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Chatting With… Wilmer Valderrama (Part 1)!

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Fez is all grown up and busy as a mofo!

We recently sat down with Wilmer Valderrama, who is producing this, starring in that and guesting on the other!

We chatted with him about all his projects and his life!

Specifically, we talked about his new MTV show, his new NBC drama Awake, being close to his family, being a proud Latino and more!

Read some highlights from our interview… after the jump.

And watch part 1 of our interview with Wilmer (above)!

P.S. Stay tuned tomorrow for all the JUICY gossip! We asked Wilmer about Demi Lovato, Mandy Moore, Lindsay Lohan, Joe Jonas and everything else you'd want to know about!!!

Perez: Hey everybody, it's Perez joined by Wilmer Valderrama. You know, my real last name is Lavandeira, which a lot of people think means laundry mat but it doesn't, it's close, they're related, but it's not laundry mat. I bet it must have taken a long time in the US for people to pronounce your last name correctly.

Wilmer: It still, takes a long time.

Perez: Still?

Wilmer: I think it's one of those situations where you at some point you just understand that it's going to take the second or third try for them to actually get it. You actually get — but before in my life that have actually gotten right. But it's actually not as complicated as it looks. You know if you actually just read it, it actually comes out.

Perez: Yeah. Now, now you're really close to your family right?

Wilmer: Yeah I am.

Perez: Don't they live like right by you or with you?

Wilmer: Yeah, they live, they live like three minutes away from me which is very funny because sometimes I'll roll into my house and I'll see my mom — like my sister's in the pool swimming, which is awesome, and then I'll see my mom like in my living room, and she still yells at me for leaving the socks and the shoes out. But it's really great to have your family around. And it's so funny I'm sure you feel the same way because you're so close to your mom too, that when you're with them, it's almost like this entire journey you've been through professionally kind of just looks like a weekend, and then you go back to that little boy that you were then and it's just a great reminder of who you were before all of this, evolved into what it is and –

Perez: Yeah, I think it's a very Latino thing being close to your family.

Wilmer: It's a very Latino thing.

Perez: Now it also seems to me that you're almost too busy these days.

Wilmer: Yeah.

Perez: You're doing a lot. Let's talk about one of the project you have going on, which is starting very soon. You have a show on MTV tres (tr3s) –

Wilmer: Yeah.

Perez: — called Ricardo Laguno, or Languna?

Wilmer: Yes, Languna.

Perez: Is it the Project, the Project –

Wilmer: The Ricardo Laguna Project.

Perez: Project. It's a bilingual –

Wilmer: Yeah.

Perez: — docu-soap about this BMX –

Wilmer: Biker, yeah.

Perez: — biker.

Wilmer: It's –

Perez: So he is a friend of yours or he you –

Wilmer: Well he was, he was someone, I was looking for someone like him, and my assistant at the time Jessica Savero (phonetic), she is, is on the show now, she basically, she said, "I have this guy, he's one of my best friends, I grew up with him in Las Vegas. He's a — his family left Mexico with nothing, came to America, and he all of a sudden turned to be a BMX superstar, now he's this pro biker."

Perez: He wins? Is he a winner?

Wilmer: Yeah, he wins competition. Yeah. I mean, that was important, that was –

Perez: It is, I don't know.

Wilmer: Everybody can be a biker, okay.


Wilmer: But she said he was really cool, and I said, "Let me meet him." I met him, and then I met the family, and I just thought — you know I've been doing "Handy Manny" on the Disney Channel for a bunch of years now, and one of the things I loved about the "Handy Manny" series, I know, and trust it will tie it in together when they finally made a series of this show. But one of the things that I love that show is that is that it really never forgot its roots, and I think "Handy Manny" was a bilingual character that embraced a second language. That's a really cool thing, because it's very cool to know a second language.

Perez: It is.

Wilmer: And I just thought, we need more examples like that no matter what cost your from, the ability to stay unique and original relies on staying in touch with your roots, and I felt like developing this show for MTV tres (tr3s) specifically, you know a channel that's catering to this new generation, this new Latin generation that is forgetting how important it is to never forget your roots and especially your second language.

Perez: Well there's another show that you're working on that you're in that show "Awake".

Wilmer: But I –

Perez: For people who haven't seen it who do you play, what kind of character is, are you?

Wilmer: I play, I play Detective Vega. Vega is a new promoted detective to be partners with Michael Britten, Jason Isaacs character for those of who you haven't really seen the show yet, I'll give you like the four liner on the show basically. Jason Isaacs character Michael Britten gets in a car accident on his way home from dinner. In the accident, he loses his son. He goes to sleep, wakes up the next morning, his son, all of a sudden is alive and realizes his wife was the one lost in the accident. He finds himself living two parallel dreams, doesn't know which one is real. And in one reality, his son has survived the accident, in the other reality, his wife has survived the accident. And in both perspective dreams, he has basically has two unique lives that somehow intertwine with each other. He has two partners, the Steve Harrison in one, myself in the other. Sherry Jones, his psychiatrist in one, BD Wong in the other one. And basically we solve two –

Perez: I love it, gay people on network television.

Wilmer: We're taking over baby.

Perez: Not you.

Wilmer: Well you know, I'm part of the culture, I didn't want to (inaudible), you know. Hey man I was a party monster man, come on.

Perez: You're part of the culture. I love that.

Wilmer: I'm part of the culture already man. I embrace it like I am, they're real tight. But it –

Perez: No, gay people, and Latinos, and an Asian, oh my god, this show is amazing!

Wilmer: Absolutely.


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    Wilmer is the scum of the earth.

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    I would love to call him a hasbeen…but you need to be one before you can. Loser!