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Jon Stewarts Rips Into Rush Limbaugh's Birth Control Comments

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The birth control craze is still sweeping the nation and Jon Stewart is just baffled by Rush Limbaugh's recent remarks.

Check out this video (above) of The Daily Show host torching Rush and other Republicans about Sandra Luke's testimony before Congress about the health benefits of birth control pills.

Thoughts? Are U on Team Stewart or Team Limbaugh on this one???

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27 comments to “Jon Stewarts Rips Into Rush Limbaugh's Birth Control Comments”

  1. 1

    of course he does,,,this is new??? liberal assholes always criticize conservative idiots. big fucking deal

  2. 2

    Good. Limbaugh deserves all of this shit storm her created. Calling a woman a slut because she wants birth control as a form of hormone therapy is unthinkably idiotic and I am happy that stewart used his voice in this matter. Fuck Limbaugh, and fuck all men trying to take away women's reproductive rights.

  3. gal77 says – reply to this


    The manner in which this woman presented her issues, opened her to a great deal of criticism. For a Georgetown student I would expect a better written speach.
    Bill Maher using the C*** word is just fine though, right??? Because he's a liberal and its against the conservative everyone loves to hate, its all good and makes no difference.

    Your points are null and void due to your double standards.

  4. 4

    So why is Palin fair game to be called everything under the sun, but Limbaugh calls this woman a slut and suddenly it's wrong?

  5. 5

    I don't know her personal life, so neither Rush nor I have the reason to call her a slut, but coming from a woman myself, it is absolutely LUDICROUS to make it mandatory that PRIVATE insurance companies must offer birth control. First of all, they're PRIVATE insurance companies. When the government gets too involved with private companies, a big red flag should go up. But the government is already so involved in every aspect of American life these days why not just add another thing…. (sarcasm). Second, it is not my responsibility to fund her sexual activities or those of anyone else but myself. Why should a sexually inactive person fund the sexual activity of another?

  6. 6

    Third, Georgetown is a Jesuit and Catholic University, so it is against their moral code of conduct to be providing birth control in the first place. The government should not have the right to force people to give out birth control…If it were up to Obama, they'd be handing out a condom with the Eucharist. Why is no one seeing all of these red flags? What has happened to everyone? Fourth, Fluke said that her both control has cost her 3000 dollars since she began using it…Maybe you should explore other options on the market or get a coupon, honey, because it can cost way less than that. I don't care if you can go to Georgetown, you can still mess things up. One parting remark…it is far easier to find a condom than it is to find a job in this country. Why the heck are politicians wasting time on this when there are way bigger problems to focus on?

  7. 7

    Just to tack on as a fifth point, pregnancy is not a medical condition…giving birth may eventually lead to a medical condition, in which case, you're probably covered by insurance. Also, being sexually active is a choice. Her choices shouldn't be put on my tab, just like my choices are my responsibility. Society today seriously lacks self-control and ownership of your actions. The way people pull these ideas out of thin air really concerns me.

  8. gal77 says – reply to this


    Thank God there are some sensible people left in this country…that is for gracyy and thebigboot.
    How many advertisers did Bill Mahar lose? Probably none. Did the president call Sarah Palin, a former governor and VP nominee to apologize for the scathing liberal remarks she suffered from endlessly? Let's face it..the c-word is way beyond the term slut. Such a double standard and so ridiculous that this Georgetown student is being paraded across the talk shows because someone called her a name..this is the focus?
    No wonder the country is where its at.

  9. 9

    Yes Rush called her a slut. Not good. But Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a c-word, and Keith Olberman called Michelle Bachman a "bag of meat with lipstick," and any conservative woman is ripped up and down and their families are attacked and the ugliness goes round and round. If you're gonna call out a conservative for calling names, don't be a hypocrite and call the lefties out too. Misogyny is wrong. Period. No matter who does it.

  10. 10

    forgot to mention that stewart skit was pretty hilarious.

  11. 11

    I'm pretty much always team Stewart.

  12. 12

    Re: gracyy – the insurance that georgetown offers their employees does include birth control. so much for some moral code. and why do you keep saying we shouldn't have to pay for this woman's insurance? we don't. taxpayers are not paying for the students MANDATORY health insurance at georgetown university.

  13. 13

    Re: gal77 – i don't think bill maher lost any advertisers. he's on HBO stupid, a PAID subscription channel. he can pretty much say whatever he wants because people have to PAY to watch his show. unlike rush who is on PUBLIC radio.

