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On The 15th Anniversary Of Biggie's Demise, Friends And Fans Pay Tribute To The Late Great Master Of Rap

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Notorious B.I.G. Born Again

Today is the 15th anniversary of the tragic death of the Notorious B.I.G.

Those that new him, or were touched by his music, have been spreading their love today on a multitude of mediums:

Friend and confidante Lil Kim said on MTV’s RapFix Live:

"I was his biggest fan, rockin' with him. And I was shorty, I was his pride and joy. Sometimes he would say to me, 'I feel like you're my baby, like I birthed you….He should be proud of himself. He should be very proud…He did some good things when he was here."

Many celebs used Twitter to pay their respects to the late great rap king, including Fabolous, Keyshia Cole, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combes, Jerry Ferrara, LeBron James, and The Game and Estelle.

We hope you are living the dream somewhere out there in the universe, Biggie. Your music lives on!

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16 comments to “On The 15th Anniversary Of Biggie's Demise, Friends And Fans Pay Tribute To The Late Great Master Of Rap”

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    Another loser, self-entitled kneegrow thinking he was great when in reality he was a fat ass thug.

    Boom, you got shot!

  2. 2

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  5. 5

    15 years since I didn't give a shit about some fat black bastard dying. It's not like he was Tupac.. Also you misspelled 'knew' as new. But if you want to celebrate, there is some fried chicken and kool aid in the fridge. Knock yourself out.

  6. Pisky says – reply to this


    Re: DevilishBitch – Lol i usually ignore the comments on this site because they're made by absolutely incredibly ignorant people like yourself, but yours is so overboard i have to say something. "It's not like he was Tupac" your write he wasn't, he was better you stupid prick, the best ever, indisputable, the amount of samples people use form his hits or his lines as chorus's is beyond belief, he was a visionary and his murder, if you watched the movie or knew anything about the situation was a blatant cover up if you had even a single brain cell in your head you would know any of this, now please for the sake of the entire country shut the fuck up, oh and on election day don't vote, Obama needs to go, because by your display of ignorance and stupidity we both know who you're voting for.

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  11. 11

    Great rapper, fantastic flow. "Juicy" is an excellent song.

  12. 12

    He was just a thug who got what he deserved. If you play with fire, you're gonna get burned.

  13. 13

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