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Whitney Houston's Will Approved By Judge & New Details Reveal Bobby Brown IS In The Will

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But not in the way he wants to be.

As of today, a judge has validated Whitney Houston's will, and her daughter Bobbi Kristina will inherit all of her mother's money, jewelry and worldly possessions.

As we reported yesterday, as her mother's sole beneficiary, Bobbi Kristina will literally want for NOTHING for the rest of her life, and the money she inherits will be divvied up throughout the next 12 years, so there's less of a chance of Whitney's only child squandering her mother's lifelong earnings. But new details were revealed today explaining that the will was actually amended in 2000 to include a clause over the unlikely, but not inconceivable chance that Bobbi Kristina dies before the probate is completed.

If that happens, Whitney's ex-husband, Bobby Brown and various other relatives would split up all of her assets. The catch is that Whitney left no instructions on how the assets would be handled; the inheritors have to duke it out amongst themselves. However, in the event that Bobbi Kristina dies, all of Whitney's jewelry would go to her mother, Cissy. That no one can lay a finger on.

Now, here is the final twist:

Let's say the group of beneficiaries, which besides Bobby includes Cissy, Whitney's dad John (who also has passed) and her brothers Michael and Gary, can't reach an agreement over the loot, the will says all of Whitney's stuff would be sold and they would just divide the cash.

Why do we feel like either way, Cissy is going to fight till the bitter end to keep any of her daughter money out of Bobby's hands? This could get ugly really fast. All the more reason to keep Bobbi Kristina healthy, happy and out of harms way. She has so much life to live and her mother has made sure that she has a life others could only dream of.

[Image via WENN.]

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8 comments to “Whitney Houston's Will Approved By Judge & New Details Reveal Bobby Brown IS In The Will”

  1. 1

    OH NO HIDE BOBBI KRISTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2

    I can't help thinking that Bobbi Christina would be a much happier, healthier person if she had to earn a living. Hopefully she will find a way to lead a productive life even though she doesn't have to.

  3. 3

    Good god, enough of this drug adict. For god sakes, she's dead, and she's gonna stay dead. And that little brat Bobbi Kristina, if you fuckers would quit enabling her and force her to grow the hell up and act like the young lady she is, maybe she would be able to use all this B.S. as an excuse to get high, or dissapear, or whatever else she's done since mom off'd herself. What a joke. Who gives a shit. Just like the jackson's, everyone is better off now that the meal ticket died, they can get at all the cash. Fuck Off,

  4. 4

    Dear Perez, I only comment on few things, I have to tell you from my heart, who lost her mother recently…she WILL literally want for something, for the rest of her LIFE, her MOTHER. So sad.-xoxo-MK

  5. 5

    poor little rich girl…all this money will most likely be her demise…hope she doesn't follow in her mom's foot steps.

  6. Els says – reply to this


    Like MkKay said, of course she'll want something, she'll always want her mom, no amount of money can ever replace that

  7. 7

    Hoochpit, what the hell is wrong with you? What are you, a Mariah Carey fan because you sound like one of her hate-mongering fans. I'm so sick of hateful people like you. Not to mention the fact that you spew lies. You have no proof that Whitney killed herself. The L.A. Coroner hasn't come out with an official cause of death so get your facts straight. I don't know what is wrong with America that we have breeded such ignorant hateful people like you and Rush Limbaugh. And based on your comments, it's you who needs to grow up and start acting like you have a heart, a soul, and some warm blood in your veins. God, I wish we could rid this country and world of cold-blooded, heartless, souless individuals like you. To Whitney's family: stay strong. Ignore the hate-mongerers like hoochpit. They have no hearts or souls.

  8. 8

    Re: blankita – : Yes, the poor girl who lost her mother. God, why are are people so stupid and hateful. Stop whining about Whitney's past.