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Kristen Stewart's New Movie On The Road Trailer Is HERE!

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And it looks incredible!!!

Check out the trailer for the luckiest girl in the world, Kristen Stewart's new movie On the Road, based on the Jack Kerouac novel (above)!

The movie also stars Sam Riley and hottie x100000000 Garrett Hedlund.

And whoa, does he look smokin'!!!

How is it that this girl gets to be on screen with the hottest actors ever?? We're just a little jealous!

Oh, and guess what?

Kirsten Dunst, Amy Adams, Viggo Mortensen, and R-Patz's BFF IRL Tom Sturridge are all in it too!!

Oh yeah, we'll definitely be checking this one out!

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25 comments to “Kristen Stewart's New Movie On The Road Trailer Is HERE!”

  1. 1

    Looks good. I loved kristin stewart in the Runaways. To bad she had to play that insipid vampire character for so long, that role make her look like a lame actress, but it was a really lame character. Hopefully people will forget that silly series.

  2. 2

    Lmao at the Top Celebs listed to the right. All the z-listers from your show. Tickets not selling well? Time to resort to giving them away like all your other shows?

  3. Astor says – reply to this


    Your boy (whom I love too) Garrett better start his prayers now . Accompanied by the director. The film is all about them. Highly anitcpated movie based on the cult book- not for the faint souls. I can not wait for see what the director did with it. By the way Ms Stewart's role is small-it is about guys. She did well from what I see- young, fool and in love passion.

  4. 4

    This trailer looks so gooooodd!! Love it. And love kristens character. She seems to free spirit, beautiful and kind of crazy. And she is surrounded by hot guys. You just want to be her =). And Garett Hedlund is so hot, love his voice.

    I just want to see more. Cant wait to see this movie. Thanks PEREZ for posting this trailer =)

  5. 5

    Love the trailer =)

  6. 6

    Re: Astor – Have you seen four brothers or friday night lights (the movie). If you did, you wouldn't question Garrett Hedlund's acting skills, cause he can act and has been doing it for years.

  7. 7

    Re: Astor – I'd be more worried about Kristen Stewart's acting, cause that chick sucks and is just plain awkward when trying to act (and i've seen her in other movies besides twilight).

  8. 8

    KONY 2012

  9. 9

    Perez, you obviously never read the book because if you did then you'd know that it's not Kristen Stewart's movie! her character, Marylou, is not not the main character! She is only one of the many but I see that director decided to focus on her too much to get people to see the movie. It's about Sal Paradise and Dean, not Marylou. Btw i hate that she's playing Marylou b/c she's nothing like her…

  10. 10

    i JUST read this book a few days ago…so weird the trailer comes out literally right after.

  11. 11

    Re: Nika89 – Marylou is one of the main characters up until she leaves Dean. She's in a good chunk of the book, of course the director is going to highlight her, but this doesn't mean she's going to be in the entire movie.

  12. 12

    I'll stick to the book, I can't stand Kristen Stewart.

  13. 13

    Re: violethill – all i'm saying is that director makes her more important in the movie then she really is, her character should not be in the trailer in like every scene. I read the book many times so I know my stuff…

  14. 14

    love the music in this - can't stop listening … Home-Will Hanson

  15. 15

    Re: Nika89 – What are you talking about? She's shown in about 10 seconds altogether. If it bugs you that much, dont watch the film! Either way, I can't wait. Loved the book, love Sam Riley, Kristen Stewart, and Amy Adams. I have to admit that Garrett Hedlund does have a very sexy vibe about him and this film may give him some academy recognition.

  16. 16

    Looks good.

  17. 17

    Looks great. She seems like a deep & intense kid - I bet it feels good to work on something like this.

  18. 18

    kristen stewart is so fucking beautiful and talented

  19. 19

    this looks really faithful to the book, very exciting. kristen looks wild, Garrett looks awesomely insane, and Sam looks perfect as Sal.

  20. 20

    stewie looking ready to pounce like a nympho where do I sign up

  21. 21

    she's not lucky, you mofos-she's earned every role she's gotten with hard work and talent and beauty. People sound like effing sheep with the "she can't act/she blinks/she bites her lip" remarks, they just follow the leader while people like Walter Salles and David Fincher and Sean Penn snatch her up for role after role.

  22. 22

    This makes me so sad. I guess Marylou holds in a lot of gas in the movie version.

  23. Astor says – reply to this


    Re: Pretty Boys are Forver. Are you 12? All I am saying is that all critics eyes will be on Garrett Hedlund not Kristen stewart. Garrett plays the lead and his character is a mad man. I am wondering how he will manage to play it. Very intense role. By the way I like Mr Tron .I think Garrett has this old fashioned charm. The most handsome man in HW and very kind. The pressure on him and the director will be very intense. Don't envy them. Hope they did good job.

  24. 24

    Re: Astor – All you can come up with is "are you 12?" LOL no, are you?

  25. 25

    not going to lie, I'm getting kind of tired of Kristen. She's an over-used actress now because of Twilight and her acting hasn't improved at all.