  14. Jaded says – reply to this


    I agree with all of you Catholics. God doesn't want you to use birth control, you shouldn't use birth control. If you get pregnant it's because God wants you to.
    That being said if God doesn't allow you to get pregnant naturally that means God doesn't want you to have babies so all of you Catholics who are having man made babies by artificial insemination are just bearing the children of Satan who will grow up to be serial killers and rapists. You will go to hell for having your genetic mutation babies.

  15. 15

    If there’s no shame in being a slut, why is there shame being called a slut?
    We won't be distracted.

  16. 16

    CARBONITE STOCK PRICE one of Rush Limbaugh's main advertisers, set a new and much lower, 52-week low today, declining 12% since the slut comment.
    Eat it, Carbonite.
    We wouldn't even know your name if not for Rush.
    Hey there, Proflowers and Sleep Number Bed….go advertise on MSNBC.
    All those OccupyMoochers & Poopers will surely buy those expensive beds and buy flowers for their girlfriends and wives and make up the difference, 'cuz we will no longer spend with your companies, as we close ranks behind Rush.
    What Would Brietbart Do?

  17. 17

    Re: luvs2hustle – wwbd? Nothing, cuz he's dead. Go find someone else to champion.

  18. 18

    Amazing how this has become the story,
    We now have $5 gas, unemployment at 9%,Chicago is so unsafe, that G * Summit has to be moved (Rham doing another wonderful job) and Iran is going nuclear, but we are getting distracted by another Obama smoke screen

  19. 19

    Bill Maher is now defending Limbaugh, saying he apologized and Maher hates intimidation by sponsor pull outs, — LOL
    Wonder if he’s feeling the pinch of HBO cancellations?
    I dropped all HBO channels from my satellite package yesterday.
    Bill, call Sarah a c$nt as much as you want. We can play this game.
    Advertisers walking away from 20 million listeners /day, who will no longer buy your products, SHORT-TERM or LONG-TERM, well, good luck…see you in the graveyard, with OBAMA MOTORS CHEVY VOLT.

  20. 20

    Rush Limbaugh is a hypocrite to the fullest extent of the word.
    How does he muster the audacity to call Sandra Luke a slut and prostitute when he will let anything slip out of his mouth if he thinks it will give him some publicity.
    He is a verbal slut that spews ludacris propoganda in an attempt to hook a few more sheep.
    I also like how Perez personally lights a torch up his ass and runs with it when anyone even says "that's gay" even if they mean it without harm and no intention of being demeaning. He will write a monologue explaining the negative effects it could have and how deragatory it is…and in some cases it is meant to be hurtful, but sometimes..not everything everyone says is meant to offend the LGBT community.
    But when Rush Limbaugh purposefully tries to soil the name, reputation and cause of a woman with strong beliefs, and of women's rights in general Perez just writes in the post "thoughts?".
    Way to be a champion for the people. Obviously womens rights still aren't equal, because calling a woman a slut on a national level only warrants "thoughts?".
    Perhaps because Perez doesn't have to worry with birth control he can't understand the importance and freedom it offers to women.
    I'll let him get back to causes that only personally affect him.

  21. 21

    hey, let's help the republicans end with medicare, medicaid, obamacare and all stated related health plans, put us all in the hands of private health companies, and then give cancer to all republicans!!!!

  22. 22

    Re: gal77 – Rush is on public radio with advertisers while Bill is on non-commercial HBO (uncensored).

  23. 23

    Re: Jaded – God wants you to have ovarian cysts?

  24. 24

    Man I LOVE Jon Stewart. I think he and I were separated at birth, I must be his sister. LOL I just loved his satire!! I hope Rush Limbaugh gets fired, not for speaking his mind because I'm ALL for free speech, but for being a dumb motherf*cker. :) This country has enough dumb people in high places, let's start taking some of them OUT of their positions. I vote for him being the FIRST one to go. Keep calm and carry on…….

  25. 25

    Re: gracyy – CONDOMS DO NOT STOP OVARIAN CYSTS from GROWING PAINFULLY ON YOUR OVARIES :) xoxo Just thought you might want to know that. I was given birth control at 15 and I was a virgin- I had excruciatingly painful ovarian cysts and no pain killer they gave me helped at all. Besides I was a skinny 15 year old I shouldn't have been on strong addicting pain pills, so my female gyno gave me birth control with 1 month I was having 75% less pain in 3 months I had only about 2 % pain. That's a huge deal when your're the one hurting.

  26. 26

    Re: thebigboot – Because Palin is an idiot. Really, I've had goldfish smarter than her.

  27. 27

    It's so sad to see "the greatest country in the world", America, struggle with issues that were solved in (other?) civilized countries during the 80's of the foregone century.
    Please catch up, and do it quickly because more urgent matters (like global warming, overpopulation and nuclear armament to name a few) are in need of being addressed right now…