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Screw The Critics! Movie Execs ADORED LiLo's SNL Stint

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According to the folks that matter in the biz, Lindsay Lohan did a FAB job on Saturday!

As reported earlier, critics didn't care for LiLo's SNL hosting spot this weekend despite really good ratings.

Well, it looks like the folks who can actually GIVE Lindsay a job don't really care what the critics think!

A source said the following about LiLo's hosting buzz:

She got slammed on Twitter and Facebook and all over social media. But the people who actually can give her jobs — at least the ones I talked to — said she did a fine job and had several truly funny moments.

Everyone's beef came down to Lindsay's cue card reading. While some gave her the benefit of the doubt, other couldn't look past it.

While movie execs are putting the pieces in place to nab Lindsay up for her comeback, a close friend to LiLo said the proof of her return will be in the Elizabeth Taylor pudding, stating the following:

[It] will come from how she does with that Elizabeth Taylor Lifetime film and other projects that are said to be in the works. Lindsay is a talented actress and as long as she stays sober, she’ll be great.

Sounds fair to us. She's got a prove herself a bit more before the world welcomes her back with open arms. But we think she gets that … unlike her parents!

Dina and Michael Lohan were also causing a stir behind the scenes. LiLo's mamie was running all around, gushing over her daughter's performance though she complained about Linds' cue card "placement."

Michael tried to call his daughter but her team wasn't having it, blocking the call from her.

Let's see if any new jobs open for LiLo in the future!

[Image via WENN.]

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21 comments to “Screw The Critics! Movie Execs ADORED LiLo's SNL Stint”

  1. 1

    I'll believe that Lohan is playing Liz Taylor in a movie if I see it happen. Until then I say no fuckin way are they putting pillow faced, anus lipped, denture toothed Lohan in that movie as Liz… and don't forget that raspy drug/liquor/cigarette riddled voice.

  2. 2

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  3. 3

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  4. 4

    They didn't hire her for talent, they hired her for the publicity she can drum up. What they are truly happy about is that people will tune in to see her fail so they really don't care how badly she does, all they care about is ratings. It's Lifetime after all, since when have they stood for quality? And the 'source' is probably one of Lindsay's lapdogs, who is just as delusional as she is.

  5. 5

    SNL is free to watch as is lifetime. People tune in to see her because it is like watching a train wreck. No one is dumb enough to put her in a movie and expect people to pay. Lindsay is not a box office draw. She has NO TALENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6

    the same folks who keep making crappy movie after crappy movie & recycling movie ideas that are played out & predictable…. what the fuk ever

  7. 7

    Re: Babycakes!!! – Exactly. When I see "Lifetime" I think Nancy McKeon and Kellie Martin, two names most people will have to look up if they want to know who they are.

  8. 8

    I must be a flaming arsehole or something but I liked her on SNL. She's a change from the sos that is in every movie lately. As I sit here trying everything to get away from living in the deep south and failing at it. I give her props for getting any type of movie job. I'm university educated and I can't figure it out. Note to Lindsay:Don't get married to someone that wrecks your entire chances in life and spends your money. Her Dad would fit in like a champion around here. Oh and Rush is their idol. Okay, I'll stop….

  9. 9

    Is that the 55 year old version of Lohan? Jesus man. - Anyway, her acting was terrible Saturday. I realize the bar for the acting profession has been lowered to sub gutter levels, but hey…the execs could actually care less how she was, they only look at the ratings now. Acting is an all but dead entity. Pitiful. Feed people shit long enough they begin to like it.

  10. 10

    Re: Nicco Street – The dumbing down of an entire nation…

  11. 11

    Joe Exec that makes 25 mil a year "Lindsay, you were fannnntastic!" (looks at ratings) "FANNNTASTIC, you're a f'in genius!"

    Londsay:OMG THANK you sooo much, I knew I had it in me!

    Joe Exec laughing inside at the naivity: Oh, for sure! You're so good! Don't listen to all the haters. You know the cliche' saying, right? The haters are just jealous! You're FANTASTTTICC!

    Lindsay: OMG thanks, Joe. You're soooo sweeet.

    Lindsays "yes man" assistant: Yeah, Linds, you were fabulous. Just fabulous. I was blown away by your ability.

    Lindsay: Why, thanks!

    Joe Exec ready to pee himself: LOVED IT LINDS, L-O-V-E-D it!. Anyway, babe. I gotta take this call, sweety. Keep in touch, babe!

    Lindsay: OK, Will do! And thanks again!

    Lindsay (to assistant): I think I can really do this. I still "got it".

    Assistant hoping for a bone in the form of expensive gift or raise: OH, fer sure, Linds, fer sure! And remember, the haters are just jeaallouss…

    Lindsay: Oh, I know. I know. It's unreal.

    Assisant ready to LOL: It is, linds, it really is. Did you want to go shopping now and celebrate?

  12. 12

    Lmao - Translation: Fuck Hilton and the rest of critics, their opinions mean nothing. Looks good on you fuckwad.

  13. 13

    REALLY???…ARE YOPU EFFING KIDDING ME????…..she has NO TALENT, her face doesn't move right from all the fillers, she forgot her lines and even couldn't READ THEM OFF A CUE CARD IN FRONT OF HER FACE….She has about as much acting talent as a kid in a grade 8 play.

  14. 14

    way to go! go team lilo!

  15. 15

    lets face it. if kim kardashian can make fist fulls of money and host television shows being a human toilet why can't this one do it too. people want to follow this kind of trash for reasons unknown to me. however, mrs. lohan has a very active behind the scenes publicity team doing the releasing of such sourced information and has done for a very long time. don't want to see her fail. just don't understand those that worship at the altars of kardashian and lohan. a pig wearing lipstick is still a pig.

  16. 16

    Re: bumpper – Well the only difference is they would never hire a Kardashian for an actual movie role, but in Lindsay's case she still has many chances in getting into a role that can catapult her career back to where it was, even if it's an Indie film. The Kardashians just don't have any talent and became famous for nothing, at least Lindsay became famous for her talents.

  17. 17

    Lindsay's great grandma looks fabulous in this pic!

  18. 18

    What 23 year old has their mother running around, monitoring her every movement in her job/career? Answer: none. These people need to let Lilo start being a grownup. I have to believe that part of her problem is that mother and father of hers. If it were my daughter, I would try to be as supportive as I possibly could without being overbearing or codependent. It's one thing to be so involved in your daughter's life if your healthy and another if you've got your own dysfunctional issues. Her mother is a nut.

  19. 19

    You people are dumb. She has no talent? Bullshit..! The girl not only has been a bunch of hit movies, but she also was able to go on a hit comedy show after being out of the industry and on drugs for years..and she did well. Way to go Lindsay. People with talent can recognize talent. While the people with no talent can easily judge and be critics from the sidelines. The girls got talent and she's back! So haters can shut it! I'm routing for Lindsay. I love it when people who struggle beat their struggle and move forward. Haters are motivators. And Lindsay will have much success in the industry. Because she DOES have talent :) .

  20. free says – reply to this


    What with Jersey Shore and The Kardashians being such rating hits I can see why the film 'professionals' would want to hire this has-been as well. Trainwrecks waiting to happen make for massive viewing.

  21. 21

    Re: Love24 – Well said Love24 ! I so agree with you ! Lindsay has Talent the Haters are so unfair and so uncalled for