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31 comments to “facebook-im-burning-up-for-this”

  1. 1

    Madonna are u in there?? She looks like 25 year old!

  2. 2

    Yay! a studio created release to lip sync to. Soooo exciting! NOT!!!

  3. 3

    holy mother of god she lookssssssss hot she looks like the virgen mary after a couple of mdnas lol love it god save the queen

  4. 4

    wow this is the best painting of Madonna I've seen in a long time

  5. 5


  6. 6

    I thought Madonna recreates herself every few years; she's already been the white-trash hooker stripper whore Madanna….

  7. 7

    I threw up a little in my mouth just now.

  8. 8

    apparently photoshop can't clean up the old lady hands of hers. this is two PEEEEEREX, enough is enough. i klnow you're getting paid per pic, but don't be sickening about it.

  9. 9

    Can you imagine Rocco seeing this?

  10. 10

    uhhh…will she still be doing these kinda photoshoots in another 5 or 6 years? Guess she's trying to do it while she can still pull it off (sort of!)

  11. 11

    I love Madonna, but I've seen the pics on how she really looks… Those are not her arms!!! They almost airbrushed her into oblivion!

  12. 12

    and why arent we talking about her airbrushed self in every photo that comes out. the cd cover, the single, now this….all reworked to not show how old she is. why cant she age gravefully

  13. 13

    Madonna looks good, and healthy for her age. But she's definitely airbrushed to hell and back in these latest pictures, they look like she did 25 years ago, lol. I wonder what the actual pictures before airbrushing look like. Why did she bother cleaning up her image when she had her daughter, she has several small children and she's doing pictures like this, lmao. WEIRD!

  14. 14

    Jesus Christ, fuck off with your Madonna promotions. Fake as a $3 bill you asshole.

  15. 15

    PHOTOSHOP works well for the old bitch.

  16. GLYKO says – reply to this


    C'MON nowadays who in the showbiz doesn't use Photoshop??
    Would be ridiculous not to use if u can, and If u get this kind results… WELCOME!!!

  17. GLYKO says – reply to this


    Cuanta envidia por aqui!
    Claro photoshop no podría hacer nada por la mayoría de los ”haters”

  18. 18

    You better WORK, BITCH!

  19. 19

    agrea with "disgusting" : beurk

  20. bcb says – reply to this


    with or without photoshop madonna is the hottest 50 year old on the plante!!!!

  21. 21

    She looks like a painting or a cartoon with so much photoshop. why is it such a crime for a 53 yr old woman to look her gare? Madonna has lost her edge so much its truly sad. this is the sort of thing her older self would have fought against. hideous and sad….just like her new willow smith reject music.

  22. 22

    "I absolutely loathe Hydrangias"

  23. Dov says – reply to this


    Thank god for Photoshop!!!

  24. 24

    She's going into old age kicking and screaming. This old bag hasn't had any natural estrogen flowing through her veins in a decade. She looks great here, even though in real life she looks like Cr@P,

  25. 25

    Re: Matrix
    u wish u were a corn kernel in her shit

  26. 26

    I love how at first glance I thought this was Miley Cyrus.

  27. 27

    "…and the 'Photoshop of the Year Award' goes to…"

  28. 28

    Amazing what air-brushing and photoshop can do

  29. 29

    PS….wouldn't we love to see the real Madonna? It be t be scary, but it would make us all feel better about our own looks.
    Veins all over the arms and legs, crows feet, Old dull skin….wouldn't you just love to see the real Madonna????LMAO

  30. 30

    PHOTOSHOP LOL .. why does she continue to wear those gloves, is it to hide those ugly ass hands she has .. she is a fake beauty, old as hell but photoshops to present herself as pretty, look just grow old gracefully!!!

  31. @v@ says – reply to this


    I think the pic is so gorgeous that it might have been even more effective withOUT the :roll cliche finger in the mouth. She doesn't need it. Nice.