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Obama Responds To The Advocate's LGBT Rights Questionnaire

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barack obama responds to advocate questionnaire

Thanks for taking this seriously, Chief!

The Advocate sent out a questionnaire about LGBT rights to all the presidential candidates, and barely ANYBODY responded…aside from our current President!

Barack Obama sent out a statement on LGBT rights in response to the questionnaire, which reads as follows:

"I believe that Section 3 of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional and should be repealed. I have instructed the Department of Justice to no longer defend it in court, and the Department has already filed multiple briefs supporting individuals challenging the law in court."

"A lot of work remains, and we cannot wait for Congress to act."

"[My goal is] the more perfect union in which LGBT Americans have the same legal rights and responsibilities as every American."

Unfortunately, Obama is STILL not supporting FULL marriage equality, but we shall hope that his views on the subject continue to "evolve" in the right direction.

What do U think of Obama's response to the questionnaire???

P.S. CLICK HERE to check out The Advocate's full candidate scorecard!

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16 comments to “Obama Responds To The Advocate's LGBT Rights Questionnaire”

  1. 1

    Issue aside, I find it completely scary that our President thinks he is an independent person and can just ask the Justice Dept. to ignore the laws of this country. That's unheard of. Also, he also stated "we cannot wait for Congress to act" which is on itself a scary thought. He does not have the authority to act alone — that's why we have three branches of government so that no one group can control the outcome. Vote this man out of office in November.

  2. 2

    ^So true, Irvinegirl.

  3. 3

    wow i clicked on the avocate link and those republican candidates are truly some of the most bigoted/hateful people (except for maybe romeny who will pretty much just say anything he thinks the conservatives want to hear even though he probably doesn't believe it) it was refreshing to read our presidents answers next to the homophobic statements made by those other jackasses. and even though obama has not officially come out in support of same sex marriage, after not defending the defense of marriage act and pushing for the repeal of don't ask don't tell, i'm certain it is just a political decision. after his re-election in november during his second 4 year term i'm sure he will come out in full support for marriage equality.

  4. 4

    It's good that he answered and I think Gay Marriage will be legal here in the near future. This country is big and unfortunately a lot of people who are in power are from a different generation.

  5. 5

    Wow this piece of shit keeps speaking delusional thoughts. This country is going downhill so fast since this douchebag lied to get into office. Hopeefully he will be out of a job in 8 months. Then he'll get impeached~

  6. 6

    Brietbart's video is debuting on Hannity tonight…showing President Ass Clown, during his Harvard years.
    Whatever it turns out to be, I can't hate BHO any more, than I already do for destroying our country.

  7. 7

    This is the same guy that 4 yrs ago "candidate Obama" said he was against gay marriage. This guy s a PIG and will do whatever and say whatever he can to get elected.

  8. 8

    lying SACK OF SHIT, just keeps saying whatever his people tell him to lie about to get re-elected. why can't you see this asswipe hasn't told the truth ONCE. While campaigning in 2008, Obama called Bush “irresponsible and unpatriotic” for adding $4 trillion to the national debt in EIGHT YEARS. Now the shoe is on the other foot and Obama has increased the debt twice as fast as Bush did $4 trillion in THREE YEARS. Would he call himself an unpatriotic irresponsible liar?

  9. 9


  10. 10

    He will get it done in his 2nd term! He will have a 2nd term! There is NOBODY that can beat him!

  11. 11

    Re: Irvinegirl – Not going to happen. He will be elected again, and we will have equality!

  12. 12

    If there is a law on the books, that law needs to be enforced, if you dont like the law change it,but NEVER,NEVER. EVER can a president give orders that laws are not to be defended in courts
    Laws are all we have, and if Obama ignores one law, he will ignore others
    For someone who they claim to be one of the great legal minds who taught law at Harvard,it is scary

  13. 13

    Re: dryan1971 – He's a douchebag???? How about Bush? The biggest piece of shit that ever lived! Stupid, ignorant, money hungry piece of shit! Bush told so many lies! Obama will be re-elected! Equality is getting closer and closer!

  14. 14

    I honestly think hes a genius in a way. Of course hes gonna be against gay marriage the first 4 years. He wants to cater to the conservative crowd to a point and make them happy and earn their votes. Politics is nothing but a popularity contest. I think if he gets re elected for another 4 years that's when hes gonna make is move for equality because this would be his last term as president. Its what I think and I hope im not wrong.

  15. 15

    The majority of his race is sooo anti gay…and so is he. Obviously, one more thing he can't say out loud

  16. 16

    @djc1017 He missed the appealing-to-conservatives-boat a loooooooooong time ago.