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Fill In The Blank

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Kim Kardashian Channeling Marilyn

Kim Kardashian was spotted channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe while filming shopping at the Samuel French book store in El Lay. She ALMOST even had a Monroe wardrobe malfunction!

The one thing Kim K has most in common with Marilyn Monroe is __________________________.

[Image via Spot/AKM-GSI]

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72 comments to “Fill In The Blank”

  1. 1

    whoring herself out for cash!!! sleeping around to get herself MORE publicity!!! not having ANY class!!!
    GOD know, i can go on and on and on. THATS A LOADED QUESTION, if i ever seen one.

  2. 2

    holy jeezus. is it just me or do these girls who use fillers in their cheeks all end up looking VERY similar to eachtoher?? what is up with this horrible trend.

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Absolutely NOTHING is right! Marilyn Monroe was a movie star! KK is reality TV Trash! Period - 'nut said!

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Her cellulite filled legs and body? Her slutty dumbass way of doing everything? Did I mention her cellulite..?

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Marilyn was a classic movie star. She is an icon. Kim is classless pornstar. They have NOTHING in common and implying that they do is down right sinful.

  9. 9


  10. 10

    is that they both thought they were intelligent.

  11. 11

    nada, nothing zip in common with MM. Whatever this is …it's not pretty (except pretty awful). Just because they make it in your size does not mean you:
    a.) should wear it
    b.) remotely look good in it.
    This is so bad it's good.

  12. 12

    Her legs are so fat!! ewwww

  13. naira says – reply to this


    ugliest blond evaaaaaaa

  14. 14

    notadamnthing. Marilyn had class and grace. Kim is trash and classless.

  15. naira says – reply to this


    ugliest blond evaaaaaa!!!1

  16. 16

    A bottle of peroxide?

  17. 17

    they were both sluts who slept their way up the ladder. Plus they both had fake personalities and talked with that annoying baby voice because they it made them look cute.
    Sorry MM fans, but the truth hurts.

  18. 18

    Gonna leave this one BLANK… like her brain.

  19. 19

    news flash!

    a blonde wig does not instantly equal marilyn monroe!

    btw, marilyn was a beautiful soul and all the haters should be ashamed.

  20. 20

    nothing, because you can't compare an incredible icon to an incredible idiot.

  21. jham says – reply to this


    Um. . . nothing. But I will say this though. She looks EXACTLY like her mom. It could be her mother in that wig. Why am I commenting on this?

  22. 22

    Both mentally ill and she will commit suicide just like Marilyn did!when the spot light dims so do they…

  23. 23

    Damn , she looks like a fat whore!

  24. ynot says – reply to this


    what is she doing wearing Lindsay's old hair? and could someone please, please photoshop her knees? we all know they're well used, but… Really? and, hopefully, the thing she has in common with MM is that they both died at 36.

  25. 25

    I actually thought it was Lindsay Lohan at first…. seriously.

  26. 26


  27. bcb says – reply to this



  28. 28

    Re: KIKA01 – bhahahahahahhahahahahahahahah, thank you for that .

  29. 29

    Everything blonde isn't Marilyn Monroe, you know. This has no connection in any way to MM. Its a cheap-looking long blonde wig some transie on a budget might buy from a party store. And what is she thinking? That the French like old ladies who look like nickel streetwalkers? Kim Kardashian is a complete mess of a person. And she demonstrates it every day and in every way.

  30. 30

    She's got katie holmes knees!!! Kim, go look up a picture of katie holmes knees, please.

  31. 31

    She looks ugly as a blonde. She is so desperate for attention. And she's not fat or thick. She looks healthy compared to Angelina Jolie-fucking Skeletor!

  32. 32

    "nothing at all." MM was an actual celebrity. This Kardashian chick is just an attention whore who needs people to look at her. Time for her to go away.

