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4 comments to “facebook-please-watch-and-share”

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    We need to stop Kony!!!!! share this with everyone!!!!

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    As a dedicated reader of your site, I'm sad to see such an advocator of human rights and equality focus such little attention to the Kony 2012 campaign. I've been visiting your website for years daily, and have seen you support for many causes with much more information than simply "Please Watch and Share". This to me does not present itself as something to make readers want to check it out if they are unaware of whats happening. Children are the most important thing on this planet, they are the future, and we right now as young adults, and adults have the opportunity to protect these children and there futures! As much as I like to read celebrity gossip, I don't feel that an article about the latest celebrity gossip is more important than this campaign or any campaign that is fighting to end something of such significance, be represented so small.

    I hope as a dedicated reader, that you will put as much effort into promoting this campaign like you do supporting other things. Someone who put so much emphasis and focus on human equality in America (aka supporting gay rights, stoping bullying), should look outside the American media and support and emphasize other people's rights to LIVE! This is what the video was talking about - getting support from celebrities and political figures. You influence readers everyday, you do have power. Use it.

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    I agree with canadianbeauty. I have been looking at your site for years Perez and have never even made a username. When I saw you only dedicated this much space to the cause I was shocked and a little disappointed in you. No…not a little …a lot. I would have expected you to put it as the site background like you do every other movie. I see you gave the new sneak peek of the hunger games a nice big space…don't get me wrong right now the hunger games mean EVERYTHING forme…but I would gladly see it taken down in favor of this cause.

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    Definitely agree on @canadianbeauty and did the same as @Kony 2012. This is not to attack you in any way Perez and I know that your main focus are the celebrities since they are the ones that make you money but now you have a place and pull in their world you need to have more than this tiny space for world awareness. Just as you have your backgrounds clicking directly to that promotion you need to do the same for this, paid or not. You know people read your blogs, visit your site, and know you by now, extend a little further than spreading mindless celebrity stories and more on what's going on around the world. I've hardly seen real news on your site which is understandable due to your focus but I hope you expand your news to things that are happening in the world. Celebrities are entertaining and they continue to receive the attention they work for but few of them put their work aside to see the world for what it is and donate just for tax write offs. Its time to shake their "hard life" and have them step out of their million dollar bubbles and make them open their eyes. It's not just in movies that people die or get tortured, that acting they do come from research, research of the real world. Please make this and every other world issues known, you have the connections, use it for more than a paycheck and do something that changes your life and the world! NUFF SAID!