only.

  6. 6


    I'M still waiting for my letter,
    I had sent you and Kris a red rubber bag with a hose & nozzel
    but never recieved a thank you

    What gives gurl ?????

  7. 7

    Take the time out of your busy schedule to give the gifts back. You knew you didn't want to be married when you did it. Maybe your guests would rather decide what THEY want to do with the gifts they gave you for your fake wedding. But, then it's all about what YOU want, isn't it?

  8. 8

    Kim is the most vile person I have ever had the displeasure of seeing on television. I used to LOVE their shows, really did. But after I found out she had a fucking FAKE ASS WEDDING to promote her tv show, and apparently scam a bunch of gifts from people, that was the last straw. Who the hell does she think she is? She is a fucking porn tape making slut who bangs any athlete thatll throw that bitch a bone. I honestly cringe whenever you post a pic or story of her or that awful pimp of a mother she has. That whole family is trash, and I cannot wait til E wakes up and cancels their shit shows.

  9. 9

    Re: 1finn – Exactly. Her donation has nothing to do with wedding gifts. Stupid of her to try and say that it does. And her donating $200,000 is like an average person donating $50. Big deal.

  10. 10

    Is she taking a TAX-DEDUCTION?

  11. 11

    Does she really think this makes her look good? If so she needs a reality check and some new advisors. Keeping the gifts is NEVER an option! They get returned period end of discussion. You dont get to decide that you will donate money instead that is not proper it is classless but I guess that is to be expected from this whore.

  12. 12

    That Porno Whore & her family are PURE EVIL!

  13. 13

    That's 100 guests spending $1000 each, or 1000 guests spending $100 each. Not to mention gifts from people who weren't at the wedding, and from fans. $200,000 isn't nothing, but if she really made $18 million of the freaking wedding in addition to the gifts, it's too little, too late. I bet she got way more than that, you know she wasn't getting cheap presents. Regardless, she probably needs to quit caring what people think of her since she killed her reputation already, and just be a human being. Charity is a good start–if it's ANONYMOUS.

  14. 14

    No, no, no, no. Gifts are suppose to go back to the people who gave them. This is tacky. Keeping the gifts for yourself is such an unclassy thing to do. Bet people think twice about ever giving her a gift in the future.

  15. 15

    I can't wait for Kim to get knocked-up by a sports star and her kid grows up and asks…

    "Mommy, how come you have a sex tape all over the Internet, taking it up the backside, getting pee'd on, by a black man that allegedly killed Crack-Ho Whitney Houston, and who is not your husband or my daddy? Other kids are saying my mother is a URINAL @ The Apollo Theater".

  16. 16

    Why would anyone believe anything this gross proven liar said. Tell it to Kelly Rippa.

  17. 17

    All the Execs of the Dream Foundation make over $100,000 plus salaries (First-class Travel & Accommodations), while MOST dying people are DENIED; the people who do get "DREAMS" get cheap bare-minimum DONATED trips that are Discounted Coach & Stand-by with Roach Motel accommodations on coupons.

  18. 18

    This heifer is full of it! She should just admit she didn't keep track of who gave her what. Kim and her fat ass family ripped into the gifts without writing down the giver's name.

  19. 19

    I think the 15 minutes are up for this skank, unless her mom pimps out another porno

  20. Lushh says – reply to this


    Hey Kim, how about you return your gifts and then give 100k out of the kindness of your heart.. that you don't have!

  21. 21

    She is a pig! It already came out that her charity is a scam. It was started by her Mom and her mom works for the charity.


  22. 22

    Right after her staged wedding it was revealed that she never even picked up the gifts, had them returned and got her whole whore family rolex watches. So WHY THE F would she have held on to gifts all this time? This is just another Kartrashian LIE!!!!


  23. 23

    oh well isn't she just motherfucking teresa

  24. 24

    oh Kimberly, will you just take a long walk off a short bridge? please?

  25. 25

    Amazing. She keeps the gifts, she gets the tax write-off. Kris Humphries doesn't get a choice in what is done with the gifts, he doesn't get the gifts or get a tax write-offs. The guests pay the bill and get nothing but a note of thanks from Kim Kardashian thanking them for the gift and the tax write-off.