  33. 33

    marylin posed nude, used sex to sell and was a coke head. no idea why people love her. Fox with age came to realize this which is why she is removing her marylin tatoo

  34. 34

    All i have to say about this is her face is aging : )

  35. 35

    It actually looks like a wig :/

  36. 36

    Perez, really why do you keep posting pictures of this plastic pig? Is that secretely what you wish you looked like if you were a ft whore? She is a pig and disgusting looking. Your viewers hate her. Haven't you noticed that yet?

    No more plastic pig pictures please.

  37. 37

    LOL I just noticed, one of her cheeks is 2 X as big as the other one. Yesterday it was one of her boobs was 2X the size of the other one. We already know her dirty trap is 2X as big as anyone elses! LOL

  38. 38

    ew she looks terrible!!!!

  39. 39

    absolutely NOTHING. Marylin= silver screen goddess…..Kim= amature porn "actress"

  40. 40


  41. 41

    Theoritically they both have XX chromosome. Although without a DNA test I wont swear that whortrassians isn't XY

  42. 42

    Looks like she's channeling Lindsay Lohan.

  43. Rossi says – reply to this


    She is officially less enticing than eating a salt lick for dinner.

  44. Rossi says – reply to this


    Re: tracker – #22: A girl can dream. . . .

  45. 45

    she looks even worse than Lohan, if you can believe that anyone could. didn't realize that she was sooo fat. she's just trailer trash with cash.

  46. 46

    GO AWAY ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. 47

    They both altered their looks ( nose jobs, plastic surgery) to alter their looks to manipulate the public to support them financially. They also used an aura of "sweet and innocent" to gain access to get what they wanted. In MM”s case it was love, in KK's case it is $$$ and attention.

  48. 48

    They both make women look like total degenerates!

  49. 49

    I'm sorry, I couldn't get past the "book store" part. Yes, I'm sure she can read…..articles about herself, that is, but what would she do with a book??

  50. 50

    they slept their way up with disgusting men, they posed nude for money, they got payed for sex, but at least marilyn didnt make a video of it.

  51. 51

    That's not Monroe thats Hilton.

  52. 52

    What has happened to Kim? Originally I thought she was one of the most attractive of her age group. She seemed confident, nice, etc but she's changed so much. Why do they want to detract from their beauty instead of enhancing it?

  53. 53

    Wow, Lindsay got fat.

  54. 54

    They both did not work hard enough to keep that skirt down. Budumcha

  55. 55

    They both set the Women's Rights Movement back!

  56. 56

    I still haven't figured out why this idiot is famous.

  57. 57

    Re: AlchyAnonMS – That's sad but true.

  58. 58

    Caption: "Alright LA- keep paying attention to me or I will lift up my skirt and release this deadly bio- hazard I have been brewing on all of you!!!"

  59. 59

    My gosh, she's got hamster cheeks!

  60. 60

    They both were peed on by Ray J? Oh that was Kim…..my bad.

  61. 61

    she looks fucking fat in this pic .

  62. 62

    I thought she was Lindsey Lohan. They must use the same lip and cheek doctor. This is what Lindsey will look like when she gains weight.

  63. 63


  64. 64

    She has absolutely nothing in common with Marilyn other than her gender. She is a complete twit and those thighs look a little beefy to me.

  65. 65

    YUCK Kim K is disgusting and although they may share similarities (use their body for fame) in no way are they the same. this nasty ass B needs to get off tv. I still can't understand who are the people who watch her shows? Perez, Pls take this pic down im eating my lunch when this picture made me gag!!

  66. 66

    Marilyn was a used and abused starlet who sought love and attention.
    Kim Kardashian is reality trash that seeks out money and attention.

  67. 67

    her mustache.

  68. 68

    they both had multiple abortions?

  69. @v@ says – reply to this


    It's not Hallowe'en yet. What is this? She looks like someone's mom.

  70. 70

    looks like a female impersonator

  71. 71

    Re: celebritywannabe – agreed. not a damn thing in common

  72. 72

    Please do not ever compare this garbage to real icon!!!

    An uglier, sluttier version of the already ugly and slutty Lindsay Lohan…