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Kim K Says Kris Got His Money Already!

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Their marriage lasted less than three months, but their divorce is STILL going on!

First, Kris Humphries said that he hasn't seen a dime of the money raked in from his wedding to Kim Kardashian. Now, Kim K's calling Kris a liar.

Sources say Kris got one million bucks from the wedding and $250-$350K from his appearance on her reality show. While Kris insists he's earned zip from their time together, Kim's calling bullsh*t. She allegedly knows of his SEPARATE savings account, the one he funneled his cash flow to from the reality series, INSTEAD of the joint account that the pair shared.

Now, the joint account is frozen until a judge decides who gets the goods.

But is Kris hiding his assets to cheat Kim out of more $$$? Or is Kim stiffing her former lover out of spite?!

And the saga continues…

[Image via Wenn.]

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12 comments to “Kim K Says Kris Got His Money Already!”

  1. 1

    Perez you are lying and you know it. First of all Kris legally can not say ANYTHING about Kim or her family or his marriage except in court, he signed an agreement(he could lose future NBA earnings) an has been honoring it. Even though the Kartrash have slanted their show and said horrible things about him.
    second Kimmy and her Jackhole mother said Kim didn't make money off of wedding "Kim lost money" was the quote. So how could they say s/one made money off of s/thing they said money was lost on.

  2. 2

    'Sources' mean nothing. How about we wait and see what comes out in court? Considering what Kim did with the wedding gifts - I wouldn't put anything past her.The whole scenario is nauseating. Jon Hamm was so right.

  3. 3

    I thought she said she didnt make any money of the wedding? Can't keep her lies straight anymore can she? And why is the show reffered to as "her show" First isnt the title Kim and Kourtney and second deosnt it also star Kris and Scott? Such a self centered lying whore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 4

    Really Kim, who do you think people are going to believe? The pathological liar (which is you Kim), or your ex husband (Kris)? Yeah, you think about that long and hard Kim..

  5. 5

    fairytale weddings :)

  6. 6

    Kris, forget the money just thank your lucky star you got away from KimHO, MomHo and all the rest of the Ho's !they used you for ratings on their stupid so called reality show, get your annulment and then right a nice tell-all you will get your money and then some just my opinion of course!

  7. 7

    Sheesh! With all this animonsity between each other and their carrying on, you would think they were married for years!!

  8. 8

    You know I have given this some thought…why is it that she wont let him have his annullment?? Is it really about money? Because if it is she is obviously very greedy, and this shows that money means more to her than what every other person that made a mistake in getting married realizes which is peace of mind is worth more than splitting with a few dollars. I mean does anybody logically think a judge is going to grant Kris several million dollars for a few months of marriage? I know I dont, judges dont like to be dealing with petty issues, this is what is wrong with our system. It seems to me there is more to be said about his credibility here, I havent heard anywhere that Kris really wants any money, what I have heard is that getting an annullment is what is most important to him. Considering she didnt return any of the gifts even though the "marriage" lasted less than some air fresheners do, something just isnt right….LOL!! I I think Kim is delusional and may be starting to believe her "reality" show is real. Just give him the annullment already!!!

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    People don't hang on to plunder out of spite so much as hang on to it out of sheer greed.

  10. 10

    Kim, the judge is going to see right thru this bullshit your slinging,,you are in for a real 'reality check' you are a hustler in every sense of the word..and i do hope Kris gets the annulment he deserves,then writes a tell all…team Kris all the way…

  11. 11

    This cows family made a bundle and life built around her sex tape and also claimed that nothing was made on the wedding. What I find tragic is the fact that this (and it's human nature folks, no getting around it) the younger generation of this family will pay the price for for all this bad behavior. It's sad to think that kris Jenner has have zero problem making a buck off of her kid(s) sex lives. The younger girls should pay attention.

  12. 12

    Why would they even have a joint account after being married for such a short time? I'm sure it will be easy to trace what money belongs to each of them.