    She is truly a class act.

  26. 26

    As someone who works for a nonprofit, the donation she made could only be receipted for her. The check came from her. The people that gave her gifts couldn't use that on their taxes in any way. They gave a gift to her, she chose to make a donation with her money. No way for their "gift giver" to get a right off on their taxes. Only person benefitting is KIM K.

  27. 27

    Not one person at that wedding was a friend of Kims; they didn't even know her. Those desperate "STARS" who showed up needed JOB CONTACTS and were hoping to get Ryan Seacrest's attention & media exposure.

  28. 28

    wait… so she gets to keep ALL the gifts? Even the ones sent by HIS family? That doesn't seem right.

  29. barb says – reply to this


    why would she want the gifts? she get tax credit friends get screwed

  30. 30

    Team Kris Humphries all the way,keep your cool Kris and let the judge show her who the real decision maker is…so easy to know when Kim's lying..when she opens her mouth, good luck Kris and btw.. you are playing awsome..you WALK THE WALK,while kim just TALKS THE TALK…

  31. 31


  32. @v@ says – reply to this


    That doesn't help the original givers. Are they thanking her for this?

  33. 33

    Can you say; tax deduction!!!! Chick is a trick!

  34. 34

    Ridiculous! Ok that she gave money to charity (although we all know it's just a desperate PR move)… the gifts were given to both Kim and Kris H. She is incredibly selfish to keep them all to herself. She should have done the right thing and returned the gifts…no class.

  35. 35






  36. 36

    You know, Kris J was on the Joy Behar show several months ago and made a huge production as she returned Joy's wedding gift ( some type of small appliance). Kris gave the intentional impression that the gifts would be returned. Obviously this was a panicked attempt to get her daughter off the hook and mislead the public. Now, Kim's keeping the gifts and making a donation to charity with a standered note to the gift givers. There's so much Kardashian deception here,it makes
    My head twirl that all of her fans won't see the obvious andand are not feeling

  37. 37

    Several months ago Kris K appeared on the Joy Behar and handed her a returned wedding gift giving the impression all gifts would be returned to the marriage guests. This was Kris's panicky attempt to get her daughter off the hot seat. But now, the gifts are being kept by Kim (though the gifts were for Both the bride and groom) and donating a set amount in her name only. Kardashian fans I believe do mean well….but you must see the obvious deceptions the Kardashians continue to orchestrate thinking the public and tween girls aren't that smart. If you ARE a fan, keep your antennas up because you will catch them make untrue statements, make up stories that they'll have to backpeddle in a last ditch effort to be likable so you will continue to buy their products which feeds their bank account and their deep need to be admired even if it means stripping naked and creating another sex tape.

  38. 38

    Sorry about the duel posts. The first one was just a draft of what I wanted to get across .

  39. 39

    Tax Write Off….smh

  40. 40

    Kim craves publicity, she made a s** t*ape, got married for publicity and money, all this equal=she is a fake that will do about anything for publicity. In reference to the gifts, proper etiquette is to return the gifts and let the people donate to any charity or institution they prefer. In this case Kim is deciding for them…well no surprise there, this family are trash and they do not posses any class. GO AWAY KARTRASHIANS!!!!!!!!

  41. 41

    What's new? The grammar and misspelling in this article is more annoying than Kim… "Pretty charitable donations are a right off!" It's spelled WRITE OFF. Learn how to write proper English sentences, please.

  42. 42

    there are many familys who have been displaced or shelters that could have used that stuff she choose tax write off cost her nothing and she keeps all the goodies from her fake marriage when i watch her its all about material things no man wants a shallow lady like this please people she gave nothing but a taz write off she must think people are stupid, her karma is bad someday we will all say wow she got what she deserved no talent, sex tape and games she plays with the media there is a special place for her

  43. 43

    My things is why should she get to keep all the gifts? Did she ask Kris if he wanted any of them? I'm sure he would of wrote a check to charity? But I guess she's special!