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The Talk Feud Continues On Twitter…

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Leah Remini Sharon Osbourne Feud

As we reported yesterday, Leah Remini tweeted that Sharon Osbourne was the reason she and Holly Robinson Peete were fired from The Talk. Now, Sharon is taking to her Twitter and speaking up!

The feud continued late last night when Sharon typed a series of tweets in her defense, saying:

In response to Leah Remini's continuous comments that I had her fired from @TheTalk_CBS, let me just go on the record to say…

I had absolutely nothing to do w her departure from the show & have no idea why she continues to take to Twitter to spread this false gossip

Sharon goes on to tweet how Leah was aware Sharon did not hold the power to hire or fire ANYONE and that she should "stop all this negative, unprofessional, and childish behavior."

In the end, Mz. Osbourne seemingly takes the high road, tweeting:

It’s been seven months. It’s time to move on. Leah is a very talented actress and I only wish her happiness and success.

I know that better things are to come if she can just get beyond all this negativity.

Leah, on the other hand?? Well, she definitely wasn't having it!

Leah tweets:

No one is perfect, including me. This is a waste of time. I will not respond to Sharon BUT only to say this, IF she wanted to clear it up

she has my number & has had ALL this time and didnt use it.not even to say she was sorry.

so to Sharon I say… Well done Sharon, you won. I will move on now as you suggested. And so should u. Be at Peace.

As for the other ex co-host? Holly Robinson Peete has remained silent on Twitter, but had opened up about the situation months ago, in detail.

We can't help but think that this all sounds so high school!!! Whatever the case may be, we do hope the ladies can ALL move on.

Upwards and onwards!!


[Image via Joseph Marzullo/Wenn.]

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10 comments to “The Talk Feud Continues On Twitter…”

  1. 1

    I've worked with Leah in the past. She's a horrible, nasty woman. Her mouth never stops flapping negative comments.

  2. 2

    My first thought is, typical woman shit. Bitches are so high maint, all of you. 2nd, Sharon Osborne is the scourge of the earth. This is a horrible woman. She got the original Sabath drummer fired from the reuinion but then denied it, she always talks shit and says it wasn't her, now she's screwing over other people again and denying it. Damn, she should work on her daughters looks instead of focusing on being famous cuz Kelly is one of the ugliest miss piggy looking kunts there is.

  3. 3

    Good! Holly is a bitch and Leah is a Scientology freak! Go Sharon!

  4. 4

    Is Leah the one chick that would NEVER EVER SHUT UP (for the love of God)???

    If so, then good riddance.

  5. 5

    Sharon is a fat ugly old cow. typical JEW.

  6. 6

    Leah is AWEFUL CULT MEMBER WHO NEVER SHUTS UP. She got herself fired! Good, better off without her. I hope sharon did get her fired, doubt it though.

  7. 7

    Why the hell did Leah Remini wait 7 months to start bitching about getting fired? Makes me wonder if that cult she is involved is pushing her about it because her income dropped. Also, if Sharron was involved, for some reason I don't think she would keep her trap shut, she would have slipped something out about it by now. I have always liked Sharron and and am glad she is taking the high road about this, although she is probley stirring her witch's cauldren and sacrificing bats reight about now!!

  8. 8

    Looks like Sharon needs another few millions worth of facial reconstruction; the silicone is sagging & those jowls….

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    Ya know, if Sharon did it, she'd probably have NO problem stating it. The women should heed Sharon's sage advice, and THEY have phones as well. What if they're wrong? Halloooo.

  10. 10

    Re: FatAzzPooHeadDoodle – I'll take Sharon Osbourne ANY DAY over that fugly SCIENTOLOGIST. At least Sharon's face moves. Diarrhea, I mean, Leah, has all these powerful scientology buddies and seven months later she still doesn't have a job? She must be pretty bad to work with. I know she's pretty hard to stomach just watching her on tv. Glad you are gone, good riddance. And PS: SHUT UP!