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Nekkid Man Tries To Apply For A Welding Job In Sacramento, Fights Police Instead!

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What is going on in Sacramento?!?!

First, a man robs a bank with apple pies and now nekkid men are taking on cops?!

Jose Ayala, a 36 year old man, was arrested after he asked a shopkeeper for an job interview….


Shop owner Chris Johnson called the police after escorting the nude dude out of his shop as Ayala chilled on the sidewalk.

A male and female officer tried to detain him but Ayala wasn't going down without a fight.

Eventually, Ayala grabbed the female officer's hair and that's when five bystanders stepped in to help.

One guy even ate a burger while he helped pin Ayala down! Multi-tasker Of The Year!

Check out the cray cray video above. Cocaine Meth is a helluva drug!

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4 comments to “Nekkid Man Tries To Apply For A Welding Job In Sacramento, Fights Police Instead!”

  1. 1

    The cop is the one who asaulted the naked man…I SAW IT! His reaction was SELF-DEFENSE!

  2. 2

    LOL Effing frijolero

  3. 3

    2Okra Panfry's Bucket-O-Wings: troll.

  4. 4

    Oh look..Look at how useless the woman was. Needing help from the men. Women do not belong in law enforcement. They also don't belong in combat. Notice how the men didn't step in until she was in trouble. Guys would do that in the middle east and get themselves killed. She was hot thou, would of loved to give her my 'nightstick'