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EXCLUSIVE! Snooki Gets ROWDY With The Situation On Tomorrow's All-New Jersey Shore

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We want you to keep your eyes peeled in this clip. There is a moment Pauly D and Deena share that is simply PRICELESS!

Oh yeah, and Snooki and The Situation finally have it out … with a gallon of milk.

True to form, the stars of the Jersey Shore are handling their problems at Seaside Heights with grace, decorum and enough profanity to make your mother pass out! Tomorrow night, things finally come to blows between Snooks and Sitch, who is STILL insisting that he hooked up with her while she was still dating Jionni.

Considering that the two are poised to get married and have a baby meatball on the way, we're pegging you as the liar, Mike. If not, Jionni is one hell of a good sport!

Check out the video (above) to see a sneak peek at Snooki and Sitch's blow out from tomorrow night's episode!

Ah! Such wonderful memories caught on film! How Snooki Snickers little one will enjoy watching these tapes when she/he is older! LOL!

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14 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Snooki Gets ROWDY With The Situation On Tomorrow's All-New Jersey Shore

  1. Pav says – reply to this


    Mikes not lying.. Snooki just keeps denying it and obviously Jionni loves her and is going to believe her.

    But all the boys and ladies even if JWoww denies it now did say they believe Mike,.. why would be lie? Its not like he doesnt get girls. and Snooki was kissing his and ass this season lol..

    Either way congrats to Snooki and hopefully shes learnt her lesson and all the best to them

  2. Pav says – reply to this


    Mikes tellin the truth
    everyone else in the house has basically said they believe him.. but time to move forward I guess

  3. 3

    hot DAMN that situation fuckturd REALLY needs to stop tanning!! he looks like he's 50 y/o! and isn't he like 30 in actuality or something like that?? What the FUCK, dude?! can't you see yourself??! you look like an old brown leather bag! stop the tanning and slather on that moisturizer, son!

  4. 4

    Snooki only gets so mad because she knows she's the liar. People dont' react like that unless they're guilty!!! Jionni either doesn't care that she messes around or he's got his head deeeeeep in the sand. Either way, that's up to them. Hope they can be happy

  5. 5

    She has cheated on him numerous times! Jionni is too stupid to leave her.

  6. 6

    i am not getting this Mike guy, he is far to old to be hanging around with the 20's group. Is he not embarrassed? Isn't he like 32 or 33 years old. It is so disgusting watching him fight with a woman in her early 20's no matter who it is. Oh and when he calls women grenades, it blows my mind that a man who looks like he could pass for 45 could call down anyone.

  7. 7

    Mike might act like a douche, but he doesn't strike me as a liar. Snooki has definately got form. If Jionni stays with her through this he obviously has greater interests in what he can get out of the relationship than fidelity - money and status perhaps. There is nothing particularly wrong with that, so long as both parties can accept the reality of their arrangement.

  8. 8

    Doesnt matter if Mike is lying or not becuase no way Snooki and jionni are going to make it in the long run. They already have a hugely dysfunctional on again off again realtionship. Tossing a baby into that mess certainly isnt going to fix things. Sure for awhile when the money is flowing in they will make it work but once their 15 minutes are up and it is just them a sceaming baby and bitterness over being stuck with each other and growing up too soon it will end.

  9. 9

    First of all I BELIEVE mike hands down … And as far as jionni not leaving her for cheating as proof as he's the one lying well SHE FUCKED VINNY and told him and he didn't leave her ass so clearly he doesn't care that shes a whore LOL im sorry but dont get that worked up if something isnt true.. Mikes an asshole but he's telling the truth

  10. 10

    No I agree with Nicole. Id be SUPER pissed if someone was lying about me that Id beat the living shi* out of them! Someone saying lie after lie.. to get your BF to break up with u? Whats his agenda???? What does telling jionni matter?? I dnt get it! Hes like friggin 32 yrs old looks disgusting! the ugliest guy I have ever seen, He isnt a man. No REAL man would yell and throw crap on a girl. NOR woul dhe kiss and tell if its true, If he was sooooo concerned about Jionni why did he fool around with her in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF HE EVEN DID! which i dont believe for a second. Vinny on teh other hand i can believe! =)

  11. 11

    do you know why i find it hard to believe mike? because he waited months telling about this so called hook-up.. mike said this happened right after jionni and snooki got together and that was right after season 3, we are in season 5 now! it has been almost year!! if he was feeling so sorry for jionni he would have told sooner, without the cameras around. But he didnt, says enough if you ask me.

  12. 12

    I still think the sitch had a secret gay past.

  13. 13

    you can tell hes definitely not lying about this and there have been numerous times when they were in italy where its practically slipped that she HAS slept with him. when jwoww walked in the room to tell snooki 'mikes told everyone what you guys did'. i really dont think hes lying i just think she has a lot to lose by letting the truth come out. i dont really understand, perez, how having a bun in the oven and being engaged means that she didnt cheat? that makes no sense to me but okay.

  14. 14

    U people that watch this shit are the lowest common denominator.